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Original Thread: I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Ripper.


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The year is 2040 in downtown Manhattan, New York, and the Ripper has killed again.

Come join us as we track down the clues and try to solve the mystery of the Ripper across 6 CDs of glorious FMV cheese featuring the star power of Christoper Walken and friends.

Aside from the cast, this game is pretty much standard point-and-click puzzle fare from the post-Myst FMV adventure game boom of the 90's.

One thing though that does make this title unique is that the identity of the Ripper is not static. Whenever you start a new game one of four characters is chosen to be the Ripper. The storyline and clues than shift later in the game to lead the player to suspect this character.

It's an interesting game mechanic that changes things up a bit even though it's not implemented perfectly.

Anyway, let's get this show on the road.

Small guide on getting this game to run in Dosbox.

*Note* These videos should be considered NSFW due to explicit language, gore, and some nudity.
Intro - Rock out to the misplaced stylings of Blue Oyster Cult.
Vimeo - Viddler

Prologue - Random act of violence against a coffee mug.
Vimeo - Viddler

Act One:
Scene One - That poor cigar.
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Two - The internet in the future, much like today, is a very scary place.
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Three - Why can't these people leave their passwords on a post-it note on the monitor like normal people?
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Four - Nothing ends a chapter like some on-rail shooting of skeleton clowns.
Vimeo - Viddler

Act Two:
Scene One - Random act of violence against a junkie.
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Two - Those crazy kids.
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Three - Please don't feed the monkeys.
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Four - That's a spicy meatball.
Vimeo - Viddler

Act Three:
Scene One - Random act of violence against Quinlan.
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Two - Wrapping up the Cyberspace poo poo.
Vimeo - Viddler
Scene Three - The Professor is in the house.
Vimeo - Viddler
Vimeo - Viddler

Alternate Endings

Vimeo - Viddler

Main Character Cast:

I'll update this section as we meet new people.

Name: Jake Quinlan

Bio: The hero of the story. Jake was just a regular news reporter until the day the Ripper sent him a letter detailing his newest murder with instructions to publish it to the public. Upon doing so Jake has found himself personally tied to the case and has felt a responsibility to bring the Ripper to justice even if it will put his life at risk.

Actor: Scott Cohen

Better Known For: Nothing really stands out, mostly cop dramas like Law & Order and NYPD Blue. Also he did a stint on the Gilmore Girls; not that I would know because that show is evil.

Name: Vince Magnotta

Bio: A veteran police detective, Magnotta has made it his personal mission to be the one to catch the Ripper through any means possible. His methods are his own and he is also not shy about letting Quinlan know what he thinks about his involvement in the Ripper case.

Actor: Christopher Walken

Better Known For: Playing Christopher Walken in pretty much everything released in the last 30 years.

Name: Karl Stasiak

Bio: A forensic photographer for the Mahattan police force. Has earned the nickname "Cold" for his inability to be shaken by any crime scene he has ever seen.
That was until, the Ripper murders began...

Actor: Richard Bright

Better Know For: Playing the bodyguard in the Godfather movies. He was also another veteran of the t.v crime drama circuit. Was killed in a bus accident in 2006.

Name: Ben Dobbs

Bio: The editor and chief for the newspaper that Quinlan works for.

Actor: Ossie Davis

Better Known For: Many awards winning movies over the years. He also in my opinion gives his character the most dignified performance in this game.

Name: Dr. Clare Burton

Bio: Dr. Burton is a pioneer in the treatment of brain disorders using computers. She is currently taking care of the comatose Catherine, but for some reason seems hesitant to try and treat her.

Actress: Karen Allen

Better Known For: Staring in some movie with Harrison Ford that came out lately or something. I doubt anyone will watch it though. I hope it has a better makeup budget than this one did.

Name: Dr. Bud Cable

Bio: Assistant researcher at the neuro-science wing of the hospital. He is eager to try and treat Catherine but is unable to without Dr. Burton's approval.

Actor: Paul Giamatti

Better Know For: A bunch of stuff. Currently stars in the great HBO mini-series John Adams.

Name: Soap Beatty

Bio: A paralyzed ex-hacker who specializes in the sale of gray market program and other cyberspace related services. Also apparently likes to dance.

Actor: Jimmie "J.J." Walker

Better Known For: DY-NO-MITE!

Name: Covington Wofford.

Bio: Twin brother to Hamilton Wofford who was murdered before the beginning of the game. Believes the murder to be a police conspiracy.

Actor: Burgess Meredith.

Better Known For: The Penguin from the old Adam West series, Micky from Rocky and about a hundred other things. Also this game was his last credited work before his death.

Name: Joey Falconetti

Bio: A mysterious, and possibly psychotic, master hacker. He seems to have some sort of history with Magnotta and Dr. Burton.

Actor: David Patrick Kelly

Better Known For: Another all over the place guy. I remembered him the most from this.
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