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Part 3: Early Leads

Chapter 2: Early Leads

Following a fresh round of re-enforcements, the situation is thus:

Initiative for this round goes to...

The Great Nation of Maudania!

Rearmed and regrouped after their previous disastrous incursion into Peruvian territory, Maudanian forces launched yet another sneak attack from Venezuela on their southern neighbor.

The assault had the advantage of achieving complete surprise, just not for the army the Maudanians had in mind.

Covertly re-enforced on yet again, the invaders now faced three divisions of crack Smarmadonian troops where once there had been merely two. The attacking forces were summarily crushed.

'My sympathies mate, you've no manner of luck at all.'

Clambodian forces did nothing whatsoever this turn, opting instead to regroup and re-equip for their next campaign.

There's a saying among the Smarmadonian people, 'If at first you don't succeed and instead get everybody killed, try try again'.

Putting this theory into practice, Glorious Leader Smarms ordered yet another two divisions across the Australian continent in the hopes of dislodging Clambodian forces in the east.

Unbeknownst to him, Director Roomforthetuna had redeployed an entire division of Clambodian troops to the region for training exercises. Smarmadonian forces, exhausted from the long and incredibly boring march across Australia, turned out to be no match for the well-rested Clambodians, whose newly sharpened skills in bunk-making, laundry folding, and going back and forth on monkey bars proved to be decisive.

Although again defeated, Red Army commanders took heart in the knowledge that this time it had not been by an army half their size. In Smarmadonian terms, that alone is cause for declaring victory.

Building on the momentum of their previous success, the Verdanians marched a force of five full divisions southward into the Congo.

Cautiously approaching the capital, commanders were put ill at ease by the eerie silence. Even after seizing the National and Foreign ministries, and surrounding the city's armory, they could find no trace of the two Clambodian divisions rumored to be in the area.

It was only towards late afternoon that the enemy was finally located, tromping up the riverbanks, beach towels in hand, on their way home from a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing and communal weenie roasting in the bright, congolese sunshine.

The were all swiftly captured

Riding high on the thrill of their previous success, the Verdanians swifty marched southward yet again, taking four divisions into Jargonian occupied South Africa.

There, only one division of the People's Army, small in number but strong in spirit, stood watch over the territory.

Would they be able to hold their ground, even in the face of overwhelming opposition?

Not really, no.

Verdania takes Congo and South Africa!

Moving from their newly constructed igloo camps in the Northwest Territory, Jargonian troops marched through the mountains and into Alaska.

Too numb from cold to even tell when they'd been shot, they made short work of the region's Neo-Roman defenders, who were subsequently defeated and forced right off a massive glacier into the sea.

Meanwhile, emboldened by their comrades' success, Jargonian forces in Ontario, led by Chief of Operations Medibot, boarded ships and sailed their way into Hudson's bay towards Greenland.

On the deck of his flagship, Chief Medibot spied through his looking glass Greenland's rocky cliffs, bristling with fortified Smarmadonian artillery.

'Gentlemen,' he said, gesturing towards the enemy's stronghold, 'We did not sail all this way only to be turned back now. We will fight this day, and we shall prevail!'

At this point a volley of enemy fire sailed through the sky, pulverizing a nearby troop ship into kindling. Medibot turned to his captain.

'How uh... how fast did you say this thing is again?'

Jargonia takes Alaska!

Neo-Roman forces moved to extend their control of Asia, seizing key ports in the Kamchatka territory from their perpetually frost-bitten Jargonian defenders.

In the south, an attempt to wrest control of Siam from Maudanian forces met with disaster after their position was given away by a pesky group of howler monkeys.

Neo-Rome takes Kamchatka!


Despite setbacks in Greenland, Jargonian forces now occupy half of the North American continent in the west. In the east, Neo-Roman legions continue to expand their borders while the evenly matched combination of Smarmadonian aggression and Clambodian resolve has left the situation in Australia in exactly the same state it was two turns ago. And let's not forget the roving wall of troops that is the Verdanian army in Africa.

It's still anybody's game!

[corrections: original map of Red assault in Australia failed to show the 1 Black army casualty]