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Part 12: Last Ditch

Chapter 11: Last Ditch

Ironicus shows three of a kind:

Neo-Rome claims 20 armies!

Which end up somewhere like this:

As for initiative:

...surprisingly brief this time.

His forces battered, the situation grim, Chief Medibot seized on the one last, tiniest sliver of hope left to him to resist the pink menace.

Throwing all his reserves into one last thrust, he marched his armies on a cross country campaign the likes of which Iron Legion planners had thought the battered Jargonian army incapable of mounting.

Toppling time and again their ill-prepared and badly outnumbered defense forces, Medibot's troops stormed through the Neo-Roman territories of Scandinavia, Ukraine, and the Ural.

Their goal: The Imperial political prison, stockade, and golf club deep within China.

There, in a desperate battle that could decide the fate of his crippled nation, Medibot led his men into battle against the forces guarding the prison complex. The battle was swift, but bloody, costing the attackers as many divisions as they eliminated.

But at the end of the day, the Jargonians held the field.

Then, to the consternation of many of his remaining officers, Chief Medibot ordered the immediate withdrawal of all but two of his divisions back to Ural.

"Sir!", his aide de camp protested, "If we don't secure the prisons the inmates will run free!"

"Yes," Medibot replied, his eyes staring far into the horizon, "I know."

Jargonia takes Scandinavia, Ukraine, Ural, and China!

General Googinton Escapes!
Decider Roomforthetuna Escapes!
H.R.M. Balthor III Escapes!

Rumors of a coup among the ranks of the Smarmadonians and General Ironicus had had enough. Amassing an overwhelming force in Rome and transporting them, via dirigible, over the Alps, the Iron Legions struck a massive and crippling blow to all that was left of the beleaguered Red Army.

In one, massive, grinding, and muddy affair, the Neo-Roman legions overwhelmed the exhausted, ragged mass of peasant soldiers remaining in Eastern Europe, finally bringing an end to revolution the late General Smarms had so gloriously begun.

Meanwhile, in Greenland, Iron Legion forces struck south into Iceland in great force with orders to crush the last remaining sizable Jargonian force stationed there.

They were soon to find their arrival a day late and a dollar short.

Since the now legendary march of their elite A-Team, Jargonian forces in Central America have withstood even the most vicious of attacks.

Their defenses were not, however, enough to hold back the enormous flood of Iron Legion soldiers that poured at them from all sides. The defenders soon found themselves swallowed in a sea of Imperial troops, their bastions dismembered and their ramparts leveled by the conquering Neo-Romans, who burned with the fury of a thousand largish-sized suns.

With the fall of Central America, Jargonia's once sacred heartland was laid bare to the roving hordes of Neo-Rome, who lustfully pillaged and burned their way through city after city, town after town, ravaging the landscape with their cold rage and merciless cruelty.

Soon all of North America lay under their control, her native peoples borne in chains to labor in perpetual service to the Emperor.

Neo-Rome takes Northern Europe, Iceland, Central America, Western United States, Eastern United States, and Quebec!

Feeling peckish, Glorious Leader Zwiebel decided to step out of his bunker to find a quick snack and perhaps find out what all the kerfuffle was about.

He swiftly found himself facing the business end of a hundred Imperial bayonets.


A stunning, albeit desperate, gambit by Chief of Operations Medibot has placed his armies deep within the Neo-Roman stronghold of Asia. General Ironicus, despite an overwhelming superiority of numbers, has failed yet again to crush the rebellion that denies to this day his unopposed dominion over all who live upon the Earth. And somewhere, perhaps deep within the thick jungles of China's provinces, three fugitives now run for their lives. They are hoping and praying that somewhere out there, they can find those huddled masses that still remain loyal to their cause.

Risk cards are now worth 25 armies!