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Part 20: Re-enforcements

Apparently exchanging Risk cards is the new black:

The teams are assembled:

Initiative goes to:

Hm, you they all look so good, I just can't decide...

Kamigonia! Come on down!

In the spirit of love, Kamigonian troops sailed north from Britain to crush League defenders there.

Sailing onwards, with orders to take Greenland, Most Peaceful Slann's armies were surprised to find a legion of Brazen re-enforcements waiting for them.

Surpised and promptly shot.

From Southern Europe, Slaan led three divisions of his men west to dislodge Vynnland's claims on Spain and France.

Their advance was halted, however, by an extensive network of enemy trench fortifications, and despite several repeated charges the attackers were eventually beaten back.

Kamigonia takes Iceland!

Sailing from Brazil Territory, Supreme Commander Twiddy led a full 8 divisions of peacekeepers across the Atlantic to take North Africa and break Vynnland's monopoly on the continent.

They quickly surrounded the region's defenders and unleashed upon them a devastating firestorm of threatening invective and nonbinding committee resolutions.

The defending Vyynlandi forces, undermanned, underfed, and, most importantly, underpaid, were all too happy to surrender.

League of Nations takes North Africa!

From China, Admiral Hero led a force of Lusitanians southward to claim back the key territory of Siam from its Wurzellian occupiers.

Grand Wurzel Sebzilla was stunned by the Admiral's clear failure to account for their having re-enforced the territory.

"We 'ad loads of troops," he mused to a nearby aide, "Where'd he think we'd put 'em?"

"Maybe 'e can't count..."

Needless to say, the Wurzels were well-prepared for the Lusitanian assault.

What they were NOT prepared for, however, were howler monkeys.

Just before dawn, at Admiral Hero's own command, a great cry went up from across the whole of the Lusitanian lines, and from the depths of the jungle, with all the thunder of the horsemen of apocalypse, came an unimaginable wave of shrieking, screeching, biting howler monkeys.

Taught in secret by an elite cadre of Lusitanian man-simian combat instructors, the monkeys were well schooled in the ways of war. Hearts empty of compassion and mouths filled with very sharp teeth, they flooded from every direction over the stunned and panicking Wurzellian lines.

Within minutes their defenses were overrun as they flailed pitchforks and hurled cider bottles in vain against their furry and quite-likely-carrying-some-kind-of-disease opponents.

My mid-afternoon, the battle that was destined to become legend, forever after known to historians as the 'Spectacular Monkey Massacre', had ended.

Lusitania held the field.

Brandishing shovels and flashlights, four division of Lusitanian troops marched north from Afghanistan to seize Ural.

Working for days non-stop, the invading army successfully constructed a mile-long snow tunnel, directly underneath the Wurzellian defender's magnificent ice castle.

Bursting forth from within their enemy's own fortifications, the Lusitanians soon made short work of them.

The victors subsequent assault on neighboring Siberia, however, would come to be seen widely as 'a risky gambit' and 'incredibly stupid', and it would be the operation that put an end once and for all to the Lusitanians' practice of using handwritten intelligence reports.

The attacking commanders last words were, "Tell me sergeant, this scribble next to the words 'enemy divisions', does that look like a '3' or a '9'?"

Lusitania takes Siam and Ural!

Having recovered from the Kamigonians' rude interruption, Brazen forces massing in Greenland struck out to seize the nearby Northwest Territory.

Moving south from the United States, Brazen armored steam divisions made short work of the recently reduced League defense force in the region.

Pressing onwards into South America, Herr Zwiebel's men were just able to win out a close battle with League forces in Venezuela, breaking their control over the continent.

Brazen takes Northwest Territory and Central America!

Pleased at Lusitanian forces in Ural having given them a reason, Vynnland forces went on a rampage, plowing through defending armies from Siberia all the way to the Middle East in one vicious, bloody campaign.

Vynnland takes Ural, Afghanistan, and Middle East!

His forces decimated in a humiliating defeat at the hands of howler monkeys, Grand Wurzel Sebzilla promptly executed an immediate advance on any and all liquor he could get his hands on.


Risk cards are now worth 8 armies!

To be continued...