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Part 21: Empire

Supreme Commander Twiddy has something he thinks you should all know:

To your places ladies, gentlemen:

And todays lucky raffle winner is...


Reveling in his recent victories, Herr Zwiebel led his forces further south to seize Peru swiftly and easily.

League of Nations re-enforcements in Brazil took small notice, then went back to sharpening their bayonets...

Brazen takes Peru!

From the Middle East, Vynnlandi troops crossed the border into nearby India, securing it from Lusitanian troops and expanding their corporate hegemony in the hopes of introducing native peoples to a higher class of thievery and exploitation.

Vynnland takes India!

Wurzel forces contented themselves with staring down their enemy across the sea, hoping to appear as intimidating as possible.

Kamigonian troops sailed from Great Britain south, across the English Channel, to drive off Vynnlandi forces there and secure their control over Europe.

Kamigonia takes Western Europe!

Deploying from Brazil, League forces launched a counterattack against the pesky Brazen forces in South America, rolling them up much like an old and musty rug.

Meanwhile, determined to pee on Slaan's parade, Supreme Commander Twiddy ordered a swift show of force across the Mediterranean from North Africa, in his own way indicating exactly how he felt about the thought of Kamigonian domination of Europe.

League of Nations takes Peru, Venezuela, Central America, and Western Europe!

The time had come for the inevitable cage match in Australia between Lusitania and Somerset that both sides had long seen coming.

Admiral Hero utilized two unique strategies in the battle; First by deploying his men in a innovative 'Cross V' formation, and secondly by making a grisly blood sacrifice of 109 she-goats to secure his unholy alliance with the Dark Lords of dumb luck.

The Wurzels stood fast behind their cider crate fortifications, but seemed powerless to inflict injury upon the advancing Lusitanian forces.

Fate, it seems, was not on their side.

Lusitania takes Indonesia!


Risk cards are now worth 10 armies!

To be continued...