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Part 23: Diplomats

No cards this turn (tragically). Turn 8 dawns looking like so:

The initiative brawl begins:

Somerset and The League have it out behind a dumpster:

Somerset takes initiative!

His position hopeless, Grand Wurzel Sebzilla knows his bid for world conquest is at an end.

From his bedside, still recovering from severe wounds, he dictates a message to be delivered at once to the commander of Lusitanian forces in Australia.

He offers his surrender.

In Europe, Kamigonian troops, being both tenacious and slow learners, once again moved to seize Western Europe from The League of Nations.

To the east, a long-shot assault on Lusitanian forces in Afghanistan was repelled handily by a strong defense there.

Kamigonia takes Western Europe!

Receiving word of Kamigonia's seizure of the European continent, again, Supreme Commander Twiddy decided he'd had enough.

Coming directly from successful treaty negotiations with Vynnland, he immediately ordered his troops in North Africa to mobilize and prepare for one more assault into Europe.

"Grab your gear gentlemen," he informed his commanders, "We're not coming back this time."

Having made landfall in France, League troops moved east towards the Kamogonian strongholds in Southern Europe.

The battle was contentious, but the Kamigonians could not hold out long in the face of Twiddy's withering superiority in numbers.

With Southern Europe in their pocket, the attacking army was now free to roam Europe at will, plowing through Kamigonia's soft, marshmallowy defenses in the region.

His troops exhausted from the long march, Commander Twiddy found himself at the very limits of his capabilities by the time he reached Scandinavia. Losing a full division to the entrenched defenders there, he opted to retreat with what remained of his army and await re-enforcement.

League of Nations takes Western Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, and Ukraine!

Re-enforced in Kamchatka, Admiral Hero moved his troops across the Bering Strait in his long-awaited bid to dislodge League forces from nearby Alaska.

League Peacekeepers in the territory were well prepared for his assault, however, and their many batteries of shore guns and fields of antipersonnel mines managed to sink or detonate a majority of Lusitania's forces before they could even engage their enemy.

Having lost the initiative disastrously, Admiral Hero took what remained of his forces and retreated back to Asia.

Taking advantage of Commander Twiddy's absence from the continent, Brazen steam forces shuddered and whirred their way south from Ontario to recapture the Eastern United States.

Brazen takes Eastern United States!

In the 'curious' absence of League defenses in the region, Chairman Pinchy at last moved his Egyptian troops into North Africa.

League peacekeepers still remaining there, many of them cardboard cutouts or carrying wooden rifles, surrendered instantly.

Vynnland takes North Africa!


Risk cards are still worth 12 armies!

To be continued...