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Part 28: Deja Vu

Somewhere, in a far away land, Sebzilla continues to plot his revenge.

Otherwise, everyone else finds themselves thus disposed:


Too bad Kamigonia, wheat from the chaff and all that...

Looks like Lusitania's not cool enough for these two either.

I see Vynnland wears the pants around this global domination.

Once again, Chairman Pinchy fired up his roving legions of death, last seen resting shoulder to shoulder across the entire geographic width of North Africa and providing spectacular difficulties for the region's ill-suited sewage systems.

Their objective: the complete destruction of the Lusitanian state. Beginning in East Africa, Pinchy's multitudes waged a relentless campaign of single-minded, genocidal terror, as slowly they ground away all the gains Admiral Hero and his ragtag bands had so merrily seized. Time and again Lusitanian defenders, overwhelmed and unprepared, found themselves hopelessly overrun and forced to fold awkwardly like cheap roadmaps.

Admiral Hero, his once proud, larcenous armies no more, found himself marooned in Western Austrlia, alone save for one last division of loyal troops and his own personal mound of treasure.

He still had his hat, and he would not go down without a fight.

The Lusitanian's last stand in Australia was both noble and, in retrospect, utterly hopeless.

Exhausted from fighting, and devastated with the loss of their friends, their families, and more importantly, all their gold, the last army of once tiny and then great and then tiny again nation of Lusitania was no more.

Vynnland takes East Africa, Egypt, Southern Europe, Middle East, india, China, Siam, Indonesia, New Guinea, Eastern Australia, and Western Australia!

Hoping for better luck with the Middle East's new tenants, Most Peaceful Slann ordered a small contingent of troops from Afghanistan across the border.

They met with great success, the subsequent assault on Southern Europe less so.

Determined to smash Brazen control of North America, Kamigonian troops sailed from Iceland to Greenland.

Their effort proved to be short lived and ineffective, causing Brazen to question the degree to wish they really wanted to fight in Greenland with them, and whether they should start seeing other people.

Kamigonia takes Middle East!

In an eerily familiar looking chamber in Australia, ex-Admiral Hero stood in shackles, watching as Chairman Pinchy and his men took turns trying on his hat.

"My apologies," said the Chairman, as if noticing him for the first time, "I'd offer you a seat, but it seems someone stole came and stole all the chairs..."

Taking advantage of Kamigonia's weakened defenses, Herr Zwiebel ordered his remaining Greenland troops into Europe to seize as much enemy territory as humanly possible.

In Asia as well, his soldiers marched from Siberia towards the west, tightening the noose on the ostensibly peaceful peoples of Kamigonia.

Brazen takes Iceland, Great Britain, Western Europe, Ural, and Afghanistan!


Risk cards are still worth 30 armies!

To be continued...