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Part 30: Eleventh Hour

The once most peaceful Slaan now feels himself a stranger in an unholy land...

We begin our turn like so:

And the initiative is...

...snatched by Vynnland! Perhaps Chairman Pinchy's generous kickbacks are in some way related...

From familiar territory in Brazil, Chairman Pinchy once again raised up a revitalized force, this time for the liberation of Africa from Brazen control.

Stretched unhelpfully thin, the continent's defenders proved little more than a distraction for the well-oiled Vynnland death machine.

The African campaign went so well in fact, Vynnland commanders decided 'what the heck', and went on to invade Asia as well.

Their efforts were largely successful, until at last their hemisphere-spanning shenanigans were stopped cold by surprisingly stiff Brazen resistance in Yakutsk.

Having himself personally overseen the attachment of Slaan's testicles to a car battery, Chairman Pinchy went on to lead his victorious armies in Northern Europe westward, completing their conquest of the European continent.

Determined to tighten the noose as much as possible, Vynnland forces in Alaska went on the assault, penetrating Asia from the east and linking the two great extremities of Vynnland territorial conquest into one vast, globe spanning empire of poorly regulated free market capitalism.

Vynnland takes North Africa, Congo, South Africa, Madagascar, East Africa, Egypt, Middle East, Afghanistan, Ural, Siberia, Western Europe, Great Britain, Iceland, Kamchatka, and Yakutsk!

The bulk of his forces crushed in the Vynnlandi assault on Iceland, Herr Zwiebel found himself with increasingly few options.

Determined to make progress of some kind, he ordered two divisions of Brazen troops in Mongolia to sweep south and capture the ill-defended territory of China.

Brazen takes China!


Risk cards are still worth 35 armies!

To be continued...