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Part 31: Revolucion!

Disenchanted with their new life of indentured wage-slavery under Vynncorp control, the ill-washed masses of Great Britain are easily incited by the fiery and mostly incomprehensible rhetoric of First Consul Sebzilla, self-titled leader of the new Agrarian Republic of Wurzellonia.

Rising up against their capitalist overseers, they seize control of the territory and begin preparing for battle...

Likewise, Esteemed Gentleperson Herr Zwiebel raises one more massive army in the hopes of preserving the remainder of his battered nation.

Once again, the nations plan for war...


Brazen takes initiative!

Rallying his newly conscripted forces, Herr Zwiebel ordered his troops swiftly southward in the hopes of escaping the iron grip of Vynnland's armies, rapidly closing in on their positions in China.

Southward they struck, taking Siam easily with a combination of bold field tactics and possession of a 39 to 1 advantage in numbers.

From Siam, Herr Zwiebel dispatched a contingent of 10 divisions to sweep into Australia and eliminate enemy opposition there.

He then ordered his troops west, through India and the Middle East, where he again divided his forces, sending 5 divisions into Egypt and directing the remainder northward to confront Vynnland's defenses in Afghanistan.

Chairman Pinchy, however, had ordered the bulk of his reinforcements into the territory to prepare for their own invasion of Brazen occupied lands. Having lost two divisions and the element of surprise, Herr Zwiebel bid his troops make a hasty retreat, returning to the Middle East to wait out their enemy.

Brazen takes Siam, Indonesia, New Guinea, Western Australia, Eastern Australia, India, Middle East, and Egypt!

Determined to recapture as much valuable territory as possible from the clutches of Herr Zwiebel, Chairman Pinchy directed his forces in Afghanistan southward, knocking back Brazen defenders before they'd even had time to erect roofs over their fort latrines and taking Australia right back.

In the north, Pinchy's forces in Kamchatka snatched up a handful of poorly defended Brazen territories nearby.

Vynnland takes India, China, Siam, Indonesia, Western Australia, Eastern Australia, New Guinea, Japan, Mongolia, and Irkutsk!

Sallying forth from Britain, First Consul Sebzilla led his forces into Northern Europe, seizing control of the prison complex there.

Ill washed and 'mad as 'ell', the Wurzellonians moved on with gleeful abandon, marching their way southward into Africa and, from there, making their way into Brazil.

Now officially in rampage mode, Sebzilla's forces leveled the defending armies of South America, bringing the continent under their control.

Reveling in their astounding victories, the great Wurzellian revolution spread northward, into North America.

Vynncorp troops, outnumbered and unprepared for actually having to discharge their weapons, were swept aside by the tide of teeming mobs of anti-establishment opposition.

Wurzellonia takes Northern Europe, Western Europe, North Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Central America, Eastern US, Quebec, Greenland, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Western US, Alberta, and Alaska!


Risk cards are now worth 40 armies!

To be continued...