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Part 32: Parity

The three wise men seem doomed to wander the wilderness...

The remaining forces begin the game like so:


Wurzellonia! Heads will roll [more].

Emptying the local taverns of their disgruntled locals, First Consul Sebzilla bolstered his force of roving miscreants in Greenland and headed homeward, bringing all of Europe under their spirited yet horribly inefficient control.

Wurzellonia takes Iceland, Scandinavia, Ukraine, and Southern Europe!

Cautiously, Herr Zwiebel directed his troops on a campaign southward to seize control of the vital steel and boiling water resources of the African continent.

Strategically weakened, and feeling left with no reasonable alternatives, the Brazen army was compelled to implement a completely revolutionary and historically unprecedented tactic of leaving more than the absolute bare minimum of troops possible to defend their newly acquired territories against even the slightest of enemy attacks.

Brazen takes East Africa, Madagascar, South Africa, Congo, and North Africa!

Determined to put down the Wurzel's populist revolution, with all of its clamorous and entirely unnecessary drunken hooting, Vynnland ordered 15 divisions into Alaska to break Sebzilla's hold on the continent.

Wurzellonian defenders, several divisions of which were taken off guard whilst busy mooning the general direction of Vynnlandi territories, were eventually defeated, though at considerable cost to the invading army.

Weakened, but not discouraged, the substantially reduced force pressed on further, occupying several additional territories in a series of decisive minor skirmishes.

Vynnland takes Alaska, Alberta, Northwest Territory, and Ontario!


Risk cards are still worth 40 armies!

To be continued...