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Part 2: Entry 2 - Atrus' Journal

Atrus' Journal

Atrus' journal was, thankfully, enlightening. I have a better grasp of my mission here, though my knowledge of where I am is woefully incomplete.

This set of islands is known as Riven, and they are on the verge of falling apart. Only Atrus' continued writing and corrections keep the Age from disintegrating entirely. This is, apparently, a hallmark of Gehn's Ages. Gehn, who is Atrus' father. (You could have told me more about this, damnit!)

Apparently Atrus managed to trap Gehn here, stopping his father from continuing his... "Myopic quest to restore the D'ni". There's more to this, but I think I can accept Atrus' judgement if Gehn truly did erase so many civilizations. But somehow Atrus' wife Catherine has been trapped here as well, and he has turned to me to help rescue her.

Part of that is trapping Gehn once more, this time in the Prison Linking book he gave me. A one man prison that traps people in the void between Ages. The same books that caught Atrus' sons... I wonder about the punishment, but Gehn probably has power here. Trapping him may just be necessary to rescue Catherine.

And after Gehn is trapped and Catherine rescued I need to signal Atrus somehow. With the linking panel so blurry I don't think I can run back to the cage and wave my arms about. Atrus writes that he can only detect "fundamental changes" in the age, whatever that means. He mentions a "Star Fissure" that I might be able to use, but he seems to know about as much as I do precisely what needs to be done.

Which is, apparently, why I was sent without a way back. To remove the possibility of Gehn returning to D'ni, should I fail or get captured again. I must say, its a pretty neat way to protect himself. But if its true that Riven is close to collapse, this is the only way Catherine and the people of Riven can possibly be saved.

Regardless, first thing's first. I need to get the trap book back from the dagger wielding man who took it.