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by M.c.P

Part 15: Entry 15 - D'ni Numerology

Let’s work on the numbers first. That seems less intimidating.

I need to figure out what numbers relate to these symbols.

Thanks to the game in the schoolhouse, I’ve figured out the symbols for 1-10.

And the input sliders run from 1-25, so it doesn’t get any bigger than that.
So what can I get from there?

Okay, looking at 1-10, there is something I noticed.

The digits above 5 are a combination of 5 and another number.

So 5 and 1 put together make 6, 5 and 2 put together make 7, and so on.

10 has a new symbol. If the same rule holds out, we would get the following:

Checking back with the code, looks like 13 and 14 are there too. Good! We’re getting somewhere. But how do I get above 14?


Alright, I think I figured something out.

It looks like 5 and 10 are 1 and 2 rotated 90 degrees. So if that trend continues, then you get:

And the symbol for 20 is part of the code. Okay, I’m getting somewhere!

If I extrapolate further on that, using the overlaying addition I figured out before…

And if I look at the code from Gehn’s Journal,

It looks like the code is 2, 13, 14, 20, 21.

But as long as I’m working on this stuff…

Gehn’s new Age. Directly translated the numbers are 98, so that should be it.
Except this isn’t the Arabic number system. 10-24 are two digit numbers in the base-10 I’m used to, but they’re one digit in D’ni.

So what does the second digit represent?

Well, I suppose the numbers I’ve figured out so far can’t go above 24, since 5 rotated just looks like 1 again. So the second digit probably is a count of 25. Base 25, in other words.

So the digit is 9 x 25 + 8, or 233. Gehn’s 233rd Age.

Time to see if we can pay him a visit.


With the stairs lifted, I had to go around the inside to reach the small dome on Temple Island.

Back around the outside, down the elevator,

To get to the small dome, still open since last I used it.

I checked my journal again for the code.

2, 13, 14, 20, 21.

Code set, I pressed the button.

The effect was immediate. The dome lifted and slammed shut around me, and the grinding of metal signaled the dome beginning to rotate again.

The pedestal inside ascended and lit up.

The linking book to Gehn’s 233rd Age. Maybe it would work?

No such luck. The linking panel remained black and non-functional. These linking books are faulty, and had to be powered by whatever the giant dome’s mechanism is.

The button at the bottom opened up the dome again, leaving me outside of it. I still need to figure out that giant grid and marbles to power the linking books. Nothing left for it but to try to tackle it now.