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Riviera: The Promised Land

by Didja Redo

Part 8: Return to Elendia

So here's the deal. I've noticed I've got a little pattern going here; dungeon section, split into three parts, followed by a trip to Elendia, then back to the next dungeon.

This wasn't actually intentional, but I like how it's working out and I think I'm going to roll with it. Therefore, after we complete a dungeon, we'll have an update detailing our activities in the village. These will be smaller than normal, but the next update will be posted sooner to make up for it.


I'm still amazed that you're an angel.
...what's that supposed to mean?

The party discovered that, as was feared, the Arcs have been annihilated. The lone survivor of the genocide was Serene, who joined the party. Also, Ursula, the mysterious woman, reappeared before them.

Now Riviera is threatened by both the Accursed and the demon who hunts Sprites...

The wheel of fate has begin to turn, ever so slowly...

Rebel 1!


Lina must get going.
I will report this to grandfather.
I'm gonna look around. Give me an alarm call at carnage o' clock.
Hooray. Quality time with the villagers. Just what I wanted.

A lot of the key items that you find in the adventure segments will be of use in Elendia, one way or another. Let's look around and see whom we can foist this junk off on!

You say you found some strange writing in Lacrima's dungeon? Can you remember what it said?
Let's see now...something from heaven, fill thyself with something, and like something hunting something, correct what is something.
Uh...give me a sec. I'll dig up the screenshot.

You just have to fill in the blanks here. Good thing all the bits Ein forgot just happen to correspond perfectly to the GBA's buttons, otherwise we'd be in trouble!

Hmm. Right Down A Up B?

Ah. Big Head mode. I was hoping for invulnerability.
Still, I suppose it'll be good for a party trick. Or if I ever need to headbutt someone. Here, have a couple of books on me.

The Item Manual unlocks...well, the Item Manual. This is part of the Extra Contents section, and it's basically a log of all the items you've found.

This, on the other hand, will prove very useful in the next chapter.

Not at all.

( the hell do I switch this off?)
Ritz! Get in here with an ice pack and I'll consider letting you take a fifteen-minute break.

is that a moon lily
give me quoth i
wtb gold egg pst
aroint thee witch

I still need one more...but how am I going to get bat wings?
I've got some bat wings you could have.
Oh, really? Great! How come you're collecting bat wings, though? I didn't think you were a magician.
I'm not.
Well then why-
Fuck bats.

What've you got for me?
Busted dagger and a weird rock.
Cool. Gimme a sec.

Awesome. On a related note, I think I love you.
That's a common reaction. Don't worry. Give it a few days and you'll be right back to chasing the ladies.

Hey there. Remember the last time I was here, and we totally talked about how a Moondrop might be able to restore Meute's voice?
Oh yeah, I remember that. Yes, that is definitely an issue that was brought up in our previous conversation. I cannot imagine such an important piece of information being neglected.
It is not inconceivable, though! Maybe if, at some point, our dialogue were being loosely relayed by a third party! It is possible that they might, in their crippling incompetence, omit such a detail!
Oh no!
Let us be grateful, then, that no such thing is happening.



COME ON YOU POOR UNFORTUNATE SOOOUUUL're WAY too late on the mark there.

Applecot. Huh.

Try as I might, I can't make the idea of an apple/apricot hybrid seem appealing in my imagination. All I can think of is a really squishy apple or a crunchy apricot with waxy skin, both of which would be horrible.

A plumcot would have been much better. Point the first; there is actually such a thing as a plumcot. Point the second; it sounds like working-class British slang. Observe:

"Gordon Bennett! Me old lady walked in on me while I was shagging that bird down the street!"

"Haha, you plumcot."

I heard you went to Rosalina Island! Good for you. So, you remember my name?

...fuck. Even *I* don't remember her name, she's that boring. I think I talked about her back on page 1, right? Hold on.

Rebecca. OK.

Rebecca, right?
...oh my god.
This...this is the first time anyone's ever remembered. Ever. Even my parents don't remember.
Uh...well. There you go.
I'm sorry...I...
...are you crying?

Elendia's a nice place.

How about Rosalina?
Oh yeah. Rosalina's great. All those DEAD BODIES really add to its charm.
Well, there's my horrendous faux pas for the day.

(i know what this looks like but honestly that option actually raises her affection i swear to god)

Elder, master Ein has arrived.
Ein...Fia and Lina have told me everything.
Maybe now you'll think about the consequences before sitting on your haunches.
Actually, I feel I am entirely justified. Clearly the Arcs were already dead by the time you arrived, so as it turns out, if hadn't cancelled the expedition, I'd simply have been wasting time and resources.
...damn it.
Regardless, your little trip did reveal that you are a Grim Angel. Perhaps you should explain why you were sent to Riviera.


Is that so? You have met Ursula, have you not?
Yes. She asked me to seal the Accursed.
I see.

Well? Hop to it, then. We haven't got all day.
Hey! I'm working to save the world, here. A little gratitude would be nice.
The way I see it, you can either go and get the job done now, or you can stand here and whine at me while Riviera gets destroyed. With you on it.

It's carnage o' clock.

To the Nelde Ruins!

Applecot: Support item. 45% HP restoration.
Harpie Talon: Claw-type weapon.
Ice Javelin: Spear-type weapon. Ice damage.
Ogre Blade: Scythe-type weapon. Ice damage.
Silver Dagger: Misc. weapon.
Stun Edge
Effect: Single attack, power of 80.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Adds to target's wait gauge.

Kill Shot
Effect: Single attack, power of 120.
Target: Enemy with lowest HP.
Additional: Unblockable, unavoidable, Not-Vit.

You're not allowed to train in the village, so we can't unlock any Over Skills for our new gear yet. They will be detailed in the next update.