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by Didja Redo

Part 12: Elendia Reloaded

At the ruins of Nelde, Ein's party encountered the witch Cierra. With her help, they were able to navigate through the ruins and seal away the Accursed.

After sealing away the Accursed, Ein was reunited with his familiar, Rose, but still lacks the means to contact either Hector or his former companion, Ledah.

Guess I'll just head back to Fia and Lina's place.

Welcome back! It must have been rough. Fia and Lina were both pretty beat.
Where are they? I thought I'd find them here.
They're at the spring with a few of the other ladies.
Oh. Okay.
So if you went there now, you'd probably catch them.
Naked and vulnerable.
Uh, why exactly are you telling me this?
Well, you know. Elendia's a quiet place. You have to make your own entertainment.
Right. Well, while I can think of worse fates than being beaten to death by a mob of naked women, suicide is still suicide. I'll pass.
I'll make sure you get a nice headstone!

Assuming you read the opening post, you might recall me mentioning that this game contains hidden scenes of the girls bathing. If you hadn't already guessed, this is the point at which they start to become accessible.

I'm just going to nip this in the bud right now; no, I am not going to show them to you.

You're not missing anything worthwhile anyway. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Ein blunders into the spring, sees some of the girls naked, they spot him, he gets embarrassed, they call him a pervert about a dozen times and Rose delivers a double helping of vitriol, as is her wont.

However, I will admit that it's kind of funny the second time round, because they actually put a golem in front of the spring to make sure nobody else gets in. Naturally, Ein goes out of his way to break it, then acts all surprised when exactly the same thing happens.

So is Ein an extremely determined voyeur, or is he really just that stupid? It's left ambiguous. Honestly, I'd believe either one.




(no breadcamping)

I can't find my daughter anywhere. Have you seen her?
Molan, right? Can't say that I have.
Could you keep an eye out for her, please? Lord knows that the worthless sack of fat masquerading as my husband isn't going to be any help.
I heard that!
Oh no. My utter contempt for you is brought to light. Woe.

You know, kid...troubled times like this, folks gossiping about the end of the world, old lady giving you hassle...sometimes a man's just gotta take a few hours to unwind and clear his head. That's when it's time to break out the old fishing rod and head for the nearest lake.
Problem is, it's just not the same on your own. How's about you come along? I've got a spare rod you can use.

So...your daughter's gone missing, possibly carried off by demons, and your current plan of action is "fishing trip"?
I don't have a daughter.
Uh, yes you do. I've met her. Molan?
No, see, I have two sons. It's just that one of them was devoured in the womb by a twisted fiendspawn, which was then birthed in his place. A dark day, that was. I still mourn his loss. know, I can't help but wonder how your near-palpable misogyny didn't manage to stop you from getting married.
Beats me, kid. I'm starting to think I'm actually still single and she's just been lying all this time. Like the BLOODSUCKING VIPER SHE IS.

What was that noise? I heard something moving in there...

Molan? What are you doing up there?
Hiding from what?
Me? I'm not going to do anything to you.
My mommy told me you're an angel, and that angels hunt demons.
So I'm a demon larva. My daddy said so. And you said he was right.
Oh. Yeah. I did say that, didn't I.
(OK, that's messed up. Like, even for you.)
It's not my fault! Nobody told me that being a dick had consequences!
(But now that you've learned your lesson, you're going to try and be a nice young man from here on out. Right?)
Hell no.

Thanks for finding Molan. She seems a bit shaken, though...
Yeah, she tried to climb a tree and got stuck. She was pretty scared. I managed to help her down, though.
You're very kind. Here, I'd like you to have this. It's not much, but it's all I've got. Please, take it.

(This is literally the worst thing you've ever done. And yet what you did was return a missing child to her mother. I don't understand how that works.)
Ein's art is not meant to be understood. Merely appreciated.

(The Earring is like the Black Earring, except not as good. And we tossed the Black Earring. I hope you can work out where I'm going with this!)

Wow! Are those Amberets? Those butterflies that are drawn to crystals? That's awesome!
I guess they'll help you find the best places to dig, right?
What? No. It just means I get to eat something other than poisonous lichen for once.
Oh, cut the crap.
Look. I know what your game is. Quit trying to play the "poor me" card, alright? You're not impressing anyone.
When you want to stop angling for sympathy, we'll talk. When you're ready to buck the hell up and start acting like a sane, responsible person, we'll talk. Until then, can it. Nobody cares anymore. You're just driving people away.
No. I'm not going to indulge you. Everyone in this village is sick to death of your whining, including me. Shape up or shut up. Goodbye.

wts gold egg
(xS0ALAx has bid 20 gold)
wtf 100 gold min
(xS0ALAx has bid 30 gold)
f u
(xS0ALAx has bid 50 Moon Wands)

wts epic flying mount

I'm not very happy with the Moon Wand, to be honest. Yeah, it's more powerful than the Ruby Staff, which we'd otherwise be stuck with for most of the following dungeon, but it doesn't do fire damage. That's terribly un-Cierra. She's going to be so disappointed!

Hey. I found this Thunder Onyx in the Nelde Ruins. Can you do anything with it?
Does the pope wear a condom?
The answer is yes.

your hammer is so big chappi-san
God damn it, not again.

you smell good

like fresh mushrooms
Stop sniffing me! Stop sniffing me!
What do you want?!
i want your mushrooms
Fine. Whatever. Just take them and get away from me.
they have your scent on them
i will smell them when i am lonely

Honestly, I don't see the point of the Magna Rock. It does a fixed 40 points of damage, but there's also a chance that it'll land an extra elemental attack. This'd be fine if the extra attack was especially powerful, but it's not. Overall, you'd get about the same damage output by just using a standard weapon, except that the weapon is reliable and the Magna Rock is not.

Also, this one belonged to Reiche and it's probably all sticky. TOSSED.


This conversation is basically Ladie apologising for suspecting Ein of being a dick. And then she pleads for his forgiveness and gives him her family spear out of remorse.

I can't type it out, because every time I try, I am disabled by a bout of ghoulish laughter. Suffice it to say, we have a new weapon.

Ah, you're back. I trust you're ready for your next journey?
"Thank you so much, Ein, for sealing another of the Accursed and bringing us one step closer to salvation!"
Yes. "One step closer." Although your pride in not having finished the job yet is noted.'d almost be worth letting the world burn just to spite you.
Dear me. Perhaps a pat on the head is in order, then. There there. Who's a good boy?
Just tell me where to go next.
Rumour has it that demons have begun to appear in the lost city of Tetyth, so I would suggest you investigate. And yes, I can see that unpleasant gesture you're making at me. Stop it.
How do you see anything through all that hair?
You don't want to know the answer to that.
Yes I do. I asked, didn't I?
You really don't.
Just answer the q-

And so, Ein ran and ran and did not stop until he reached the ancient, sunken city of Tetyth.

Cross Lance: Spear-type weapon. Holy damage.
Moon Wand: Staff-type weapon. Holy damage.

i should really have swallowed my pride and got someone with actual talent to do the drawings