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Riviera: The Promised Land

by Didja Redo

Part 21: The Hunt for the Missing Bottle

While journeying through the catacombs of Mireno, Ein notices that an important key item has gone missing from his inventory.

The glass bottle, obtained after 20 turns of waiting around in Tetyth, is now nowhere to be found.

With little other choice, Ein and company return to the sunken city and organise a search party.

Alright, people. You all know why you're here. We lost a bottle somewhere in this dungeon and we need it found, sharpish.
If we all search together, we'll just end up getting in each others' way, so we'll be splitting into groups of three. That way everyone stays safe and we can cover more ground. We rendezvous at this meeting point in three hours; if you find it, come straight back and wait for everyone else. Any questions?
I have one.
Is this really necessary? Shouldn't we be focusing on saving Riviera, rather than tracking down some empty bottle you dropped?
Oh, Fia. Fia, Fia, Fia. Naive, innocent Fia. Silly, unlearned, foolish,

...that's your answer, is it?
Any other questions?
How come WE have to help with this? Aren't we supposed to be villains?
Reformed villains.
Yeah, about that. It's great that you didn't kill us, and we're happy enough to live and let live from now on, but one act of mercy isn't going to magically change the fact that we're demons. Being actively good isn't really part of our idiom.
Oh. Well, in that case, I believe Serene still has some unfinished business with you both.

...having said that, if one doesn't occasionally adjust one's perceptions and embrace new ways of thinking, what is life?
In your case? Brief.

The search begins...

You know, I've seen you browsing the magic guild once or twice, but I don't believe I've ever formally introduced myself. I'm Claude. A pleasure to meet you, miss...?
Cierra. And who might you be, you adorable little gnome?
M-me? My name's R-
Ritz! You will speak when you're spoken to.
I did speak to him.
Er...of course. I'm just making sure he won't forget himself, that's all.
Don't be upset, miss Cierra. Master Claude is very kind to me. He hasn't beaten me for a whole week.
Oh, Ritz. I do enjoy your little jokes, but I'm not sure the lady Cierra appreciates your sense of...
See? The bruises have almost faded away now. Almost.
Oh, but I'll be getting some fresh ones soon, I bet. Master Claude says that if I'm not hurting, I'm not learning.
Yes. Well. At this juncture, I am suddenly compelled to go and search somewhere outside the range of the average fireball spell.
A wise decision.

Looks like it's just the three of us again.
Just like when we first met!
We did have some good times back then, didn't we?
Heh. Remember when I spoke to you just after I woke up, and I got your name wrong?
Yes. That was rather funny, in hindsigh-
And you remember in Lacrima Castle, when I used you as bait to lure out a guard and murder him?
Oh! Or that time you were trying to exorcise that guy's skeleton, and I started jiggling it with my foot and so that it looked like it was moving, and you freaked out and stabbed it like twenty times and then threw it over the balcony?
Wait, what?!
Oh man! And remember when I killed the bat? Or when Lina fell and hurt herself and I didn't try to help her because I was too lazy to go back and get more water?
Yeah. You're right. Good times.

Can someone explain how I ended up getting stuck with you two?
Master Ein claims that we need a fan favourite in order to balance out our overwhelming blandness.
Master Ein's gonna catch hell when we're done here.
psst serene
if you are tired

you should rest
...yes. Yes you should.

Stupid Grim Angel, making us search for some stupid bottle with stupid Sprites...
Stop complaining, nya. The faster we search, the faster we'll find it, nya.
...OK, I have to ask. How come you keep making that noise?
Making what noise, nya?
That noise. The one you just made. You do it at the end of every sentence.
Nya? I don't know what you mean, nya.
Listen to yourself, damn it! You just did it again! Twice!
I don't get it what noise nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-
The one that's coming out of your mouth at this very moment!
-aaaaaaaaaa I can't hear anything nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(It's not plagiarism! It's a reference! It's a shout out! It's an homage! SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY!)

Three hours later...

Well, we couldn't find a damn thing. I don't suppose anyone else had any luck?
I'm afraid not.
No sign of it, nya.
Man. I don't get it. Where could it have got to?


The bottle!
Yes! It was I who took your precious bottle! I stole it from your pocket as you mindlessly traipsed through Elendia!
But why?! Why would you do such a thing?!
Why? WHY?! Because I'm sick of being ignored! I haven't had a single line ever since I was introduced in Chapter 1! Even that boring harpy chick has received more attention than me!
Well maybe you'd get a little more screen time if you weren't such a DICK!

Silence! If I cannot make it as a side character, then I shall become a villain! Behold and despair as I destroy that which you sought!


Well hell. Guess we'll just have to get another empty bottle, then.
I've got one here you can use.
Oh, cool. Thanks.

Hey. Since we're all here anyway, how about we go get some ice cream or something? My treat.
Sounds good, nya.
Non-toxic food!
Alright. Let's go, then.