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Part 23: Recap

Screw it, I'm just going to go ahead and post the recap that was requested. At least that way I'm getting some kind of content up. The next update's going to be pretty damn short without it, but it should also be up, like, tomorrow or Tuesday, so just pretend it's part 2 of this post.

Long ago, a violent war erupted between Asgard, realm of the gods, and Utgard, realm of the demons. The brutal conflict, "Ragnarok", left Asgard on the brink of destruction. In desperation, the gods sacrificed themselves to create the Grim Angels, black-winged warriors who wielded holy weapons known as "Diviners."

The angels brought an end to the war, but although the demons were sealed away, the gods would soon follow. They left their power behind in the heavenly isle of Riviera, entrusting it to the inhabiting Sprites until their return.

1000 years later, demons began to return to Riviera...

Our story began in earnest when the Grim Angel known as Ein travelled to Heaven's Gate, accompanied by Rose, his faithful familiar, and fellow angel Ledah. Together, they sought to cross the boundary between Asgard and Riviera.

Hey Ein. Have I mentioned recently that I'm better than you? Because I am. So much better. The gap between us is so great that I have to physically strain my eyes in order to look at you. know, with you as a role model, it's really no surprise that I turned out the way I did.

The purpose of this journey was to activate the Retribution at the behest of Hector, one of the seven Magi. This ancient, divine power would destroy Riviera and stop the influx of demons, thereby preventing a second Ragnarok.

yo homies these demons be straight trippin' we gotta get some retribution up in here fo shizzle

Along the way, Rose was careful to teach Ein about how to perform his duties as a Grim Angel.

ein press the a button to enter look mode
Rose! What's wrong with you?! Snap out of it!
press aaaaaaaa

Ultimately, Ein and Ledah were confronted by Ursula, the guardian of Riviera. To prevent the angels from carrying out their grim task, she summoned Aghart, a sacred phoenix, to do battle with them.

Soon I'll have that little mermaid, and the ocean will be miiiine...
We're not doing that anymore.
my sprite is terrible this is terrible

Although the angels were victorious, Ursula was able to abduct Ein. Realising his reluctance to destroy Riviera and the Sprites, she sealed his memories and brought him to the village of Elendia, hoping that seeing Riviera for himself would make him reconsider his mission. It was there that Ein met Fia and Lina.

I am immediately infatuated with you in classic harem anime fashion.
Me too.
We'll soon fix that!

Elendia had recently lost contact with their neighbours, the Arcs, who resided on Rosalina island. Although Fia and Lina wished to investigate, the village elder refused to help. In the end, they set out for Rosalina themselves, taking Ein with them.

i am a dick i am a dick i am a dick i am a dick i am-
We get the point. You can stop now. Our crushes have been crushed.
I just want to make sure the message sticks.

During their exploration of Lacrima Castle, they discovered that all but one of the Arcs had been killed by a mysterious, black-winged woman.

No, really! I'm going to show up again soon, I swear! I'm an important character!
Sure you are.

Intent on revenge, the last remaining Arc joined forces with Ein and company. Her name was Serene.

Why aren't we killing yet?
i just met you and i don't even know who you are or what's going on or
Why aren't we killing yet?

Upon reaching the summit of the castle tower, the party was attacked by Isher, the demon knight.

u remind me of a girl
that I
once knew
Are you even trying anymore?

It seemed like a hopeless battle until Ursula reappeared and awakened the dormant power within Ein's Diviner.


After the battle, Ursula explained that Isher was one of the Accursed, powerful demons intent on summoning their brethren and claiming Riviera for themselves. In order to prevent this, and to make the Retribution unnecessary, the Accursed must be found and sealed away.


In search of the next Accursed, the party travelled to the Nelde Ruins, where they met a witch by the name of Cierra.

omg burn the witch
No, I think you've got this backwards.

Ein was also reunited with Rose, who had travelled to Riviera in search of her missing master.

I missed you so much!
(you suck ein)
Damned if I know why, though!

They then travelled to the sunken city of Tetyth, where they found the third of the Accursed.

This is an outrage! My role was completely butchered! I have a proper backstory and I want that recognised, damn it!
Yeah yeah, misguided angel, banished from Asgard, trying to rule Riviera. Nobody cares. You're going to be dead in five minutes anyway.

During the return trip to Elendia, Ein encountered his erstwhile companion Ledah. Although Ledah tried to convince Ein to return to his mission as a Grim Angel, Ein refused, and the two parted on hostile terms.

Jesus, Ein. Even I'm astonished at how low you've sunk, and I already knew how lame you were. I mean, you're actually doing exact opposite of your job. It is literally impossible for you to be any worse of a Grim Angel than you are right now.
At least I'm not stuck being Hector's bitch!
OK, now? Now it's on.

Now here, in the darkest depths of Mireno, the final Accursed lies in wait. The impending battle will decide the fate of the world itself. Will Riviera be spared from the Retribution? Only time will tell.

Thanks. I was starting to get a little confused myself.
No problem.