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Riviera: The Promised Land

by Didja Redo

Part 27: Yggdrasil, Part 2

What's this? An early update? What is this madness?

Well, you've been awfully good children, helping me to hit that Gold rating, so I thought you deserved a little treat. Hope you enjoy it.

Well. There it is. In all its suckitude.

I don't even know why I bothered opening the chest. Maybe I just think that actually getting the item will make my efforts feel slightly more validated, even if I am just going to toss it right away.

(It doesn't.)

Ein, can I ask you something?
What is it?
Um...was Ledah your friend?
If he was...if he was your friend, then it'd be like having to face me or Fia, right?
Not exactly.
What do you mean?
Let's just say that none of you guys really have the same relationship with me as I do with Ledah. Plus, I'm way too classy to hit a girl.
(No you're not.)
I totally am!
(Ein, you've hit dozens of girls. Remember Archangel? Or the Red Sage?)
Those were all accidents.
Yeah. You know. Combat is a hectic thing. Sometimes you stumble or miscalculate a swing, and then suddenly you've unleashed an eight-hit flurry of pure, divine wrath on an unsuspecting lady. It happens.
(Remind me to stand further away from battles from now on.)

Chest contains a Leyte Claw, Viper Whip, Phoenix Wand or Silver Moon, by the by.

In any event, we now have to jump across to the next platform. You have to do this several times, and if you screw up, you get unceremoniously dumped into the next area. You don't take damage or anything, but you do miss out on the remainder of the goodies in this area.

This could potentially have been a problem, because the timing minigame is the only one that can actually be kind of tricky. However, if you fail, you can salvage it by playing an easy button-mashing game to climb up and continue on as normal.

Which is nice. I suppose. Sting may inflict a lot of cruelties on us, but at least they occasionally make an attempt to balance it out.

But I still haven't forgiven you for Mireno.

On the platform beneath us? Yeah, I think you're right.
What should we do?
Do you really need to ask? I mean, really?, I suppose I don't. Go on, then.

You are frighteningly good at that.
Seriously. I don't even know why you bother with swords and spears and stuff.
Because, Serene, there can be too much of a good thing.

Now, this next part is kind of sneaky. You can jump down from here, and it will let you progress as normal. However, if you want to get into a certain bonus area, you have to move back a screen, examine the platform below you, then jump down.

It's not really a full-blown dick move compared to some of the other things Sting's pulled, but it's definitely in the genital area.

Are we?
No. We've never seen this place before. We didn't even know there was a spring here.
Really? Oh. Alright, then. Sorry to bother you.

What, no explosion?
The important thing is that we avoided a fight.
No, the important thing is that someone explodes.

You can pick some Healing Herbs in this area, but there's really no point. We had Fia master those way, way back in Chapter 2, and we have absolutely no need for potions at this point.

However, if you move forward a screen...

You can get some Heilkraut. Which would translate to...what? "Hail Cabbage"?

Whatever. It's essentially identical to Healing Herbs, except that Fia can convert them into Elixirs, which are more potent than Potions.

I only really want these to get the skill boosts for Fia, but I suppose I might as well convert them anyway once I'm done. No point in not doing it.

Also! Drink from the spring.

It's good for your HEALTH.

Everyone! Over here! I think this was one of the Aquariums!

I think you're right.
What are those? On the ground...
Black feathers...?
Aww, Ledah's moulting! That's so precious!
This isn't good. At this rate, we might already be too late.
aww look at his widdle feathers
Don't panic. At least we know we're on the right track now.
I suppose so...
I'm so taking some of these with me.
...what for?
'Cause they're cuuute! Plus, I want to show them to Ledah. He'll be so embarrassed.

Excellent. I'm so glad to see that you're prioritising the important things, as always.
You know me. Speaking of which, I bet Chappi could do something cool with some of this Aquarium debris.

Alright. I guess we should get back to preventing the apocalypse or whatever?
Do let's.

Your FACE will not be tolera-
...wait. What do you mean "drug use"?
...I may have saved a little bit of that Heilkraut.
You really must break that habit, you know.
It's not a "habit"! I just need to relieve some stress every now and then! Can you blame me?
When we get back to Elendia, you and I are taking a vacation. Away from Ein.
...what do you mean "away from me"?
Whatever. She's a hippy, guys. What do you expect?
OK, I'm with you on that one. But you're still gonna die.

This may be the only time in the game that I'm prepared to forgive an enemy that blocks a lot. I want this gladiator to be the last man standing so that I can get his sword.

Anyway, here's where our Clene Met scroll has a chance to shine, because the golem happens to be weak to both lightning damage and magic attacks. So...


Mind you, I also want to take the golem down quickly because he's actually pretty damn dangerous. He may not last long against a magic assault, but his attacks are lethal as shit. (Shit is lethal.) This is mainly because most of them do percentile damage, so they'll always hurt no matter how tough you are.

Say hi to the most powerful sword in the game!

*gasp* Finally! Fresh air!
Wait...who are you?

i am a beautiful fairy

Fine. He is a beautiful fairy. We, on the other hand, are Sprites, and we're here to help.
R-really? Well...I guess you don't look evil.
For the most part.
Oh, come on! I was intentionally not scowling!
You were failing. Badly.
Hey, is that a Mithril Sword? If you want, I can power it up for you. I mean, if you're here to help, I might as well help you.
Could you?

Thank you very much.
You're welcome. In return, can you take me with you? I don't know how long I'll last here on my own.
my wings are so pretty

...what were you saying?
I was asking if you would take me with you.

Uh...I guess.
Great! I'll just jump in your clothes here.
Ooh! We have a guest!
OK, look. I'm not usually that much of a "personal space" kind of guy, but this is pushing it a little bit. Can't you just...y'know...follow us?
But there are Censors everywhere! What if they get us?
She's right. It wouldn't be safe. You need to protect them.
Well if you're so concerned about their safety, why don't you take them?
Oh, I couldn't do that.
Why not?
Because it's hilarious watching you squirm, of course.
(At least she's honest.)

And here's our upgraded sword. It's not as powerful as the Gran Sabre, but it's only one step behind. That and it has fifty charges, as opposed to five.

Remember the Lala Sutra? That book we picked up back in Tetyth? This is where it finally comes into play.

In order to decipher the writing on this monument, the Lala Sutra must be in your inventory. If it's not, you can't get any use out of it whatsoever. If it is... can obtain the Magic Mirror, which unlocks the "Face Collection" in Extra Contents. This allows you to view the characters' various portraits.

OK. There's a jewel in the water here, and it's so obviously an afterthought that it isn't even funny. The whole conversation is just "Oh, here's a gem that's just lying around for no reason. Whom should I give it to?"

<select girl>

"Thanks, Ein! (affection boost)"

It's like Sting were two days away from the release date, and then they suddenly realised "Oh shit! There aren't any opportunities to raise affection in Yggdrasil! Quick, somebody throw a jewel in that pond or something!"

The gem doesn't even appear in your inventory. It's not an item. It exists solely in the context of this scene. I'm not even going to write dialogue for it, because it doesn't deserve it. Let's just move on.

There's something in the shadows over there...

Don't hurt me!
Another one? This place is getting less tolerable by the second.
It's OK. We're not your enemies.
Really? Then-
Wait. Let me guess. You want us to bring you along. Right?
...could you?
Sure. Yeah. Great. Why not. Tell the whole world! There's a party in Ein's pants! Everyone's invited!
Yay! I'm in!

This Aquarium... about to get aerated.

...hmm. Should probably have done the one liner and then killed all the guards. Ah well. Live and learn.

Alright. Only one left. Maybe I'll be back in time for dinner after all.


I figured you'd be showing up sooner or later. You never did know when to quit.
Of course, as always, you're a little late on the mark. Two of the Aquariums are already down. There's only one more to go.
Then I'm not late. This is going to end here, so one is enough.
You're awfully confident. Or have you forgotten what you're up against, as well as your loyalties?
AAAAHH! It's the angel! Save us!
...are you keeping fairies in your-

Whatever. I'm not going to judge. Even though that's kind of what I do.
I thought you said Ledah was a "he"?

I'd probably be pissed about that if any of you actually mattered.
By the way, I noticed you've been having a little moulting problem.
Yeah. It happens every now and then to those of us who have wings. Which, I might remind you, you do not.
(Hey. That's my job, buddy.)
Oh look, you've still got the cat and everything. This is just like old times. I'm feeling all warm inside. Really. But you know what? I don't actually have time for this. So, you know, bye.
Ledah, there's no need for the Retribution anymore.

...what are you talking about?
The demon invasion has stopped. We've sealed away all the Accursed.
Riviera isn't a threat to Asgard anymore. It doesn't need to be destroyed.
That's what you've been doing all this time, is it?
Jesus. You really are an idiot.
...what do you mean? Isn't that a good thing?

The Accursed were never the issue, Ein. They're just tools. They summon demons, the demons kill Sprites, and the Sprites' deaths fuel Asgard's power.
Do I need to spell it out? Collecting souls. That has always been our objective.
You mean to tell me that the deaths of my people were...
All part of the gods' plan, sweetcheeks. Rosalina, Elendia, all of Riviera is just one big soul farm. That's the gods' purpose for it.
But I'm a Grim Angel too! Why didn't I know about this?!
Because we knew you'd bitch about it, just like you're doing now. It's not our job to sit and whine about right and wrong, Ein. It's our job to do what the gods tell us. Whatever they tell us.
I understood that. You never did. That's why you were kept in the dark. That's why I got saddled with you, so that I'd keep you in line.
Although obviously I've screwed up on that one.
That's monstrous! Even if they are gods, they have no right to play with people's lives like this!
That's one way of looking at it. The other, correct way of looking at it is that you wouldn't be here at all if it weren't for Asgard, so...yes. They kind of do.
I don't give two shits about who has the right to do what. Nobody hurts my people and gets away with it. Not angels, not demons, not even gods. NOBODY.
You've had this coming for a long time, Ledah. Now get over here and take your lumps. Or are you really just going to fly away like a little Grim Chicken?
You know something? Normally I wouldn't kill retards. After all, it's not their fault that they're retards, so when they say or do retarded things, you can't really hold them responsible for it.
But today? Today I'm making an exception.

Really, Ein? We finally end up taking each other on and you're going to spend the fight hiding behind your girlfriends?
What, is three-on-one too much for the great Ledah to handle?
No. Just didn't think you were that much of a pussy. Say goodnight, sweetheart.

You trying to tickle me to death, "sweetheart"?
Alright, so you've marginally improved since we last met. Suppose I should have expected that. Even if it is you we're talking about.
I hope you enjoyed that little love tap, because it's the last one you're getting. Check this out.

Hey, I actually felt that one! You keep that up and I'll be dead in...maybe a week or so?
Have you been hitting the steroids or something? What the hell is going on here?
The biggest beating of your life, that's what.

Okay, that does it. The gloves are off, kiddies. Time to die.
Oh shit, he's going to use his Over Skill! Brace yourselves, everyone, this is going to... What the hell was that?
"Crimson Courgettes"? Are you serious? That was friggin' weaksauce! What happened to your Lost Seraph attack?
Lost what now?
Lost your balls, by the looks of it.

Notes: This did not come up in the video, but once you've knocked off about 75% of Ledah's HP, he'll use "Angel Awakening" as his next move. This improves him in every way, making him stronger, tougher, faster, raises his good resistances, lowers his bad ones, and completely replacing his move set with a more powerful one, including a fancy new Break Out called "Rose Kreuz."

You do not want to let this happen. Once he hits 1500-ish HP, your efforts should be focused on causing as much damage as you possibly can. That way, even if he does awaken, he'll be near death and not too much trouble to finish off.

...I just lost to Ein.
And Fia and Cierra, thank you very much.
I just lost. To Ein.
I think we'd better give him a minute.
I just. LOST. To EIN.

No. No no no no no no. Nooooooo. No. No.
You alright over there?
No. You know what? That's it. I'm done. I don't care. Go ahead and kill me. Death can't be any worse than this humiliation.
Oh, stop your blubbering. I just wanted to smack some sense into your head. I'm not going to kill you.
That'll be my cue, then.

Honestly, you people are so predictable.
Case in point: You are about to charge at me in a screaming, berserker rage, in an impotent attempt to get revenge for your people.

See? Predictable.
Aww, what's the matter? Those cute little bat wings not strong enough to carry you this high? Too bad.
What the hell is your problem, woman?! Why are you doing all this?!
Oh please. Haven't you figured it out yet? I'm a Grim Angel. Just like you are. I am sworn to the service of Master Hector.
"In order to revive the golden age of the heavens, someone must become the one and only god. Only then will Asgard's eternal glory be assured." That's what Master Hector told me.
Only not in those words, of course. You know what he's like.
And for the record, my name isn't "woman". It's Malice.
I think I can hit her from here. Should I-
Do it.

How rude! I can see I'm not welcome here, so I'll just be taking my leave.
You've been such a good pawn, Ledah, defeating all those Censors for me. But it seems you're spent, so I'll take it from here. You have a nice death, now.

Ein? What do-
We're going after her. Now.
Goddamn...sucker punching...tramp...

What are you still doing here? Hurry up and follow her.
What for? This is what you wanted, isn't it?!
No, it isn't. Grim Angels are servants of the gods, not the Magi. The Magi are only supposed to relay the gods' will. If what Malice said is true, Hector's obviously gone batshit and he needs to be stopped., right now.
But what about you?
What about me? I'm not going to go down to a cheap shot like that, but that doesn't mean I'm in any condition to come with you. Now get moving! The longer you stand here and blab, the closer Malice gets to the last Aquarium!
Alright. But I'll be back.

Gran Sabre: Broadsword-type weapon. Physical damage.
Heilkraut: Support item. Cures status ailments.
Leyte Claw: Claw-type weapon. Lightning damage.

Lorelei: One-shot boss weapon.
Shining Flare
Effect: Three-hit Magic combo, power of 252.
Target: Furthest enemy.
Additional: Unblockable. May inflict Heat status.

Zephyr: Broadsword-type weapon. Physical/Lightning damage.


---LEVEL 3---
Divine Ascension
Item: Gran Sabre
Effect: Eight-hit Attack combo, power of 178.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Last two attacks hit all enemies.

Mimic Ray
Item: Zephyr
Effect: Seven-hit Attack combo, power of 166.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Last attack hits all enemies. Absorbs HP.

---LEVEL 1---
Ether Edge
Item: Zephyr
Effect: Four-hit Magic combo, power of 127.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Ineffective against air enemies. Absorbs HP.

Mix Elixir
Item: Heilkraut
Effect: Converts all remaining Heilkrauts to Elixirs.
Target: N/A

Riot Edge
Item: Gran Sabre
Effect: Four-hit Magic combo, power of 151.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Ineffective against air enemies.

---LEVEL 2---
Rising Claw
Item: Leyte Claw
Effect: Six-hit Magic combo, power of 142.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: The lower Lina's HP, the more damage inflicted.

---LEVEL 1---
Sonic Spear
Item: Gran Sabre
Effect: Four-hit Magic combo, power of 147.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Piercing.

Voltek Wave
Item: Zephyr
Effect: Four-hit Magic combo, power of 124.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Piercing. Absorbs HP.

---LEVEL 2---
No Mercy
Item: Leyte Claw
Effect: Five-hit Attack combo, power of 154.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: The lower Serene's HP, the more damage inflicted.

---LEVEL 1---
Hyper Blade
Item: Gran Sabre
Effect: Three-hit Magic combo, power of 189.
Target: Random enemy.

Plasma Blade
Item: Zephyr
Effect: Three-hit Magic combo, power of 162.
Target: Random enemy.
Additional: Absorbs HP.

Stuff I had to change in the last scene:
1. There being no explanation as to why Ein didn't know what Grim Angels were supposed to do, despite being one himself.
2. Ein calling Malice by her name without her (or anyone) ever having said what her name is.
3. Serene having no reaction to Malice showing up.
4. Serene making no attempt to stop Malice from leaving.
5. Nobody making any attempt to stop Malice from leaving.
6. Nobody but Ein having any reaction to anything in the entire scene.

What the hell were you even doing here, Sting?