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Part 28: Yggdrasil, Part 3

Rose. All this stuff about Grim Angels harvesting souls...
(I didn't know, Ein. I swear, I didn't know. I would have told you if I did.)
...OK. That's all I needed to hear.

So help me, if you don't get out of my way RIGHT NOW, I will strangle you with your own intestines.
In that case, I'll strangle you with her intestines.
God damn it! I'm too angry to care if my threats are anatomically appropriate or not!

The only thing that's difficult about these fights is getting these bastards to switch to the right element so that you can get the orb you want. They won't do it if the Rage Gauge is too high, so you can't attack them too much, but if the battle goes on too long then you'll end up with a C rank and you won't get any items at all.

I haven't lost my touch here, just so you know. If you S-rank these elementals, all you'll get is more godawful Tarot cards, regardless of whether they've switched forms or not.

Ein, do you think Ledah will be alright?
Who cares? Even if he's not dead, he will be as soon as I'm through with Malice.
What? You heard him. Even if he wasn't responsible for Rosalina, he was still in on it.
Or are you gonna start trying to justify it now? "Oh Serene, I know he was involved in the murder of everyone you loved, but that's OK because he's my friend!"
Hey, I never said-
Please, you two. Let's just focus on finding Malice for now, alright? We can talk about this later.
...yeah. Alright. We will talk about this later.

Nonsense. I don't feel that women have been objectified at all.
I agree with Cierra.
(affection gained)
Even though she's overweight.
(affection lost)

Guess what? Dragons are still wimps. This is why I didn't bother going to pick up the Dragon Eraser in the last update.

It's not as if it's completely unhelpful, but I'm not using up an inventory slot just so that I can make one battle in this entire chapter go a tiny bit faster. I think we can cope.

Say hi to the most powerful staff in the game!

Oh! Are you-
Yes we will take you with us just hurry up
Quickly! It'll be a bit of a squeeze, but I think I've still got some room for you.

Somebody help me.
LaLa! Is that you?

MoMo! LoLo! Thank goodness!
We've been looking everywhere for you! Let's find somewhere safe to hide, OK? These guys can handle things from here.

You want US to fight?! What are we supposed to do, fly into their eyes?
I do not consider that an unreasonable stratagem!
Wait. There is a way for us to help.
You don't mean...
Yes. The Delta Formation.
But that's dangerous! If we use that too often, it could kill us!
I know, but as long as we only do it a couple of times, we should be safe. And we do owe them for helping us.
I suppose...
Besides, I'm sure they'll take our safety into account. You guys won't use us more than twice, will you?
Huh? Yeah, sure. No more than thrice. Whatever.
Well, it was nice knowing you all.

Now these guys are cool. You can send them out and get a guaranteed 999 points of damage, assuming all of the attacks hit.

Mind you, that's a big "assuming", because it does have the low accuracy modifier. In my experience, though, that doesn't seem to affect it as much as you might think.

And yes, when they run out of charges, it really will say that they "shattered", just like every other item. That's pretty goddamned harsh, Sting.

And that completes our orb/crest/emblem collection!

At least, I think it does. If not then it's as complete as it's going to get in this playthrough.

(Ein. There's something I've been thinking about.)
What is it?
(Hector's gone rogue, right? But aside from Malice and us, nobody knows what he's really up to.)
Yeah. So what?
(Hector's still got his power and influence. As far as everyone else is concerned, he's just doing the gods' will. So if you continue on this path, the Seven, all of Asgard will go against you.)
Yeah. So what?
(Never mind.)

Well. That was easy. You'd think they'd hide these things a little better if they're so important.
Not that I'm complaining.

Oh look, a bunch of people who can't do a damn thing.
Lina! Take her down! Quick-

Ouch. Just a few seconds earlier and you might have been able to stop me. Now Yggdrasil's open to attack because you were dragging your feet. That's got to hurt.
The hell with Yggdrasil. You and I have unfinished business.
Boy, you Arcs can sure hold a grudge. Can't you think about the positive aspects for a change? No more boring family reunions, no more getting nagged about your career choices...

Really now, it's so impolite to shoot at people while they're trying to talk.
Lina! Stay out of this! This-
Don't you dare say "This is my fight"!
What?! It IS my fight! You know what she did to me!
I don't care! We fight her together or we don't fight her at all!
Lina, you are on REALLY thin ice right now. Don't make me do something I'll-
Are you doing this for your people or for yourself?
Wha...for my people, of course! What kind of question is-
Then the most important thing is that she pays for what she did, isn't it? Or are you only doing this so that you can vent?
I...that's not...
Besides. You're with us now, right? So that means if she hurt you, she hurt the group, and we all have to get her back.
... spirit?
Team spirit.
Alright. You win. Let's gut this fish.
On it.

It's so nice to see you two brought together at last by the power of impending homicide.
You gonna complain, or are you gonna help?
I can manage both.

I still have no idea who you are, but if everyone wants you dead this badly then who am I to argue?

You got the better of us last time, Malice. It won't happen again. Now come get some.

Suits me. I've already taken care of business, so I suppose I have time for a little pleasure. Just try not to bleed too hard, will you? I like this outfit.

Notes: Malice can also use Angel Awakening, and it does pretty much the same thing as it does when Ledah uses it. Again, we beat her before she had the opportunity.

But playtime's over. You die now!
I don't think so, hag queen.

Damn it! "Always cut the head off", my mother used to say. "It's the only way to make sure." But did I listen?
Oh, forget it. I'm done here anyway. The Aquariums are gone, so you've already lost. Enjoy the Retribution, suckers!

Great. Just great. From "Invincible badass" to "last-minute meatshield". How did my life go so wrong?
Ledah! Why?!
Look, don't get all misty-eyed over it. Malice is a crazy bitch who needs to die, and I wasn't exactly up to it after you and the boob brigade did me over. Perforce, logic dictates that the task falls to you. Gods help us all.
No, I mean, seriously. Why did you do that? We were totally kicking her ass.
Were you?
Oh. See, I only just got here, so I thought, you know...
No, we pretty much had her. In fact, we probably would have finished her off just now if you hadn't jumped in like that.

Well thanks a lot, jackass.
Don't worry. We'll have another shot at her when we go after Hector. That's the plan, right?
Yeah. He's been playing us for idiots all this time...everything that's happened so far has just been furthering his goal of becoming a god. Can't believe I didn't see it earlier.
Then is it really the gods' will that Riviera be destroyed?
Not sure. Hector says that it is, but Hector obviously can't be trusted anymore. All I know is that if he isn't stopped, everything is screwed.
Alright. Let's get you somewhere safe first, and then we'll work out a plan.
...why not?
Ein, look at the state of me. There's no way I'm going to make it. I'm barely holding on as it is.

You're going to have to do this yourself.
No! Ledah, you can't die on me! You can't!
Would you stop whining for once in your life and just...
...wait. What do you care if I die or not?
Oh, don't give me that! Of course I care! I know we always take jabs at each other and we get on each others' nerves sometimes, but we're still friends! we're not.
OK. First of all, all those times I mocked you, I was absolutely serious. I have never once been kidding with you. Not once. I genuinely do not like you. I haven't liked you from the moment we met. I don't know how you could possibly have ended up thinking otherwise.
Secondly, your cat asked me a long time ago what I gave up in exchange for my Diviner? The answer is "my emotions". So even if you weren't an insufferable moron, I am literally incapable of having any affection for you regardless.

...listen, between the awkwardness of this moment and the gaping hole in my torso, I'm feeling pretty damned uncomfortable right now. So I'm just gonna, you know. Die.

(Just so we're clear, everything he said also applies to our relationship.)
(...bad time?)

(...I'm sorry.)

I am sorry to drag you here like this. I know this has not been easy for you, but with the Aquariums gone, we are on borrowed time.
Even now, Hector is preparing to summon Seth, the Sealed One. If he succeeds, the Retribution will be inevitable. You must defeat him before he destroys us all.
But how? We don't even know where to find him.
He is hiding in Yggdrasil's opposite, the Maze of Shadows. See for yourself.

That's the Maze of Shadows?
How did we manage to miss a floating, glowing island all this time?
It was hidden from the world, as Yggdrasil was when the Aquariums were intact. But although it is Yggdrasil's opposite, it is also bound to it. Now that Yggdrasil is unprotected, so too is the Maze.
How are we supposed to get there?
It is located on the Isle of Goriate. You can reach it through Heaven's Gate. You remember where that is, I trust?
Good. But be warned; the isle is extremely dangerous, and you already know how powerful Hector is. You must prepare yourselves for the worst.
I will pray for your success, as I always have. I only wish I could do more.

Battle Pixies: Misc. Weapon. 3 hits, 333 fixed damage. Low accuracy.
Black Choker: Support item. Raises Strength and Magic.
Ice Emblem: Support item. Raises Ice resistance.
Lightning Emblem: Support item. Raises Lightning resistance.
Southern Cross: Staff-type weapon. Fire damage.


---LEVEL 1---
Burn Bullet
Item: Southern Cross
Effect: Four-hit Magic combo, power of 151.
Target: Random enemy.

---LEVEL 2---
Magenta Missile
Item: Southern Cross
Effect: Six-hit Magic combo, power of 147.
Target: Back row..
Additional: Ineffective against air enemies.

---LEVEL 1---
Thunder Resist
Item: Lightning Emblem
Effect: Raises Lightning resistance.
Target: All allies.

---LEVEL 1---
Ice Resist
Item: Ice Emblem
Effect: Raises Ice resistance.
Target: All allies.

---LEVEL 1---
Item: Ice Emblem
Effect: 25% HP damage.
Target: Front row.
Additional: May inflict Freeze status.

Item: Lightning Emblem
Effect: Three-hit Magic combo, power of 162.
Effect: 25% HP damage.
Target: Front row.
Additional: May inflict Dazzle status.

---LEVEL 3---
Calamity Flare
Item: Southern Cross
Effect: 8-hit Magic combo, power of 194.
Target: Random enemies.
Additional: Last two attacks hit all enemies.


thought you'd escaped the friendship speech after i missed it in the last update didn't you

well BOOM