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Riviera: The Promised Land

by Didja Redo

Part 29: Elendia

Ein witnessed the death of Ledah and the emergence of a third Grim Angel, Malice.

The revival of Ursula's counterpart, Seth, who holds the key to the Retribution, was also unveiled.

With the destruction of the Aquariums, Yggdrasil is now vulnerable. What will be the fate of those who can alter Riviera's future?

Elendia doesn't seem as lively as usual.
It's because the isle of Goriate has resurfaced. We've always thought of it as a bad omen here. Everyone knows that it means we're in serious trouble.
Why did we even come back here anyway? Let's GO.
I need a little time.
Time for what? To go and mope about Ledah? Forget him! He didn't care about you! He said so himself!
I cared about him, Serene.
Well congratulations. You're an idiot. I mean, he flat-out tells you that he was deceiving you from the start, and yet you're still-
Serene...leave him. It's alright. I have to go and report to grandfather anyway.
I have something I need to do as well, actually.
Me too.
I'll meet you all back here, then.

Yo. Good to see you back.
...well, that wasn't your usual chipper greeting. What's up?
Just...some stuff. Rather not talk about it.
Hmm. Well, you got anything for me to forge? That always puts you in a good mood, right?
I guess. I did get this fragment from one of the Aquariums in Yggdrasil.
Alright. I should be able to work with that.

There you go.
Did it help?
...not really.
Jesus. You really are in a bad way.
Aren't you? You do know about the isle, right? And the Retribution?
Sure. So what? If the end of the world does come along, it'll damn well have to wait until I'm done with my backlog, like everyone else.

Can't believe that island is showing up now. I thought we were safe.
And I was just...getting the hang...of speaking. Typical.
Don't worry. I'm sure Ein and his friends can take care of it.
I're right.

By the way...did you ever...finish that shrine?
Yeah. Just now, actually.

d00d y r teh servers goin down
thot u fixed em
Not in the mood for that right now.
Oh. Alright.
I was wondering if you could do something with these feathers. Like, preserve them or make them into a keepsake or something. I want to hold on to them.
Yeah. them from a friend.

...I understand. Give me a minute.

Will this do?
That'll be fine. Thank you.
Don't mention it. I'm sure your friend would be happy that these are so important to you.
...yeah. that's that. I thought that all of this would end with the Accursed as much as you did, but it turns out that things aren't that simple.
They rarely are.
The only thing we can do now is go to the Maze of Shadows and confront this "Hector" directly.
...I see. And you are prepared to do this, are you?
Of course.
And not a trace of fear or hesitation, either. You always were the bold type, but even I never imagined that you would grow to become so strong.

You are more than fit for leadership by now, I think.
Of Elendia.
Oh. Well, I'm glad you think so, but I'm sure that day won't be arriving for some time yet.
...will it?
...I'm a very old man, Fia. You must have known I couldn't be the village elder for much longer.

I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I see so little of you these days. And I had to be sure you were ready.
No! You can't die now! That's...that's not fair!
We're so close to fixing everything! I was doing all of this to keep you safe! It's not f-

Listen to me. I have had a long and fulfilling life, and now it is simply coming to an end. All things must end. I have no regrets, and I will be happy to pass on as long as I know that Riviera...and you...are safe. Can you make that happen for me?
Yes, grandfather. I will. I promise.
Then I will rest easily. Do not grieve for me, Fia. I am ready for this. I know that you will miss me, and I certainly wouldn't have you forget me, but do not dwell on my death.
...I'll try my best, grandfather.
Good. And make sure that boyfriend of yours takes care of you, or I'll have his hide.
That Grim Angel chap. What's his name again?
Ein? He's not my boyfriend.
Now, Fia. You know you can't fool your old granddad.
No, seriously. He's not. Not even close. Just the thought of it makes me feel slightly ill, actually.
...what, really?
Hrm. Well, I suppose I can't say I'm overly disappointed about that. That boy does rather grate on the nerves.
Yes. Yes he does.
Well. That's that, then. Go off and kick some arse, now. There's a good girl.
Yes, grandfather.

Hello, Ritz. I brought you something to eat.
For me? What is it?
It's dragon steak.
Steak. Yes. Trust me, it's delicious. And it'll help to keep your strength up.
Yeah, but...this has got to be some pretty hard stuff to get. You're sure you want to give it to me?
Of course. I'm trying to lose a little weight anyway.
...the world could be about to end right now and you're worrying about your weight?
Yes. It's complicated.
If you say so. Thanks, by the way. I really needed this.
Not at all. Now I want you to listen closely, because I have something important to tell you.

The mission that we're about to go on is extremely dangerous. We're up against some very powerful enemies, and we're not sure what to expect.
So...I can't be certain that we'll all be coming back.
Now now, calm down. I'm not saying anyone will die. There's still a good chance that we'll all be fine. But just in case, there's something I want to say before I go.
I want you to get out of here.
Out of...?
Out of this cave. Out of Elendia, if you need to. Think of the one place in the world where you'd most like to live, then go out and find it.
But...I already told you. I want to do that. I just-
Can't? Because you're too scared that it won't work out?
...well, yeah.
So are you happy here, then?
Right. And you never will be. So what's the harm? Even if it does go wrong, and I'm quite sure it won't, at least you can say you tried. At least you'll know.

Alright. I'll give it a shot. But you have to come back alive first.
It's a deal. And for goodness' sake, get some sleep, will you? You look awful. If Claude gives you any trouble about it, tell him I said I'd burn his hair off.
Yes ma'am.

Miss Cierra?
I don't think you need to lose weight at all.

Thank you.

Mylene. Have you heard?
About the Isle of Goriate? Yes.
They say the Retribution could be coming at any minute.
Yes, Kyle. I know.
What's the Retribution?
You wanna go out somewhere? The four of us?
Why are your eyes all red?
Come on, kids. We're going fishing.


Oh. Hey. You need me for something?
Don't get cute. You know why I'm here.
...yeah, well. Don't bother. I'm alright, really.
Oh no you don't. I had to put up with psychotherapy, so now it's your turn.
Alright, alright. Go ahead.
OK. First of all, I'm sorry for yelling at you. You probably already know that I didn't really mean that. I just wasn't thinking straight after Malice showed up.
Secondly, I've been thinking. Maybe Ledah was lying, you know?
Yeah. All that stuff about losing his emotions and you not mattering to him. He could just have been making it up.
Why would he do that?
'Cause then you wouldn't have to feel like you lost a friend. Or at least, that was the idea. Maybe he just thought it'd make it easier on you.

I'm surprised. It almost sounds like you're defending him. I figured you'd be still be angry.
I was, until I remembered an important bit of Arc philosophy.
Which is?
"Corpses aren't targets." You can be as angry with your enemies as you like as long as they're still breathing, but once they're dead...they're dead. However badly they hurt you, there's nothing you can do about it anymore. Better to just move on.
Yeah. Besides, he did die trying to help us stop Malice, so I guess that redeems him a little bit. Kind of.

Uh...sorry. I'm not very good at this, am I?
No. But I know you're trying, and that does make me feel a little better. Thanks.
Sure thing. If you ever need me to fail horribly at talking you through your problems again, just ask.
I'll remember that.
Come on. Let's go save the world again. That'll cheer you up.

(So. You're going soft, huh?)
Shut up.
(Because it sure seems to me like you're going a little soft.)
Shut up.
(I'm just saying. That's what it looks like. I mean, if you tell me you're not going soft, I'll believe you, but I'm not sure anyone else will. 'Cause it really looks like you might be going soft.)
Shut up.
What is that cat saying?
Nothing important.
(Even if Ledah's gone, you know that you'll always have me. Right?)
Yes. I know. Now shut up.

Ein? Are you-
Yeah. I'm OK. Don't worry.
Are you sure?

Alright, then.
Good to know!
Shall we get going?
...what are you all smirking about?

Fallen Fan: Misc. weapon/support item.
Dark Dance
Effect: Raises Magic in exchange for HP.
Target: Self.

Mad Raven
Effect: Single attack, power of 99. Physical damage.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Fixed damage. Unblockable. Unavoidable. Piercing.

Effect: Raises Strength.
Target: Self.

Dark Fire
Effect: Three-hit Magic combo, power of 100. Fire damage.
Target: Furthest enemy.
Additional: Removes positive status effects. Not-Vit.

Manalith Dagger: Misc. weapon. Physical damage.
Stun Edge
Effect: Single attack, power of 200.
Target: Nearest enemy.
Additional: Raises wait gauge of target.

Kill Shot
Effect: Single attack, power of 300.
Target: Enemy with lowest HP.
Additional: Unblockable. Unavoidable. Not-Vit.

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