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by Didja Redo

Part 44: Fire Emblem Crossover Thing

Say, I've got a Seth for you. Hope you don't mind if I, uh, borrow a few things for a skit.
Hector Appears as a phantasm before Ein & Co. to deliver a challenge.

Yo, b. You wanna bust up my crib? You gotta go fight Seth. Step through the portal if you man enough. *poof*

He poofed.
Oh he'll poof alright, right after I slice through his guardian and open up a Disaresta brand™ can of whoopass.
You aren't seriously considering diving headlong into this obvious trap?
Fia, we've known each other a long time now.
It's only been a matter of a few—
And in that time, I have learned that when an obvious trap presents itself, the only choice is to dive headlong into it. Only great rewards can come of it.
Great rewards like your piles of rocks.
Hey, you don't dis the rocks!
In fact, you know what? (takes rock in hand) Forget the Diviner. I'm going to beat this Seth character with a rock!
So, compounding a bad idea and a worse one, then?
He is pretty good with a rock.
Scary good.
Don't encourage him!
In we go I'm already going. Let's rock!

That was weird. Does anyone else feel...smaller?
Never thought I'd hear you say that, Cierra.
If this is another fat joke, I swea—
Because you are a fatty!
Stop kidding around. We're in another world, the rules could be totally different.

NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo! My HPS!
Never make that noise again. What are you on about, anyway?
I've been cut to 1/100th scale. With hps so tiny it stands to reason the lewt on this world will be similarly minuscule. We have to get out of here!

~We have to stay here forever~
Well met. Who among you is Ein?
Oh, you're Seth. I have to kick your ass so I can get to Hector, you down?
I don't catch your meaning. However, you, Ein, have issued a challenge on the field of valor and I have ridden to meet it. We shall proceed with honorable combat presently.
You are saying lots of words and I'm not getting them.
He challenged you to a duel, Ein. Although the way he puts it, you challenged him...
Have you a second? already got my attention, buddy.
No? Then, in the name of the knights of Renais...

There. I have struck you. Now it is your turn to strike at me.
*wheeze* Oh you're going to get it...gonna get a face full of hot rock...gruh...
Any time now. Perhaps if you had named a second, that duelist could hit me in your stead.
...full of rock...
The ladies in your cavalcade appear sprightly and handsome. Mayhap one of them?
I can hit on you if you'd like.
Hit you! I mean hit you.
You cannot mean to tell me a lady of your royal bearing and sleight frame could be a warrior?
...take a cheap rabbit punch...'n steal my women...I'll...
Did you hear that? He called me "sleight."
How about a hearty meal, Sir Seth? I can stew some dragon meat for you.
Would that I could take milady's kind offer. I must away however, having...
...crush that smug face of yours...just as soon as I can...*coughs*
AAaaand he's out.
You're awful cheerful about it.
Oh, don't get me wrong, I wanted Ein to win, but I love a good beatdown no matter what.
And Ein's so cute when he's all bloodied and gasping.
Yes, having finished the duel here.
Take me with you!
I have a squeaker in my number who could use some tutelage in the ways of burning things to ashes. Mayhap I could employ the hatted one—
I'm Cierra.
Mayhap I could comprise miss Cierra in my unit for a fortnight?
(looks at Ein) Well...I'd say no, but Ein will need some time to coalesce. Can you have her right back after her teaching session?
On my honor!
...see Serene...he says he's on her...stealing my women...
Oookay, sweet prince. *hoist* Time to go.

Cheer up, Fia. This trip wasn't all bad. Cierra gets a vacation, Serene is more cheerful than I've ever seen her, and Ein will be okay.
Hector lured us into a trap and cut our numbers by two-fifths. Ein is bedridden.
You know what that means!

Ointment time!