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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 13

Welcome back to another edition of Robinson's Requiem. The last time we left our hero, he had failed "diplomacy" with the girl Fridays. So now, lets get back to his adventure shall we?

I have a headache, I should have taken it easy on the whisky last night… I'm starting to be sick and tired of eating fish. Thus why I'm setting out to explore the cavern near my watering hole. Who knows what I'll find?

It's easy to miss, but I find the entrance again. I suit up the best I can, not knowing what kind of temperature awaits me inside.

This cavern is…small, small as in I have to lower my head a bit to move around.

It seems big, I can't pick up any Robinson life signs in here

I have trouble seeing what's ahead…it feels like the walls of the cave are absorbing the light from my lamp.

Things get tighter and tighter…I have to crawl to move ahead in the small passageway. My heart beats in my ears, I'm not claustrophobic by any means, but when the walls of the cave touches the top of your head and your back, you kinda get nervous.

What…what is that?

I step closer and 2 small white beads appear on the thi-

AHHH! the thing springs on it's hind legs and tries to grab me with it's sharp claws.

A few hits of my knife and it falls down. Thank go-

OH FUCK YOU, it tried to pull a Jason on my ass

That thing! It almost made me shit my pants!

Whew…I make my way around the body and keep moving

I step in something goey… gross, I think I stepped in monster crap. Something reeks.

Smaller version of the asshole back in the chamber attack me here, they are easier to kill.

I'm not even sure I care anymore about my former friends, all I see are these damned computers, I want them all, they are my ticket out of here!

Sorry Spinoza44, I'll take this…

I think I need it more then you do now

I continue making my way across the cavern, trying to ignore the smell of death, decay and fecal matter.

Things get tight again as I crawl through another very small tunnel. The worse thing that could happen here is I meet one of those monsters in such a tight space, it could very well eat my face off while I can't move my arms to defend myself…

The light of day! Thank god, I want to get out of this crap!

This place is huge…so many trees…my Sesame picks up a live Robinson signal.

I make my way to the signal's location, its hard to see far in front of you with all those trees…

Its Pavlov95! It's been a while since I found a live Rob- Hey put that down, It's not fu-

*pew* AHHHH FUCK MY LEG, YOU SHOT ME IN M-, no, please no, don't do this! we can still make it out together, I can still walk, NO PLEASE DON'T SHOO-

*pew* Sesame under watch…cause of death…laser impact.(Cyberdud's note: There is no way to reason with Pavlov95, so crawl and as soon as you see him come near you, just blow him away with the distress gun…so reload)

Suddenly a sound I quickly recognise as laser fire rips the trees near me, I drop to the floor and scan the area, I can see a human frame walking around, it fires at me again, missing me by a feet, I return fire with my distress gun, the flare lodges itself in the man's torso before exploding him in half. Who the hell was that?

I go to what remains of the man, the torso section is badly burnt but the Sesame is still in working condition. It was Pavlov95…

why did he shoot at me? I guess I'll never know… I find his laser, 1 clip for said laser and a pair of Kevlar gloves…now that could be useful. I continue walking in the forest

I was always better
at shooting than you!
Try not to forget it.

Well I guess not, otherwise you'd still be alive

Not just 200 feet away from where I killed Pavlov, I find the remains of another Robinson

It's Schopenhauer26, his body is full of laser burns, his face melted beyond recognition. Did Pavlov do this?

Is that what Nina1 meant by "not agreeing" …Now I know why he tried to kill me…he murdered someone. Nothing of use can be found on his body, sadly. I move on

I stumble upon this tasty looking fruit in one of the clearings. Fruit of the ahrys-ah…hmm

Blaaargh, this wasn't tasty at all. In a minute my whole body is covered in strange red spots…

My Sesame warns me that I have a very critical case of food poisoning (Cyberdud's note: no clue why this is poisonous, but Trepliev1 spikes a fever not long after and dies of hyperthermia, damn, reload)

Its colder here, and I notice a lot of clouds in the sky, this does not bode well, I find a tree with delicious apples, a welcome taste after days of fish and meat. (Cyberdud's note: yes they are edible). I continue my way down the small road, I hear a noise…

something whistles by me, holy cow…a strange humanoid looking creature is firing arrows at m-

MY EYE, YOU FUCKING SHOT AN ARROW IN MY EYE, AAAAARRGH!(Cyberdud's note: The centaurs,They shoot arrows and some of them can hit you in the eyes, what a great mental picture, steer clear of them for now, you have other things to do first)

I find a small clearing with some strange rabbit-like creatures gambolling about. They are hard to catch but I gut them all, I add their furs to my bag.

I see some strange horse like creatures in the distance, I try to come closer but arrows fly in my direction, a clear signal that I am not wanted here. Pavlov's laser comes in handy

Wow…these things look like centaurs from mythical movies and children storybooks! (Cyberdud's note: how can such a race be born here…It is a mystery) I cross a bridge formation in a mountain and end up on a plateau, where I meet more of these creatures, my laser takes them down too before they turn me into a pincushion.(Cyberdud's note 2: Crossing the bridge...haha...what bridge? I see a bridge on the Sesame map but it looks like simple dirt, and I kept falling off the bridge if I used the real view instead of the map view, god damnit)

On the plateau itself, I meet more Centaurs, but these are stronger warriors, armed with giant axes, The laser takes them down as well

(Cyberdud's note: If the centaurs cut you too much with their axes, don't close all your wounds with the needle and thread, use some anesthetic first if its an emergency otherwise the procedure is too painful and you fucking spaz out)

I fight more of these centaurs, this one is bigger and has a Sesame computer strapped to his chest. What?

He takes two shots of my laser to take down…I think this one was their leader

I pick up the Sesame from the centaur leader…It's Kant217's, I guess this is another first contact attempt that failed horribly and ended up in bloodshed, who knows what they did to him…Images of Hegel17 nailed to that cross in the desert flash in front of my eyes.

It's getting dark so I make camp and fall asleep. Nina1 comes to me in my dreams again…

Oh puppet, I'm missing you terribly…I think of you all the time…hurry…It's so cold here…Ohhh…

Take care of yourself…don't end up like that fool marx49, who got eaten by some evil giants…hurry love, come to me!
She is getting on my nerves more and more…

I wake up and it's a nice day outside, a little bit chilly but I'll live. I explore another clearing to the north of the map, one I didn't explore befo-

Tigers: DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cyberdud's note : yep, more tigers, and they come at you together ! Violent traumatism, blab la bla, time to reload again)

I see tigers in the distance, I get on my knees and aim, I fire off a few shots, they fall down. Yay! More fu-


Four dead tigers lay around me, I kiss my laser, it saved my life! I take my knife and get to work…

So much skins…I take my needle and thread and start sewing until night time where I fall asleep, dead tired

Greetings, it's cold. Brass monkey weather. Fed up with canned food. I'm bored Nothing going on in this dump.
My suspicions are true, Nina1 was the one that escaped the ship using the escape shuttle while we were all running around fighting for supplies…While we were all dying she sat in the ship stuffing her face and drinking whisky….what a bitch...but if my theory is true, it means we can get out of here using said shuttle!

Bad news: Theophrastus7 has been eaten by a kagoo! It's a hard life. Bye.
Talk for yourself, fuck seriously! Theres more then 1 kagoo? Or is she talking about the smaller...oh so THATS what these things were in the cavern...small kagoos...

I wake up at morning, I look at my new winter clothes and go out for a swim, because…lets be serious, it's been forever since I took a bath, I stink. While I'm swimming I stumble upon a raft!

Trepliev1 survives yet again to the horrors thrown at him here on Zarathustra. In the process he has become more and more equipped. With the skins provided by the 4 tigers slain the day before, he is able to make a full set of fur winter clothes! Where will the raft lead him, Guess we will find out in the next update!

Wow, time just flew by, thanks again everybody for the support, I'm sure Trepliev1 needs it way more then I do, cause things are about to get very ugly!