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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 3

You guys are pretty quiet, That game can't be THAT obscure? Anyway, moving back to the story:

I can see pieces of our vessel

I guess this is where it "landed", I can see charred body parts stuck in parts of the wreckage, I guess not everybody made it out alive

The smell is nasty, burnt flesh mixed with fuel. I'm successful in salvaging 5 pieces of wire from the scrap and find a medical kit! What luck

wow, this thing has everything, quinine, aspirin, antispasmodic,bandages and even a cyanide capsule. I'm quite glad I found this little gem. My sesame computer beeps indicating that the medical kit has interfaced with it successfully.

The mapping software is quite useful, mapping my immediate surroundings for future references. I'm the red dot. The green dot indicates the presence of another Sesame computer! I hope he's okay

There he is, I can't identify him from this distance, we are all wearing the same clothes.

Its Socrates19!
Hello Trepliev1, welcome to the holiday camp. You'll soon understand: we are not at the AWE carnival. It's everyman for himself and you're trespassing on my territory…

so long then…and don't let me find you in the area again…
His smile is unnerving, I think he's gone mad, I take a few step backs

He walks away, just like that, leaving me feeling pretty sick to my stomach. Is this what we are doomed to become? Territorial beasts?

Why are you back? Okay okay I'm leaving, put that away, I said I was leaving don-

Ow! You son of a bitch! HULK SMASH

I…I killed him….Oh no Socrates19!, I'm so sorry! Okay enough crying, I open my medical kit, disinfect the wound I received from his knife on my right hand and bandage it up. I pick up his knife and start looking through his pockets…

I find a matchbook, a 1 liter gourd , a bottle of disinfecting pellets and his Sesame computer. It beeps and display a message: …….Sesame under watch…………cause of death……..Violent Traumatism. No shit.

I open my white booklet, finding our intake's group picture, I draw a X on his head…One less Robinson will come back to earth I guess.I was on the lower right corner of that picture…we got so loaded that night. …I remember it like it was yesterday. He also signed my booklet

Bon voyage, and to each his own...
I guess i'll never find out what that really means

I try to change my mind off the recent murder and pillaging by doing some manual labour, I cut down a few branches and leaves, fill up my gourd and disinfect the water with 1 disinfecting table, I didn't like the smell of that water.Anyway, this could all be useful later.

I head to the west and start going up the mountain. On my way, I find a huge coliflower type vegetable…Sesame says it's a Brassica Oleracea, according to my white booklet, its edible. I stuff it in my bag and keep climbing

I stumble upon a mound of dirt, earthworms…gross, but it could be edible in case of urgency. Thunder can be heard in the distance.

I find a total of 3 Brassica Oleracea…they are quite heavy…at the top of the mountain I see a bird nest in the distance…is that an egg?

That's a pretty big egg. I think this will be suppe-

Wh- whoa. That's my eye!

Well…that was an eagle, I think THIS will be supper. It tried to peck out one of my eyes. (Cyberdud's note: Yes, they can pluck out your eyes, then your fucking BLIND, good luck finishing the game with an eye or two missing. The game doesn't end though, no no, you can almost hear the producers saying "Well you are fucked, but hey, keep trying champ".)

With my knife, I pick what I can from the dead eagle, some meat and feathers, then its on to raiding that nest. Some bird shit, more feathers and a big honking egg, guess wich one I didn't take?

Its kinda dark…no wait, its really dark and its starting to rain. I can barely see ahead of me.

I slowly make my way down the cliff, almost falling to my death a few times.(Cyberdud's note: I died around 10 times around here falling off the cliff because its too pixelated or dark to see if my next step was ground or air, damn!)

Using Sesame's map and some caution, I make it back to the lake and waterfall

I find the entrance to a cavern, thank god, I hate rain! (Cyberdud's note: No I can't see it either in that screenshot, it was that dark)

I make a fire inside the cavern, but I stay near the entrance, There is something making strange noises in there, and I'm not about to go blindly in there without a light source.

My Sesame is warning me that I have the first symptoms of the flu, so I take an antibiotic after a good meal consisting of water and eagle meat before laying down on the cold cavern floor next to the fire and falling asleep.

A woman's face comes to me in a dream…

This game is harder then I remember, but I played the 3DO version and this is the PC version...