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Part 1: Going Rococo with Sequins in the Center

Going Rococo with Sequins in the Center

Dexter, boy genius, finds himself being awakened by someone. He would probably prefer if they would fuck off.

So... you don't want to... in that case...

Akihabara here shakes, or punches, or something to Dexter; it's hard to tell from the sound sample.

Akihabara: While you were sleeping, I finished unpacking your room. Please get up, Nagisa wants to meet you, she just finished unpacking.

What an interestingly Japanese name for this cat.

A big part of this game is finding the Inventor's Friends books. They teach us things we can make. However, we can't read this one yet; you see, the books correspond with our level. We're at level 1, and thus cannot read a level 2 book. Sorta like grade school or something.

But we can at least find some GP next to the bookshelf.

Nagisa: Today you should pay your respects to the Mayor. He's in the big building, located north of here. When you're through, come straight back here, don't wander around.

Robotrek Tunes – Rococo Town

Rococo is an annoying town, because you have to do this before entering houses.

Whenever we examine things, Dexter brings out a magnifying glass; it's a nice touch. I'm back inside our house because there's some hidden healing items to find.

Here is our status screen. We can't do much with it, nor is it worth explaining much right now, but as you can see, “Megs” are our experience for the main character. Leveling up allows him to make better and better materials for our robots.

We can also long onto the Quintet Network from our desktop.

It amounts to really silly propaganda from them to buy their other games.

So we do the jRPG thing and wander into people's homes and peruse their shit. This lady has an affinity for some really hardcore drugs.

Quintet always has a fondness for forgetting that question marks exist, or maybe it's the translator's fault...

It is tough being Squall Leonhart.

oh shit hackers?!

always wanted to meet Angelie Jolie and her black dude lips

(this film came out a year after this game, direct inspiration!?!?!)

From this old man, we learn that our father, Dr. Akihabara, left town previously because his invention failed.

The shop flashes colors like a fucking LSD trip. They really wanted you to make sure you didn't forget the one and only shop in town exists.

I am a jRPG protagonist. Of course I can, you little fuck.

... This kind of story must be boring for you. I'm sorry.

Thank god a jRPG NPC can read my thoughts.

Yes but can I do this with him?

if not, I don't give a fuck about your dog

If you talk to this dog over here, it follows you around... everywhere in the town, even to new screens.

But I, uh, can't get rid of it, ma'am.

(it then disappears as soon as I leave the city hall)

Oh hey look, another game with Einstein!

Mayor: I'm trying to find the time to talk to young people like you! Cough! Cough! Now you're a resident of Rococo. Use your youth for the world, humanity, and the town. This man here, Dr. Einst, is a famous inventor. Rumors of Hackers continue, so he's come to help us out. I hope you grow up to become as great as Dr. Einst. Ha ha ha.

Dr. Einst is also a douchebag.

Like I said.

We return home to find that Akihabara is lending us the Robot Book. He then leaves to their house in the suburbs (yes, we have two houses). Nagisa becomes our assistant.

it is an ally who can do things humans can't do themselves. Like friends, Robots can be trusted. Robots will help you like friends do sometimes.

Robotrek Tunes – Research and Development

Now we can make our first Robot. The last page also gives us 2,000 GP. Very handy.

When building robots, you need to pay attention to Program Points, which are essentially stat allocations like you'll find in a typical Western RPG.

Power – Raises attack damage

Guard – Raises defense

Speed – Raising this allows us to evade attacks; it also decreases the rate at which status effects work

Charge – Raises the rate at which actions occur, making this higher will make the robot get attacks off more quickly

#2 can fight close in, #3 has a strong special attack. Use each one accordingly.

These are inherent in robot building. After building your first robot, the next two will have these intrinsic AI traits. We'll get into that when we make more than one robot.

Nagisa takes us into a room with an SNES gamepad. She tells us that inventors need ideas; we can find them through books and by talking to certain people. We can also learn combinations just by combining items together.

With the invention machine, we have a lot of things to check out. The far left allows us to affix items to our robots. The second from the left allows us to combine items, but we only have healing items at the moment. Third allows us to recycle items. The middle lets us make a robot. It costs exactly 2,000GP to make one, so let's get to it.

by Explosionface

A bunch of shit happens, as all three work together to make this robot.

Oh snap.

First we need to name him.

Then we need to distribute stats, as well as color him. Every new robot starts out with 40 points in energy, boosting their HP pretty high. Just give me a general idea of what stats should be boosted (no hard numbers, please) or a description of what type of robot you want to be built (i.e., strong attacker (Power + Guard), defensive line (Guard + Speed), etc.).

Give me a name.

Tell me what type of fighter he should be.

Give me a color.