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Part 4: Creepy Old Men

Kicking off things, we have changed our robots' weaponry. Gato is now using the stupid-powerful axe, being totally unkillable, along with wearing a Shield 2 (Shield 1 + Clean). Megaman is now using a Celtis 1 Level 9, which is a superior long-range weapon to the Shot.

As you can see, you can equip two weapons or one weapon and a shield in the left and right hand of a robot. This of course changes what you see should you use pre-programmed Run skills (i.e., which weapon swipes first etc.). On the back, you can only have Bombs. Bombs of course will always use a fuckton of Energy but do a lot of damage as well. On your feet, you have Boots.

Weapons get boosted in attack power with each ranking and each sub-level. Bombs tend to be somewhat useful for long-range but tend to be just necessary for Run commands rather than being useful on their own; however, the later ranks of Bombs will hit more than one enemy, up to 3 enemies at once. Weapons also gain new characteristics with each new rank. Sword 4, for example, can hit all enemies at once; however, it maxes out at +54 attack power and thus is average all the time. Swords can also open capsules.

Shots, our typical gun, are also pretty average but a RUN command of 3 Shots will hit all enemies once, this is unique to Shots compared to the other ranged weapons.

Axes are pretty great for most of the game, only outclassed by one later weapon type. They can also collect capsules.

Hammers are fairly average, however Hammer 2 has the ability to give HP back to you when you use it to attack.

Celtis are somewhat better than Shots, but also cannot collect item capsules.

Punch weapons are a good upgrade to the sword and easy to make, and can also collect capsules.

Shields and Boots will only offer more benefits with new ranks and do not have sub-levels. Shields improve defense, Boots improve movement range on the battlefield.

He's probably doing a ruffling shuffle. Presumably, Kurogane is at our dad's place.

Kurogane, uh, herds us to the side here as we watch some Hackers leave the house.

Who knows what happened

Dexter, I'm going on an important trip. It won't be very safe. If I don't come back, I want you to remember what I say whenever I leave. When I'm not here, take care of yourself.

Your father

Exiting the house, we head to the tombstone, where we find a mysterious gap.

Guess what, the family shrine is a dungeon!

Monks populate the shrine. Somehow flame-based creatures are monks, so uh... let's go with that I guess. They attack either with a flamethrower up close or raining down fire on the battlefield which will also destroy capsules.

what the hell?

Robotrek Tunes – A Long Time Ago...

Rask: On Quintenix, a Tetron stone is divided into three pieces. It has mysterious powers. Some day, evil men will try to get them. Collect the Tetron before that happens. I've only found one of them... I asked Count Prinky to take care of it. I don't know if the Count's house will still be there, but please find out. The Count's house is east of here in the Forest of Illusion.

Well, I guess we're off to the F of Illusion then.

Moles are the new enemy in the F of Illusion, and they cannot be harmed when they go underground. They're not as tough as the Monks were, though.

Other than that, the F of Illusion is basically the Forest from before with a fog/mist layer.

There's also a LOT of enemies here, but with our new weapons we're running train.

I'M in danger? I have two war mechs on my side.

Oh okay man.

Nonetheless, she asks to join us in the hopes that she can escort us home. This is Mint, a reporter from Rococo. Although she follows us around, she does not contribute to battles.

Mint: Maybe your... sense of direction... ?

I didn't really want you to tag along if you're going to be an asshole.

Mint: … You're terrible! You can go home alone from here!

Robotrek Tunes – Count Prinky's Mansion

This isn't creepy at all.

Come in, come in. No, I was sure that you would come. Oh, I almost forgot. My name is Igor. I'm in charge here, Prinky is my boss. You're probably tired. I'll prepare a room for you to rest. This way, please.

While we're being offered a place to rest, the Old House is another dungeon with a lot of new foes.

As we get close to the bed, a doll appears... then disappears when we move away from it.

The book is referring to Mamurana, the doll. We'll be seeing a lot of her.

Dexter climbs in bed and has a trippy dream.

Rask: Sorry to trouble you, Count. I think it will be safe here...

Count: Nothing to worry about, I'm indebted to you. I just thought of a great hiding place.

When we leave the room, Igor heads toward a door and disappears.

Entering the door, we watch Igor head upward. Do not follow him closely, as he will spot you and send you back to the room.

Igor disappears behind another door, and Mamurana is over on the left again. Nearby we find the Inventor's Book Level 8, and learn how to make Boots 2.

The house is finished, so I've decided to start writing my memoirs. I had a different site chosen, but something in this spot seems to keep people away. The boy I met, went there with no problem. Actually, there are many mysterious things here.

Count: I wonder... let's have a look at what he can do.

Mint will prevent us from exploring this room until we start heading back there.

We hear her scream, and head back inside.

Today a guest came to visit my house. I met him in the woods. A blond-haired kid who looked like me. I've commissioned him to build me a Clock Tower. He's good at making trick devices.

We then read the book to the right, and go on a drug trip.

I wrote this as a guide to people who visit this hall. Long ago, 100 years to be exact, Igor planned and built the Main Hall and West Hall.

It's connected to this hall. See, this is my hobby.

In the West Hall a Library is kept. I'm writing my autobiography, some of it is stored there.

Sir, if you want to look around the house, I'll make a path for you. Well, stop reading now.

A hole appears in the room. Let's go down it!

Mamurana: I want that one, too. There's a great power in it.

when she leaves, we're immediately surrounded by Monks. Deal with them the same way. You have to kill all of them to progress, as checking the door out yields a bit of surprise from Mamurana if you do and she'll open the door.

Mint: He is wounded. Will you help us look for his dog? The dog has his medicine.

So that's the guy Akihabara was talking about. The dog we're looking for is white, and his name is Parsley. He's carrying Flavon's bag. He loves shiny things, and will follow us if we show him some.

(like the Stone that we have)

The first new enemy we meet are Ho Hos. They can attack from long-range as well as cast ice magic.

Continuing on, our only path is climbing a chain and ending up in the mansion courtyard.

The Count tells us that there's a white pest in the room bothering him – most likely the dog.

Let's equip the Stone.

This makes the dog follow you. Let's head back to Flavon.

Yes, somehow this dog can climb a chain.

Mint decides this is the time to get back on her mission – finding out what the Hackers are up to.

Flavon: Dexter, do you know of the Tetron stone? Did your father tell you? Your father was looking for the stone, but somehow the Hackers found out he was looking for it. Now Tetron has to be found, before the Hackers do. Quickly... Ouch!

Flavon gives us a Light, which expands how far we can see. Flavon heads to the Room near the West Hall for the time being.

it is a HUGE upgrade.

Count: In front of it, your friend waits to be rescued. If you need help, you can go in this room and use what Rask left behind. Sir, the Dolls bear watching. They have a strange power, and bring misfortune.

Behind him is an R&D, which is helpful.

Next time: A boss, and the clock tower.