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Part 6: The Clock Tower

It takes a bit longer to update when you're using shitty internet from your local university campus during finals week of its spring term

Leaving the room we encountered the Count in, we head west, spotting Mamurana once more.

Rask is finished building the Clock Tower. He did a good job. On the top floor, he put a blond-haired doll that's coordinated with the movement of the clock. I gave the name Mamurana to the doll. Igor just scowled. That was rude! Rask wants me to hide a stone in the mansion. I... Oh, well, no sense writing it.

Further in, we meet some Plasmokes. These can absorb life from you and use long-range attacks. But Megaman has absurd Power and takes them out in one hit. There are also rarer Elesmokes, which use Electric attacks that can do a bit of damage.

Heading north from our Plasmoke encounter we learn how to make Axes. Good.

We then learn how to make Shield 3... rather quickly, I might add. We don't have nearly enough GP to make them yet though.

There are many mysterious things in this land. With my body gone, I'm just kept writing. I couldn't hide Rask's stone in there. I can't rest thinking about that evil thing. Rask said the boy would come pick up the stone. I wonder if he will be able to defeat it.

Power Packs are the inverse of Shields. They are equipped on the back, replaciny your Bombs. If you want a pure monster of a Robot, use the Packs. But for the most part, they're not worth making.

Hmm, I wonder what's in here...

A weird-looking robot, apparently.

There is a mysterious power in the stone hidden in the doll.

He kinda looks like a frog or cricket or something. Searching the pillar in the middle gives you a Sword 2.

After talking to it, we head back to the room we couldn't reach before, but now can, after acquiring the Light. This shuts down a barricade so we can go acquire a Scrap 3 in the same room.

Accidentally, I headed downstairs where some Hackers are talking about seeing dolls walking around, and a man with a black cloak. As a joke, the Breaker for the electricity was flipped.

So we scare the shit out of them with the surprise horn. They are so scared they run past us without a second thought.

Pipe down! When we find what we're looking for, we'll leave. Just calm down. It's hard to work with you kids about! This mansion is very strange...

Mint: Hmm, scared of ghosts? What a wimp.

Umm... ohh... ahh.. just be quiet! Oh, why do I have to guard such a pest?

Afterward, we keep flipping this switch to turn the electricity on and off to make the Hacker leave the room.

Mint: We have to do something. They're looking for Parsley, he took their key! If we find Parsley, we'll find out what they're up to. I have to look for Flavon. Fla – a – vo – o – on!

Flavon, if you remember, is in the West Wing. Hopefully, he's helping the President.

(a great soundtrack to all of this is hearing some drunk sorority chick screaming at the top of her lungs walking down my street)

This soldier isn't very good at making threats.

He spots us, and then is murdered. We will paint the mansion red with the walls of the Hac--- wait, that's not how it's supposed to go

He becomes a pussy bitch after the fight. This is the Hacker Commander Blackmore, who ordered the Tetron be located. He doesn't know what happens after that, because he's incompetent.

The localizers were not great at ending sentences with periods. Parsley has the Clock Tower Key, so we gotta find him. We also learn how to make the Key Item Relay, so let's head back to R&D.

Or just reach Level 13 by accident and make it in the Portable. Relay allows us to talk to animals.

Parsley is back near the well.

Parsley: What? Key? Since you saved my master, I'll tell you something special, woof! Take a good look around this well! Woof!

Wow, it was just... fucking right there. Right on the well. No wonder the Hackers are so idiotic.

The clock tower is behind the old house, so we have to head around into the west wing and east to get back to the entrance and exit. The clock tower is another whole dungeon.

The clock tower has mummies. They can be taken out with Bombs, but cannot be harmed if they go invisible.

The clock tower has a rather confusing layout, but once you figure out which rooms are connected, it becomes less labyrinthine. In other words, it looks daunting, but can be puzzled out.

There are also Frankenstein monsters here, but like everything else, Megaman will take them down in a single blow. I actually got a Hammer 2 to drop from these guys, which is great because I never use hammers but I believe I can use it in a synth mix later or at the very least recycle it.

I'm never quite sure why they chose an outer-space-like texture for pits in this game.

No clock tower can be complete without a bunch of huge, moving gears. No Scissorman, though. Could have used one.

Yes, Frankens attack with the power of WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Traveling along, we find a switch to pull. This opens a locked door a couple screens back.

The room to the north leads to a place where we fall down a hole to reach a previously-inaccessible area of the first floor.

My little one is trapped in her bag! Squeak!

The mice run off to their hole, and Mint comments about the black-cloaked man again. The switch nearby opens a locked door near the entrance leading to a Scrap 1.

Back on the second floor, past the barricades, we can hit a switch that allows access to the third floor now.

Back in the room with the mice, we talk to the young mice we rescued, who tells us of a secret passage.

Which leads to a mostly-useless Scrap 6 (although we can craft a Celtis 3 when we get two of them).

The third floor leads to the dolls' room.

So many Mamuranas...

Six, to boot!

But Mamurana is very busy... Get out.

We leave the room and re-enter, and the mouse we helped earlier freaks Mamurana out.

The door behind her leads to a chain that goes to the bottom floor, where the real Mamurana is.

Mamurana: The stone hidden in my body has given me a strange power. I can't give it to you. Stay here. You can join us later.

Mamurana: But, don't try to fool me just because I'm a doll. I can change shape thanks to this stone.

Mamurana is an interesting boss, but not superbly tough.

She's fond of lightning attacks, so if you need to Guard, simply move out of her row and she'll miss in her attack.

Mamurana also likes to clone herself. Her clones are weaker than her, but have varying stats. If one spawns where your Robot is, it will automatically die, bizarrely enough.

The hilarious problem with the clones is that because the lightning attack is row-based, if you're not in the row they will just totally whiff their attack.

I'm not even joking about how easy this boss is. Just... totally fucking simple.

The second part of the Tetron stone is now ours. The Hacker, who was previously paralyzed, tells us that if the Tetron stone is acquired, he might become their leader, but since we saved his life, he's quitting. Good man.

Mint runs off to write an article about it. Ah, journalism.

Igor: Sir, I'm shocked. I'm having trouble with that doll, but...

Count: Finally, this house will have the right time. I can keep my promise to Rask, and rest.

Flavon: You found the Tetron? I had no chance to help, but old guys shouldn't intrude. Going back to Rococo? I have to talk to you about something.

Flavon: First we have to talk about your father. A few days ago, your father and I left for a journey to find the Tetron.

... Or so he said. If you don't want to get hurt, come along quietly.

Akihabara: I'm preparing a couple things that would help in a time like this. Get back, it's dangerous. I can take care of them.

Flavon hears a massive explosion as he runs away.

He runs back to where Akihabara was, but finds no trace of him or the Hacker.

Flavon tells us he found a strange stone in the South Isle. Perhaps it was a Tetron.

Back in R&D, I show off why the Hammer 2 is both pointless and great. It can be recycled for 3000GP, it has low attack power, and its special ability isn't worth it. We're just gonna scrap it, and make some Shield 3s. Then...

We're going to make the third Robot.

Give me a name, a fighting style, and a color.

Remember that while the second Robot received a passive bonus to melee attacks, the third Robot has the strongest RUN commands of the three.