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Part 7: Tropical Adventures

Our third and final robot will complete the videogame compendium of great robots with HK-47, who is rock-solid as a fighter and will never have any problems. He'll be rocking a Sword 2 and a gun, no shield. He'll be our RUN command master, as the third robot receives a passive bonus to such things. He'll also use a Shot 2 with Shot 1 + Scrap 2.

Because of the RUN command specialty, HK-47 will stick with a handgun or a laser as the secondary weapon and perhaps keep using Swords and, eventually, Blades.

Since Dexter is level 17, we can go to our dad's place and read the book that teaches us how to make Shield Packs, good for a defensive robot. However, I still don't like letting go of Bombs as an offensive source, since Bombs can ignore Capsules on the field in the row that you attack with, whereas most other weapons are mitigated by them and must destroy them first before reaching the enemy.

Our story continues southward, across the sea.

Oh look, a Robotrek Craigslist ad!

He doesn't mean fishing, he means how many vaginas he conquered.

The South Isle Guide is a dude with a mohawk, so I like to think of him as the main character from SLC Punk.

So he just lets us pilot his boat away. I guess Dexter is smart enough to pilot one.

Robotrek Tunes – Tropical Paradise

South we go, to the pier.

You can't continue until you talk to the mohawked guide at the pier, which opens up our path east.

Our first stop is the Village. Yes, it's just “Village”, no other name. They're not original in these lands.

The Volcano troubled the people with earthquakes and ash. He went into the Volcano, and tamed it! Only the village Elder knows where he is now, but he'll save us again when we're troubled.

Every now and again, you'll feel an earthquake in the village, a sign that perhaps the Deity is mad. It just needs more virgin sacrifices, guys.

For some reason, the Rococo mayor is staying at the local inn.

Mint's here, too. She tells us that people who are invited here have been disappearing.

Talking to these three bros here makes them all break out into dance, like some tropical electric boogaloo that I'm going to totally ignore

Oh boy I've always wanted to taste myself!!!

And here I was getting all fucking excited.

Elder: The Deity is good, he wouldn't allow that! It's my job to guard the treasure. I can't hand it over!

Shaman: You're stubborn! Something bad will happen! You'd better change your mind! I'll be back!!

It appears there is some strife in the populace of this auspicious Village.

But all I did was stand in front of you... ?

Already forgotten.

Afterward, we go to sleep at the inn. Note that you can't do this until you talk to the inn owner. Silly plot triggers.

A spaceship? Tetron? … Dexter?

What is this! Something huge has come! Terrible, terrible!

Alrighty then.

Since we obviously have to check out the Volcano soon, we talk to this fellow who opens up the path.

We start off at the base of the volcano. This area has a host of new enemies, few of them being really tough.

Oh, yeah, because when I think of lava, I think of fun fuckin' times man.

As you might figure, the Volcano is a rather lengthy dungeon.

You're a messenger of the Deity, and now I'll meet you. You'll be sacrificed. Don't be bitter. Bye bye.

Most of the enemies here are palette-swaps with little difference. However, you need to pay attention to weapon resistances now more than ever. For example, these Powermoles are strong against Shot attacks, but weak to others. You need to make sure your Robots have varying weapon types to make sure you aren't too affected by various weapon resistances.

A few rooms in, we enter the Volcano Base, where of course the Hackers have set up shop.

That's a great bargain for my work. It's better than an unpaid internship as a college graduate, that's for sure. Might as well be slave labor.

It's an experience unlike any other! Learn what it's like to be on an assembly line!

So I become an ass and turn the conveyor belt the opposite direction

and then ride it into the next room

In here we need to do a bit more stealth, as the Hackers will send us back to the “shop” if they catch us.

While it seems complex, utilizing the conveyor belt reversal buttons to change the direction of the belts to get to other areas and evading the guards is rather simple.

I wonder...

I will leave a brown surprise.

But it's better than HQ. Don't you think the new boss is awful? He holds a grudge against Rococo, so he kidnaps the villagers and makes the work. It's terrible. But if you oppose him, you have to do toilet cleaning. If you're bad, he'll change you into a Mouse!

As a reward for our silence, he Stamps our hand, so we can access other parts of the Base.

This allows us access to the Toilet.

Aw, he's so small!

And he's fucking fast, dodging my bombs! Best use long-range attacks or RUN commands. Be careful, though. Minicoms can do massive damage to a robot if they're up close when they're killed, enough to destroy a Robot.

There's a labor shortage! Our budget's been slashed! What do the Hackers think of the invention?!

I never asked you to invent anything. You can just run this Android laboratory. And why would it take such a long time to threaten the Elder?

… Hey! I have my own plan! Don't worry about it!

Ok, then let's see what you can do. Dr. Einst, I'll take the Mayor. That's the key to the whole plan, but doesn't it seem like that guy has been listening to everything we say?

Dr. Einst: What?! Hey, what are you doing?!

Holy mother of fuck that's a lot of cleaning up shit.

We head back to the toilet after that.

And find that our friend Kotetsu is here incognito.

To get out, Kotetsu offers us a way into the garbage chute.

Next time: More volcano business.