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Part 9: Friendly Sacrifice

Back where we first met the Gunrobots, there's a mouse hole.

These mice aren't particularly friendly.

This mouse tells us there's some “mouse cleaning” going on in the lunchroom.

Well, if you say so...

We first scare the shit out of this Hacker by being a mouse that can control robots.

At least one Hacker has mental issues and believes mice have human abilities.

Yeah, basically all you have to do is defeat the lone Hacker in the lunchroom to get past this mouse.

The hole leads to the Money Room, but don't think this is the game just giving you money; we'll be parting with this 5,000G soon.

In this room is the fantastic Sword 4, which is going on HK-47. The Sword 4 hits all enemies with lightning strikes, and while not powerful, is the only melee weapon capable of doing this.

It hits every row, and is pretty decently strong. I love Sword 4 for the early-to-midgame. The all-enemy attack works with RUN commands, too, so you can do some amazing damage.

We make our way back to Kotetsu, who's still in the Earthquake Control room.

But we're not able to return to human form yet, we need to make another trip to the Secret Lab.

Kotetsu tells us the Earthquake Machine cannot be stopped – or so he thinks. The Director and Head Soldier know, but Head Soldiers are turned into mice... hmm.

This mouse tells us to turn the switch right three times, then left twice, and the earthquake machine will self-destruct. Righty tighty, lefty EXPLOSION.

Make sure that you've gotten everything you want from the base, including Inventor's Friends, before fucking with the machine.

Because, well, the whole base is gonna explode after you do that.

Mint: There's something I want to check out. I'm going to the forest, ok? Don't get lost!

After leaving the volcano, we return to Rococo and learn some shit, since we're now level 23.

Weather and Vanish are good materials to make some more unique weapons and packs. In-game, however, Weather allows you to manipulate the weather which will be handy later, and Vanish turns Dexter invisible so we can pass by enemies.

Turbo Packs add +2 movement, unless your Robot has 8 move, in which case it does nothing.

You want a quick way to make Shops outdated? Well, learn how to make the items they sell! This is very handy. These are books in the Rococo Tool Shop.

This is just making us almost impossible to kill. We can make Cleans as well, from the book in the back room.

First thing we do in R&D is get our Sword 4 to L9.

We also make the Axe 3 from an Axe 1 + Scrap 9. At level 9, the Axe 3 is the second-strongest weapon in the game.

As well as a Shot 3 from a Shot 2 + Scrap 2, making HK-47 a pretty big fucking badass; well, really, all three of them are.

Lastly, we make a pair of Boots 4 for HK-47 with Scrap 3 + Scrap 5. The Boots 4 give +8 move and a bit of defensive boost -- we can basically walk across a little over half of the battlefield, or more.

Yup, they're rollerskates.

Some of the villagers have been turned into mice.

I guess I mean all of them.

Shaman: That's why I turned all the villagers into mice! You'd better listen! Tell me where the treasure is!

Elder: The Deity wouldn't do that. It's my job to guard the treasure. I can't hand it over.

Shaman: You're stubborn, as usual! It's the Deity's magic! Anyone who doesn't listen to the Deity is turned into a mouse! Watch!

Well, I've already been one before, so that's nothing new.

It backfires on him, and now the Shaman is a mouse.

As thanks, the two guards take us to where the treasure is.

The same dance the three other villagers performed for us is, well, also the sacred dance to get in here. You can talk to these same villagers to leave if you wish.

Einst: Well, you're looking for a fabulous ancient invention? How could a youngster like you find it? Give up! I'll study the scientific power, and brush up on my inventing skill! Nobody bother me! Got it! Now get out, you're bothering me!

I'm not sure if those are weeds, or spikes. Simply press the switch in here and it opens up...

This path to the left. If you didn't, the path on the right gives you a clue to do this.

Some new enemies, but the two sets of enemies in here can do nothing but Poison you and are not huge threats, especially with a Sword 4 Level 9.

There are three doors here; the middle takes you to the beginning, the left to an encounter, and the right to continue onward.

That's a pretty trippy lava texture. Better than Mystic Ark's, ugh.

I wonder if I can wait until you appear. But I still have much to do. I await your call.

just step on the switch and exit.

Einst: Ah, but this Robot... how can it be moved? I want it to move!

Einst: My Super Ultra Machine, Big Eye, will take care of you! Prepare for the worst!

Big Eye is a pretty tough fight – what really sucks is that our new Sword 4 is not particularly useful against this guy, but you should be using long-range attacks when possible as his up-close moves are somewhat powerful.

That doesn't mean he still can't demolish you from long-range. A good way to abuse the Sword 4 is to use a Run of three sword attacks, meaning the Sword 4 attacks three times. With HK-47, I was doing 150 damage a round.

One of the best parts of the Sword 4 is that you can attack from anywhere on the grid, making it a great way to manuever around both enemies and bosses.

Einst: But this is not the end! I'll pay you back double! Remember that! Ready? You can't escape from here!

Dexter examines the robot, and its eyes glow.

And those stones? Tetron gathering? Good... I found the Tetron here, and have kept it all this time. Dexter, you can have it.

A third Tetron stone, now in our hands.

Robotrek Tunes – A Long Time Ago...

The place is about to collapse, bro, stop forgetting how to get out of here.

Seems like Napoleon isn't enjoying breaking down these walls for us.

And I mean he's slowly dying as he does it.

Soon I'll be... scrap metal... save the pieces... I'll protect you. One more thing, please... carry out Rask's will.

This is a special, plot-related Scrap, and is, well, our dead friend.