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Part 12: The Fortress of Robotitude

With nothing else to do, we head to the Fortress.

It's, well, a big dungeon alright. Probably the largest yet.

The flashy lights also make their grand return.

As well as LSD-trip screens that hurt my eyes.

What? It's stupid not to guard the doors? … You're right! Thanks for telling me!

so you leave? what the fuck

(he really just goes and blocks the entrance, so I guess he's not THAT stupid)

I mean, thanks dude. This is handy.

The only other way to go is to equip the Leader's Badge and head into the meeting itself.

Is Akihabara brainwashed?

This is a real start! We'll show our power by occupying Quintenix! And we have a new weapon. Ok guys, let's go for it! This is a good chance to show our power to the people of our home planet!

Everyone proceeds to leave, and the other rooms are left unguarded.

The enemies so far are nothing new or special.

A locked door, and a mouse hole.

Akihabara: It's obvious this isn't just a normal stone. It's not perfected yet. It's still missing a part. It's... missing a part? Is there some technique...

Blackmore: He... he's useless! He doesn't understand. I will let you see it. My plan was to get the jump on the home planet. If I don't understand this power it's all in vain. Stop it, I won't ask you again! Hey... is someone there?

I still can't get over the fact that our enemy has a pumpkin head.

Blackmore: I can't rely on him for the Tetron, it's too important!

Rose: An impatient man. The Tetron will be investigated further... hmm, an unusual mouse, its goofy face reminds me of that boy.

Blackmore: What boy? That's an unforgivable line.

Rose: … That's a secret. Let's go. I want to finish this plan before the home planet gets wind of it.

You tell me what's going on with this translation

Using the Key we found in that room, we continue on; this dungeon is great for GP, lots of treasure with it.

There are a lot more security bots in this dungeon, so do your best to avoid them.

Pumpys are new here; they're tire-based creatures with decent Speed but aren't too tough.

Although that door nearby is where we need to go, exploring reaps great rewards.

Including how to make lasers, the second-best long-range projectile weapon. However, they're best used to combine with other materials to create Blades, the best weapons in the game.

Dr. G is basically building Tron.

Before we do this, we go back to where we need to go, and encounter Facemen. Take them out with a three-hit Sword 4 RUN.

We're now in a room filled with water and a locked door, suggesting we find another key.

Knights are pretty powerful, so don't let them get too close. They can do a Dragoon-like Jump attack that is very powerful. They're very strong, and best handled with an Axe-user, as most other weapons are pitiful against them.

Going down a path we're not supposed to yet, we reach a room with 7,000GP and another locked door, so let's go down a different path.

Well fuck you too, then.

He softens his demeanor after being spoken to a second time.

Thanks bro.

I have an Ikea shirt from a time that I worked there that says this...

sadly, all my friends just joke and read it as “Seize the gay”

In the prison cell, we learn how to make Blade 1 and 2. Awesome.

Can't do anything here, so let's head back to Dr. G.

Blades significantly change their look as they level, getting bigger. The first three levels are pretty weaksauce, but Blade 4 is the best weapon in the game. With lasers, we can combine them with Punch weapons to make Blows, the ranged version of the Punch weapon; at level 3, they outclass Laser weapons in every way. We'll be making this for Gato, since the Celtis are about to become totally obsolete.

Dr. G: Don't talk nonsense... a mouse here, what? … Hey! A present from above?! Assistant A! A test! We'll use this mouse!!

Assistant A: Roger wilco! A test!

The assistant says, while fastening something to us.

Welcome to Tron, mouse version.

There's nothing to do here, since the barricades block us, so we return to prove that it was a success. The two of them head into the computer, no problem.

Reading the book on the desk teaches us how to make the Cyberjack. Thankfully, there's an R&D right next to us.

Now, we return to the room where we first found some Inventor's Friends.

Crystals teleport us all around the mainframe. Instead of using this warp (which is the first you come across), we use the next one.

Then, this left warp.

As a test, we came into the computer, but my stupid assistant can't find the exit! Can you lead to my laboratory?

You want information, even if you want Dexter to be a greedy fuck.

The next crystal leads us out. Dr. G tells us a Protector is guarding Akihabara's memory. He gives us a Key, which is very helpful.

The Key goes to the first locked door, not the second.

So many fucking lights everywhere.

Jacking in, we follow a linear path to a mid-boss.

Original name there.

What? Return the memory of the people I ate? We'll have to negotiate there. Human memory tastes good. By the way, I'm hungry now. Let me taste your memory, too.

Bugbug is most easily taken out with the Axe, but the Sword 4 triple-shot can do respectable damage as well.

He can inflict Stop with ease, and his attacks hit relatively hard, but it's nothing too hard to handle.

The blockades are now gone. This warp leads to a Blade 2, if you wanted a free one.

Akihabara: Dexter? It's... all coming back to me now. I did something bad. Even though I lost my memory, I'm afraid I've made a terrible thing. It's a very powerful Laser. They're thinking of targeting Rococo. Quick, follow me!

Red Pixies are bit uncommon around here, but they're more of a nuisance than a threat. They can do some serious damage with their flame spells sometimes, though.

Next time: Akihabara's Terrible Thing.