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Part 13: Recycle, Retread

Following Akihabara, guess who makes a return? INVISIBLE FUCKERS. Certain types of Berets here are still weak to a three-hit Sword 4, but most are not.

In the southern room is the waterway drain switch, which will lower the water.

First we get a super-awesome Scrap 9.

On our return, Hackers will now come out of nowhere after releasing the switch.

Akihabara will get rid of the laser, but we need to find the Tetron and confront Blackmore.

back in the room near the main computer, we head down the stairs to access the area previously blocked by water.

Maskers also reappear here, with their mean, red-faced versions in play. You want to use melee weapons here, and not Sword 4.

Blackmore: Akihabara thinks it's connected to time... no matter how I check it, it's just a stone.

Rose: Giving up already? Should Dr. Akihabara analyze it again?

Blackmore: Hmm... no! That's against my principles!

That's so ridiculous! That's the joke of the century!

Rose: He's gathered 3 Tetron by himself...

Blackmore: What? Why would you treat my cute little helper so harshly?! I won't forget what you said. Rose, get back. I will take care of this.

I, uhh, what?

Blackmore is definitely a tough boss, but not nearly as tough as what's to come.

He has a few attacks that are just nasty. Sword 4 three-hit will do about 140 damage, but he has a lot of HP.

Despite the fact that he'll drop multiple little dudes, only the first one does damage. His weakest attack is a mild flamethrower attack that hits down a row. The bomb and these dudes are your biggest threat.

Honestly most every attack he has is super destructive, so keep your chin up and stay healed because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Numerous Knights block your way past Blackmore, so be prepared to deal with them.

Rose: I will take these to the Sky Fort. He's gone, so you can become Commander.

Rose: I didn't mean to betray you. You did it all on your own. They're coming to get the Tetron! Too bad for you.

Blackmore: Oh no! If that happens... don't you know what this is? The Laser remote! It's targeted on this planet of Quintenix! If I push this, Game Over! If they knew about me they'd make me pay, so I have nothing to lose.

Rose: This is crazy! Stop, Blackmore!

Blackmore: Complain the next life, ah ha ha! See ya!

Robotrek Tunes – Music Box of Memories

Nope, we're not going to die here. We're just going to get sent into the past, specifically Rococo's past.

We uh, saved Polon somehow on our journey here. This girl apparently went to the cave to get medicine for us, and that the “theft ring” is there should we recover our strength.

I don't get nearly as excited about it as you do.

Why is this a thing? Are people saying this behind my back?

For some reason, Carl is here, as is his mom. Perhaps Carl is a time traveling kid.

Rococo's tool shop hasn't quite opened up yet here either.

We need to loan him 5,000G, which we can, since we have something like 24,000.

Surprised he didn't do more than that.

Rococo of the past is prettier, but more boring.

As well as have some issues.

We're also tasked to give increments of 1,000G towards Rococo's construction; we'll give a couple right now.

Like the present, this dog will follow us around. Let's head out of town.

You bet we're revisiting places!

The only thing of note here is a Scrap 10. Since this is the past, there are no R&D's, so if you want to make shit, get a level.

Moving on...

Aside from Quickbirds, Gelgels, and Gators, there's nothing to say about the Past River.

Moving on once more...

Unlike the present, there is no secondary path into the Cave Mouth.

We run into Polon immediately.

Soldier: Forget about him, what about me?

Polon: Um... Oh my... hm... you!

Soldier: What is this, an Eavesdropper? Well let's have some fun! I'm a theft ring member. You cross me, and you'll be sorry!

Hackers of the past are clowns with flower bouquets. Why not?

Huh, Rose is here too... no wonder they were carrying bouquets of roses.

Polon: You fell by the river, and I took you to my house. You were badly injured...

Afterward, Polon takes us back to Rococo.

Polon's place has two new books: Bomb 3 and Shot 3, mostly outdated at this point.

Yes, time travel is going to play a huge part in the endgame of Robotrek.

Polon: Terrible... what a fever! I'll get some medicine from my neighbor's house!

Heading back to the shop, we're called Rask... as if we are one in the same. Supposedly, out at the Forest of Illusion is our spaceship.

I guess if we're going to retread a bunch of dungeons, we might as well retread them all.

The F. of Illusion has lots of Powermoles, which are no threat now.

This time there's, GASP, another Forest of Illusion! The squeakquel (If we were doing it Kobold's way)!

Count: I thought it would be a good spot... I'm sorry.

Sly Castlevania reference? But the vampires aren't Belmonts...

They were thinking of building the mansion here, but they can't.

It's because there's a huge fuck-off invisible spaceship here.

It's also pretty awesome.

Oh hey, it's Napoleon?

Cookie: He seemed distracted. As usual, I still told him about this place...

But I'm not...

Cookie: Hey, why did you leave Choco? What happened to you? And Tetron... ?

Thank you, Napoleon.