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Rockman Exhaust and Minimum

by Dectilon and Phiggle

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Original Thread: The Romhackeria: Enjoy our suffering or bring your own



Aren't romhacks great? Not only do they provide new content for games we all know and love, they provide humor, they bring challenge back to games we've mastered and they are all readily available to any internet denizen.

Me and the illustrious Phiggle present to you:

Made by the romhacker DHI, Rockman Exhaust brings both the bullshit and the brilliance of Megaman 1 back to Megaman 2. I'll be playing for the most part, handing over some of the more interesting levels to Phiggle so you get to see a skilled player with no previous experience with the hack handle the challenges presented. Phiggle (being the awesome guy that he is) has also implemented some of our best (worst) jokes in the form of actual creative video editing!

We return, and we've brought presents!

Where Exhaust was slightly harder than normal Megaman 2, the game we're going to be playing going forward is... well, this screen should give you an idea.

And here are some videos!

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