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Original Thread: A genealogical study of terrible deaths - Let's Play Rogue Legacy



Rogue Legacy is a rogue-lite platformer featuring randomly generated content. The premise is when your character dies, you continue playing the game as one of your heirs with their inherited gear and skills. You may die, but your children will avenge you.

What does that mean gameplay-wise? Every death, you choose between 3 new characters generated from the classes you've unlocked so far. You can invest your earnings into skill upgrades or new gear and enchantments which carry over through the family tree indefinitely. Aside from their class, each heir may also have 1 or 2 traits that can have beneficial effects, such as restoring MP when breaking objects, or terrible ones like impaired vision and vertigo. I'm going to keep a growing list of all the traits and classes we've encountered thus far, with detailed descriptions and my opinions on them. Each class will eventually be upgraded one time, providing them with their special ability.

What's in store for this LP: For starters, I'm letting the thread pick my heir before the start of each video. Whether you want to vote on a class you're interested in seeing or are trying to screw me over with bad traits, feel free cast a vote however you want. I'll be using my own judgement on what gear and skills to grab, but will be unlocking every class as a primary starting goal. I'm also going to be rotating guest commentators. The names of every hero past the first one can be edited, so I have gone ahead and changed the names of them all to those of people who volunteered to commentate an episode. If their heir gets chosen, they'll be joining me to watch themselves die in a horrible way.

About NG+ Mode: This game features an endless mode where the game progressively gets more and more ridiculous. I will go pretty far in (NG+3 or so at least) to show it off, but will be moving on to bonus content after I feel we've seen enough of it. (Some bonus content I have planned is a run of NG+40, a tournament and some speed-running stuff.)

Rogue Legacy Tournament! - Rules | Standings (Image)

Here is a collection of all the things we've encountered thus far! I will go over new equipment, skills and runes during the LP.

Archmage (upgraded from Mage) - Deeper mana pool and increased magic damage at the cost of 50% HP/Str, this class is built for spell-casting. Their innate ability is to steal 6 mp every kill, helping them maintain a pool to cast with. They can be hard to play because they are so fragile. Now that they are upgraded, they have the ability to switch between 3 spells on the fly.

Assassin (upgraded from Knave) - They have the barbarian's weak damage and only half their HP. Their advantage is a 15% crit rate with 125% crit damage. I hate the Knave at the start of the game. After some levels are thrown into the crit skills, this class really starts to gain power and becomes the complete replacement for the Shinobi. Now that they are upgraded, the skill "Mist Form" is available: Turn invisible, which for some reason makes you immune to all damage except regular spikes. 5 MP to activate and 14 MP a second.

Barbarian King/Queen (upgraded Barbarian) - Low-damage tanks, they do 75% damage and have half mana, but have a very high HP pool at 150%. This class isn't really my style, but they can take a lot of abuse. Now that they are upgraded, they can shout away all enemies and projectiles on the screen for 20 mana (even boss projectiles).

Dragon (no class upgrade) - Everyone loves to hate this class. It has 40% HP (lower than even the miner) and 25% Mana, but regenerates 8 mana/second. The class is unique because of permanent flight and no melee attack. Damage upgrades as well as flight/jump runes are useless. What it needs is magic damage to boost its attack, a short-range fireball. I find this class has neither the range nor the damage to be of much use. You could use the flight to defeat some bosses, but there are classes who do a better job. It is the only class without an upgrade.

Hokage (upgraded from Shinobi) - A powerful early-game class that tapers off later. He hits for 175% damage on every swing and moves at an accelerated speed, but he cannot crit and has poor HP and MP. For the purposes of boss-killing at low levels, I choose this class almost exclusively. Now that they are upgraded, they can replace themselves with a log while they teleport a short distance forward. I haven't found much use for this skill.

Lich King/Queen (upgraded from Lich) - Tanky caster that starts off weak (35% HP) but gets a permanent HP boost for each kill (there is a cap of 100%). They also can get a unique spell which homes in on multiple enemies room-wide. Now that they are upgraded, they can instantly convert their max HP to max MP permanently (cap of 200%). This is a one-way conversion that can reduce HP as far as 1 if you want.

Paladin (upgraded Knight) - All-around class that I always find useful. Unlike all the other classes, their stats have been left unchanged so they do 100% damage and have normal health and mana. Now that they are upgraded, they have two special skills. The first is the ability to block all incoming damage aside from direct boss hits for 25 mana. The other, a statue attack referencing Mario 3.

Spellsword (upgraded from Spellthief) - Reduced strength, HP and dramatically reduced mana pool but a bad-ass innate ability: every enemy they hit gives them back 30% of their damage as mana. Providing you can get a swing every now and then, this class has unlimited mana. They don't visibly hold their sword, but summon one for regular attacks instead. Now that they are upgraded, they have access to the empower ability: any spell they have can be cast for twice the damage and projectile size at twice the MP cost.

Spelunker/Spelunkette (upgraded from Miner) - Has 50% strength and mana, 75% health, in exchange for gaining 30% more gold. That sounds alright on paper, but it DOES NOT take into account other gold boosting skills, equipment or NG+ bonuses. Now that they are upgraded, they have the ability to see every chest and unique room on the map. They also can drain mana to use a headlamp, slightly improving sight in dark areas.

All classes have been encountered!

Axe - Straight from Castlevania, the axe arcs upwards and then falls fast. 15 mana.

Blade Wall - A large, unmoving sword is placed in front of you for a few seconds that damages and stops enemies who run into it. Generally not too impressive, but can be strategically placed. 15 mana.

Chakram - Like the cross from Castlevania, it flies forward for a brief period and then turns around and comes the other direction. 15 mana. Don't touch it, or it is deleted.

Conflux - Causes spiked balls to bounce around the room for a surprisingly long time. An expensive spell, it has situational uses (numerous enemies) but is generally not too impressive for 30 mana. Don't touch them, or they are deleted.

Crow Storm - Expensive (40 mana, damn) but effective: summons a crow for each enemy in the room, and hits them all once. A lich-exclusive spell.

Dagger - Throws a weak dagger straight forward. Another cookie-cutter sub-weapon straight from castlevania. Cannot go through walls, and is the cheapest offensive spell at 10 mana.

Dragon Fire - The dragon-exclusive spell and also their only means of attacking. For 15 mana, they shoot a short-ranged fireball.

Flame Barrier - Rotating shield of fire with a channeled mana cost. A very powerful and expensive spell.

Quantum Translocator - First use sets up a location, second use teleports the heir back to that location. Useful for evading, and only 5 mana. Exclusive to the Shinobi & Knave.

Scythe - Shoots two projectiles, one at an angle upwards and the other forwards, that can go through walls. Not a bad sub-weapon for 15 mana.

Time Stop - Freezes everything, even bosses, and consumes mana rapidly while active. Won't protect you from damage taken by ramming into things.

All spells have been encountered!

All traits have been encountered!

Entry #1: Treason! An assassin has wounded my father, the king! To bring order back to the kingdom, he has sent my siblings and I on a quest to save him. Together, we will venture into the cursed woods and enter Castle Hamson. This cursed castle has stood on the edge of the woods since time immemorial, but rumors say that within it dwells an item which will cure any ailment. Tonight I will get a head-start over my brothers and sisters, and set forth on my quest while they lay asleep. To fail this quest would be an embarrassment to my name.

Entry #2: Although I am the eldest child, I am not my father's favorite. I have always known he planned to leave me with nothing. But if I find the cure, everything will change. The victor will earn nothing less than the throne upon his passing! Upon my ascension, my wife and children shall move back into the royal quarters. Back to the royal city, where we once again will be treated with the respect we deserve!

Entry #3: I have paid my dues, and entered the castle proper. That devil Charon has taken all that I own as payment. He has even pilfered my private coffers! I left my wife and children with nothing. He says it's the price for any and all who hazard the depths of the castle. He says it is fair. It is fair because of all who have entered, none have returned. But I will change that. I will be victorious! There is no greater swordsman than I, even amongst my siblings.

Entry #4: Everything about this castle is off. I can't seem to keep track of my headings, and there is no sun or stars to guide me. I find myself backtracking constantly, and I must painstakingly map out my progress lest I go in circles. The maps I have pilfered off the corpses of other adventurers are breathtakingly inaccurate. It is almost as if they were describing a different castle altogether! Perhaps this place does something to the mind... Or are the stones truly shifting beneath my feet?

Entry #5: I cannot exit through the front gate, but that is of little concern. I am committed to my cause and will not back out! So far none of the maps I've found coincide with my own. Yet upon comparing them as a whole, I believe I have unearthed a slight pattern. It seems the forest is always to the right; the tower above... And below? Well, hopefully I won't have to find out.

Entry #6: I have never liked the dark. I prefer to meet my enemies on an open field in plain sight. But now I find myself braving these darkened gallows with one gauntlet outstretched, the other by my hilt. I can never tell what horror lies beyond each corner. I am the greatest swordsman in all the lands, yet even I am having trouble keeping these demons at bay. My siblings should be grateful that I rushed ahead of them. For them it was a blessing in disguise. They would not have the fortitude to survive these halls.

Entry #7: It is still night. Past every window stares back the same melancholic moon, but I swear I have been here for at least a whole waking day. It must be the adrenaline. I have never felt so powerful, yet simultaneously challenged. It is exhilarating to charge through these rooms, cutting down enemy after enemy. In some ways the foes in this castle feel tailored to me. Training me, guiding me, watching me. This may sound crazy, but if this castle can somehow sense those within it, I fear it may hold malicious intent as well. If my assumptions are correct, the design of these halls could all be a ploy, culling me down further into a trap. I must stay alert.

Entry #8: From the number of dead adventurers I have passed in these halls, I have come to the following conclusions: 1: Many did not take enough provisions with them. I assume many died of hunger. I myself am running low and will have to find more supplies. 2: Many are missing clothes, which explains the pant-wearing zombies. 3: No one has made it as far as I, since I haven't passed any corpses in over an hour.

Entry #9: The door to the throne room is driving me mad! Beyond it lies the king's salvation, and my reward, but it stands silent in the middle of the castle foyer, taunting me. I've tried pushing it, kicking it, yelling "Open Sesame", but nothing works. There are icons emblazoned into the doors, and one of them looks like a beast I avoided deeper in the castle. Perhaps there is some sort of correlation?

Entry #10: The emblems on the castle door are a clue! I slew the giant beast that matched one of the icons, and I sensed something shift behind the throne room doors. As if in a dream, I could see an emblem on the door glowing in my mind's eye. A truly out of body experience. At least I know I'm on the right track. But I must hasten my pace, for the king could succumb to his injuries at any moment... But first I must rest. Tomorrow, I enter the forest.

Entry #11: This forest is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It is both serene and terrifying. I stand on lush grass, but beside me yawns open a chasm so wide and deep, it threatens to swallow me whole. I still have not heard a response from the rock I tossed in earlier. A single misstep, and my descent would be eternal. It is truly a horrifying thought. An eternity of darkness is more frightening than any beast I have fought thus far. If I fell, what would kill me first? The hunger, or myself? On a side note, I am now using the forest fissure as my own personal lavatory. I wonder if I am pooping into another dimension...

Entry #12: I have found a solution to my hunger problem. The forest holds an endless bounty of delicious mushrooms. And within these mushrooms lie chicken legs! Also gold coins, and vials of sparkling water. I broke open a tree trunk earlier, and a bag of money fell out. Sometimes I feel like I have gone insane... Plus, what is up with the moon? It's HUGE!

Entry #13: I slew the beast of the forest, and I have felt the throne room weaken once more. So far my assumptions have proven correct. Each wing of the castle houses its own guardian beast. Was this designed as a test of will? If so, then I cannot fail, for the further I venture, the more bold I become! Tomorrow I scour the tower. I am on a roll.
Entry #14: I have been methodically clearing the demons in these rooms in my quest to slay the next guardian, but I am losing track of time... and other things... As I entered the tower, I felt time stand still. Or perhaps that is the vertigo talking? I was never keen on heights... or was I? I am finding it increasingly difficult to remember my past...

Entry #15: I remember being a famous adventurer. My martial prowess surpassed all of my brothers. That, I am sure of. While they spent their days buried in their bookish studies, I was out killing brigands and monsters. I always wondered why my father favoured them over me? Isn't it always the opposite in fairy tales? Fortune favors the bold. Not the insipid intellectual... Or something like that. Man, I would love to see my brothers try to outhink my sword in their face!

Entry #16: What if years have passed since I first entered these walls? It is true that I am becoming more proficient in clearing monsters, but it feels like an age has passed. I have even forgotten what my own kin look like. What if they think I have failed? What if one of my brothers has beaten me to the cure? ...And what if I mistook them for a monster.

Entry #17: I must be going insane. I stumbled across a carnival inside this castle. Complete with a sad clown and everything. He's sort of an ass. But I guess you can't be picky with your friends in a place like this. I'm getting hungry again. Good thing I topped up on chicken legs. I found these in a chandelier. This castle... Sometimes i wonder if it's all just a big joke.

Entry #18: I have bested the beast of the tower, and once again I could feel the throne room give up some of its power. The rush I feel from this victory is intoxicating! Never have I felt to confident, so powerful, so... at home. Just a little further and I will be able to earn my reward. I'm so close! I will make my father proud!

Entry #19: I have been standing outside the dungeon gate for longer than I care to admit. My courage has finally been sapped, for I have spied the monsters below, and they make my previous struggles laughable in comparison. I must steel myself. I must focus. There is so little light down there, I fear that I may lose myself.

Entry #20: I thought I knew what darkness was, but here in the dungeon, the darkness has a voice. It calls to me through grates, and around corners. It taunts me. The darkness is so thick, it is almost tangible, and the beasts here have made it their home. They move swiftly through the corridors, and are more terrifying than anything I've fought before. I must be prudent and choose my battles carefully. being confrontational now may cost me my life.

Entry #21: I have done it! I have defeated the dungeon's master! All that remains is to enter the throne room. After this, the king will honor me for my valor and acknowledge me as rightful successor to the throne! Not my faceless siblings!

Entry #22: I sit here making my final preparations. All that lays between me and the lord of this castle is the golden doors. There is a nervousness in my body that I cannot quell. Is it fear, or fearcitement? All I know is that my journey is finally reaching an end. I have almost forgotten why I entered this castle in the first place, but I remember now. I have bested my siblings, I will save the king, and leave this castle a greater man then when I entered. My family will get the honor they so rightfully deserve. Now, I enter the throne room.

Entry #23: I never knew what treasure lay in this castle. I knew only that it would cure the king. Who could have suspected it would be the fountain of youth? I expected a monster to greet me at the dias; a foe of unimaginable strength. I imagined it would take all my strength to best him. But when I entered the castle and saw my father - the king - sitting atop the dias with goblet in hand, I knew all was lost. he would never die... and I would never be heir. There are no words to express what I feel.

Entry #24: ..................................

Entry #25: Today marks the rest of eternity. I never knew what treasure lay in this castle. Just that it would cure the king of his illness... Who would have known it would have been the fountain of youth? A myth, which grants one eternal life. As I look down on the body of the king I realize that it is inevitable: children will always answer for their father's sins. I entered this castle a swordsman, a savior... But all I have left is a rogue's legacy. I can feel your anger, but know it was not I who sent your family to ruin. The moment the king set foot within this castle, the royal coffers were emptied by Charon. My family - all families - had lost all hope for a better life. And in my mind's eye, I foresaw only desperation and poverty ravage the country. There was nothing for me to go back to. To my children, and my children's children, here I sit, impassive, immortal, and await thee.

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