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Part 10: Invading the Lobster Island

Chapter 8 - Invading the Lobster Island

In our last episode, we endured the tag-teaming fire and water duo of Agni and Rudra! Then, we turned off Devil May Cry 3 and picked up Romancing SaGa 3 to seriously work on this update.

Heading back to either Undine or Volcano will have them send water mages over to Vanguard. I have no idea why Volcano would have water mages at his disposal, but hey I guess it works, right?

The Mayor will greet you with this.

Mayor: A machine made by Orichalcum that can magnify the water magic. Without that, Vanguard can't move! It was stolen. Orichalcum can be sold at a high price.
Katrina: There is only one entrance, right? Would there be someone who knows about the entrance under your feet?
Mayor: Such thing.... I think someone in the city would know.

Let's start with the closest building, being the pub! Once inside, we find these juicy bits of information.

Man: He'll be nervous even just hearing about them.

Old Man: But after the Death Eclipse he earned some quick money and started this shop.

They really do like to give it away, don't they? Head to the Bartender.

Chooooose gossip, and you get this.

Notice him walking away? Do it two more times!

Bartender: The Dophore firm in Yamas. They buy stolen goods as well as other loots.

DOPHORE FIRM! Let's head over to Yamas. Go to the armor shop that was in the middle of the town square, where you helped the Robins defeat the demons.

Greedy piece of crap. After that, he tells us what we need to hear.
Shopkeep: That was snatched by the pirate Black.

Pirates, huh? Well, there's only one town here that really shows any kind of coastal orientation, and also appears to be quite warm and tropical.

Head over to Great Arc and look around. Why did we go here? Well, remember that Jackal the pirate had a red coral earring and it's a warm coastal thing right?

This man here is important!
Katrina: Old man, is there a dolphin in Black's treasure?
Old Man: Yes, even within the whole treasure of Black, it is considered a precious item. But why would you want to know about that dolphin?
Katrina: I need that to move Vanguard. With Vanguard, we can fight against Forneus!
Old Man: Fight Forneus! Well, but I won't tell you the way to get the dolphin.... ( :smith )
Katrina: Are you asking for money?
Old Man: No, just bring me with you.

This man is important. Bring him along! Bring this man who is also known as Herman along nets you a pretty useful formation too!

It vastly increases the strength of Kung Fu in the first position, which means we move Ellen all the way up to the front now.

In this dungeon Herman will guide you through it rather faithfully. Just follow his directions (or memorize them if you do not take him with you) and it will be fine.

Here he means to take the rightmost exit all the way up. The other is I believe a dead end or a trap.

DON'T GO TO THE RIGHT THIS TIME. Let me show you why!

Those demons turn alive and go after you. Heading on back to the left and the dolphin area eventually gets you to this room.

Herman: Think or you won't find them.
For the most part the rooms are easily found, just brush up against most of the walls around here and you'll eventually find yourself in another set of rooms.

You'll see a face around here on the wall. Go up and try and talk to it to light it up so that the door won't close on you.

He's right on this one. I remember it being a dragon but I was quick like a ninja and avoided it.

Again, he's correct. Touching the first treasure chest all the way uip and a bit to the left will spawn three undead. The one you should be looking for is this chest.

this is one of the best maces ever.It has a difficult to learn built in tech that does a ton of damage for a stave.

Eventually you'll get to this room, here. Walk on up and prepare for a BOSS BATTLE OF SERIOUSNESS.

Just kidding. All it took was maybe three area attacks? I don't really remember since I've had this update stashed. After the battle you'll get the dolphin statue and it will all be done. Just head back to Vanguard and run down to the control room.

Vanguard moves!

Herman: Keep going west till the limit of the world!
Katrina: Limit Island....

One of the conveniences you find in this new vanguard is that there is a door in the center of the town that leads directly to the control room! No more dungeon trekking anymore! Let's pay a visit to the lying little brat of a kid.

Kid: Right! This must be a dream, it must be!

I'm getting in my damn smiley quota right here. Now, take a trip via the man in the boat undeneath the town and you find...

A world... of LOBSTERS... Let's go into one of these strange houses and we'll find this sneaky lobster.

Ladudes and Gentlyades, here is the fourth member of our DREAM TEAM, Boston. Boston has excellent stats for Kung Fu AND magic, and he comes with permanate water magic. His normal punch is upgraded in power as well and he gives an amazing formation.

this formation slows you down but increases your defense. It also regenerates based on your max HP after every round.

Lobster( ): It's at H minus 0, L minus 100.

Lobster: We are of the water element, so we cannot fight the dragon.

Sounds serious! Let's go into this super linear cave and see what we can do!

As the name implies, this cave is full of fish and octupi type monsters. It can get pretty hairy later on if you run into a Myst Dragon. They really love wrecking your shit but that should only happen if you are around 700-800 HP and very randomly at that.

The water dragon we are looking for is behind the big horizontal waterfall at the bridge room. Just bump up near the top wall until you pass through an area and you'll see him right here.

The only thing special I remember about this guy is that he regenerates when the field of battle is covered by watery air. The chest he was guarding holds a suit of Magic Beast armor.

It's up to you if you want to keep exploring this cave or not. There are more treasures, but the objective is complete!

Speaking of complete, so is this update! Next time, tune in for The Misadventures of the Jackal.