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Part 11: Fairies and Pain

Chapter 9 - Fairies and Pain

I know I said I was going to cover the Divine Temple, but at this point I'd almost forgotten about our Destined Fifth - the Fairy!

It's a little tricky at first to try and find her, but you need to travel around a lot of towns and hope to find a sign.

This!!! This is the sign!!! This is what we were hoping for!!! I am glad I found it in just one damn visit to a town too!!!

Ahem! Well now, just exit right there where that sign is and you will come across a new area and not the world map. Welcome to the Freak Show!

Attendant: For lovers to take a rest, or a family gathering, drop by! Take a look!

By taking a look, the guy basically means 'see the tents so full of people that you can't see crap'. The people around here have some goofy things to say too, so I guess I'll show you them!

This has to be the most anti-dramatic sick scene ever.

I... Well, I can't explain this just yet. No, it's not or .

What you need to do now is go back to the town after looking through all the tents and finding nothing. Head to the inn and get some sleep... or WILL YOU?

Katrina: Sounds like it's from the exhibition room....

The main objective of this is to check the middle tents, but you can get into an optional battle if you check the other tents. It will attack you when you try to exit a tent.

This dude! He's pretty easy though. It took all of one round. In any case, head to the middle tent and then you will see this.

A fairy! Now, go to the right side of the cage and open it up by trying to talk with it and all.

This is an important thing to do, as you cannot get the Fairy in your party without releasing her of course! Now that it's settled, let us go off to the town of Ake. You can get there from Great Arc.

The people here have some clues for later too! They involve a certain someone...

This is a pretty dead giveaway at this point. There has to be some connection between the Divine Church and Jackal. The only place we can really go to as far as the Divine Church goes is Pidona, however.

Villager: It is now a ruin and is sleeping.
This is a lie.

Prepare for the most painful experience of this entire game. there is a lot of going on here for me to even navigate where I want to. The jungle has some random entrance and exit problems about it and you can wander around aimlessly and be lost.

Why is this a problem? Well, I spent two hours trying to get to the Fairy Village inside of the place and it made me grow in HP about 75 to 100 more for each of my party members, further settling me into the 'overlevelled' category of things. The plus side of this is that I was able to get almost all of the blacksmithing weapons and armor done that didn't require special materials, so I have a bitchin' spear with 38 attack power and a good two-handed sword with 34 attack power.

I'm not even going to go through the details of the jungle because honestly I really don't know about the ins and outs of it. I assume you can follow around butterflies at some point and get through it, but I have literally made it to the fire palace by walking left and right through exits. I found the fire palace three times before finally ending up here.

This piece of shit, the Fairy Village.

Now, you have to run and jump to the left here, otherwise you fall down. I don't advise running on any of the vines around here before there's a chance you will hop off and then fall back down to the ground level. Luckily, this is pretty forgiving here that you land at the tree and not some random section of the jungle, right?

Just meander your way up until you find the green fairy from before. Don't drink any of the tea that fairies offer you because they are drugging you. Also, don't listen to the fairies that tell you to follow any butterflies except for the black ones (possibly dubbed colorless) because they are lying too.

This makes up for it. Fairy is a great ally in this game for melee and bow-using purposes: High Speed, Strength, and Dexterity. Only downsides are being weak to anti air abilities and gale sword moves, and having to wear the fairy scarf shirt all the time. That's about it. Oh, she also regens when the wind element is set in battle.

We also have this useful formation!

This works for the three people in the point, the last two don't get an attack boost. I like to use this formation for normal fights in tandem with Whirlwind now and then. Four of our characters have above average speed so it works well!

Now, let's go out to the world map and keep zooming out until we get to the scroll, here.

It's gonna be boring, but just wait here until nightfall occurs. You will be able to tell when things start turning red.

Just like this! Keep on waiting until you start to see what comes up next.

Motherfuckin' Northern Lights, man!
Let's go back to the normal world map, and head up to where Justerm and Lance reside. You'll find the Aurora Path on the map. Get to it!

All of this glowy magical stuff will happen, and then you will find yourself teleported away!

... . Snowmen. In either case, meander around and check out the various buildings.

You can't talk to any of these guys yet, so just find the bar or whatnot, the building with the stairs down.

Try talking to this guy a few times and you'll get this!

Wait. Where was Katrina trying to touch?

Snowman 2: Hey, we shouldn't move.
Snowman 1: But she is tickling me!
Snowman 3: There's no way to hide it anymore.

Katrina gets ready to beat the... snow... out of the snowmen and then the unthinkable happens.

Yeah, uh... Welcome to the town! It has a free inn and it sells Magic and Tech potions for not very cheap prices.

It's pretty handy and all, but the main reason for coming to this place is to access the Ice Galaxy beyond the resting room.

This room right here. The convenient room of resting restfulness.

Here it be! This is a pretty simple dungeon for the most part. Just run to leap across the gaps in the ice and battle your way through or avoid if you can. It's pretty tightly packed, so I won't hold it against you if you bump into an enemy.

There is a 'mini boss' near the middle of the area, as a monster will be blocking your way through. Defeat it and approach this statue.

If you have the proper inventory space, you will receive the Eternal Ice crystal. Congratulations! You can now recruit your very own snowman to do your evil bidding!

Continue on through this incredibly hard linear area and you'll get to another mini boss, though this one poses more of a threat.


A dragon ruler! This is a grey one so it's not TOO tough, but it's still a decent challenge for most. The normal level of HP required for this guy is around 500 to 550 or so. He's worth the trouble, and if you feel like reloading a save right before fighting him over and over (I didn't) you can nab the best spear in the game from him.

Now, let's see what was behind this not so randomly placed dragon, shall we? Why, it's...


This mother of a weapon is one of the best big swords of the game. It has a unique icon as well as unique slashing animation for its normal attack. It gets a built in area attack that's one of the best in the game. The only drawback is that you are surrounded by a constant cold barrier. This can cancel your turn if it goes off before your action...

But yeah, this is a great find for Katrina. She's usually fast enough that it doesn't matter about the barrier.

I think this is going to be it for now. It's late here and the Divine Temple is a shitton more in-depth than this, so I will save it for later.