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Part 12: This Temple is Simply Divine

Chapter 10 - This Temple is Simply Divine

Now that we've done all of that shitty jungle sidequesting meaningful adventuring, we have to come back to focus now on things. We've heard a lot about Jackal going with strange robed persons, and there's only one area where that really shines and comes to mind: Pidona! Maximus himself has also messed around with Muse's dreams and tried to kill her. The only clues we get were related to Great Arc, and we found Herman there. Maybe he'll know something?

In either case, let us go to the Divine Church building in Pidona. It's above the workshop area.

Robe: Excuse me sir but I must see your photo ID and--
Katrina: I'm not a guy.
Robe: ... carry on.

I do believe I will! Walking through here brings us to a scripted event so long as Herman is with us.

Maximus: He is giving big support to the activities of the Divine Church. Now...
Herman: Wait!

Herman: You are not Maximus! Your name is Jackal!
Man: Jackal! That pirate?
Ludwig: Jackal had committed many crimes. He is put under arrest, but he disguises himself so that no one can find him.

What ace have you got under your sleeve, you crafty old man pirate?

Herman: Also, Jackal's arm has a tattoo that cannot be removed!
Katrina: Let us see your arm!

This truly IS a turnabout courtroom, folks. Let's see what the judge has to say...

With no time for an objection, Maximus simply gives us this response!

He promptly summons two demons and disappears.

Now, where did he go? Check where Maximus was standing and try to go down the table...

The chase is on! This dungeon is pretty short and one-way. There are a few assorted treasures around in the rooms, but the only useful one I found was a Nut shirt which had a fair boost to magic defense as well as normal physical defense.

You'll know you're near the end when you see this guy spazzing around in place at the speed of light. He'll run up and jump you which will initiate a miniboss fight. Now, what's behind him? Is it a sinister hideout?

Nope! It's the slums. Let's check around and see if anyone knows what's going on.

Let's go to the right, then! We'll see what others have to say once there.

After that man! Let's go right once more and talk to the harbor master.

Now, it's not hinted much more after this, but when you get to Librof you are given the location of the Naj Desert as well as information that the Divine Tower is located there. So, let's go to the Naj Desert after talking around in the pub at Librof...

That tower in the distance is the Divine Tower. The objective here is to keep going LEFT to get to the tower and see if we can settle things there with the head honcho of the Divine Church.

Pow! now, let's ask around fora bit before we talk to the merchant up there.

Woman: Join us blah blah blah comrade blah.
Woman 2: East of desert is the Dry River. You can't return once you go down there.
Man: Only church members may enter.

Woman 2 has some important info and she unlocks the endgame areas once you talk to her. Now, you can head out east if you'd like around the point of like 500-600 HP, but you won't be able to return until you complete all of the quests there. Don't worry, as you won't be forced to the endgame. You'll just have to do some difficult quests before getting access back to the world map.

On the plus side, if you have a Big Sword user and have slacked on the blacksmiths, you can buy a Victory Sword and blah blah blah... I'll save the Eastern stuff for laaaaater.

Now, talk to the merchant standing around.

Merchant: In fact, I have a Robe of Divine Church. Want to buy?

This worked in Clock Tower sure, but it was for a dog, and you also got perfume... I don't think it will work on the guard standing right there looking at you.

Well, call me a damn liar then.

Anyway, this place has a lot of dead ends, but they're pretty fairly close so you don't have to backtrack much at all. There's really only one important spot to remember here at first.

When you get up to this floor, head down first and you'll find some stairs to the right going up.

You'll find this man. REMEMBER HIM AS HE IS IMPORTANT. You won't get much use out of him during this event, but trust me you'll see what's up later. In any case, go back downstairs and then take the door up from where the area branched off before.

Remember this spot as well, for now. This will be a shortcut for you later to access a place that will get you to an important place later on. Now, work your way up the tower...

Head through this door and then go straight to the room in the middle. It's where you'll find Tiberius, the leader of the Divine Church who is... surprisingly not mad that you are in here and not really invited.

All-accepting religions, huh?
Tiberius: Maximus? He operates the Pidona Division.
Katrina: But his real identity is the pirate Jackal!
Tiberius: Whether he is a pirate or murderer, the Divine King will deliver those who repent. What Maximus did in the past does not matter today.
Katrina: What if he just uses the church as a cover of his bad deeds? You mean this is fine?
Tiberius: If this is true, he should be judged in his presence.



Tiberius: Maximus! This tower belongs to the Divine King. You can't do that!
Maximus: Divine King? No need for such a brat. I can rule the world myself. Using the monsters, I will collect all the Holy King's relics!
Tiberius: Maximus...
Katrina: Where is he? If we don't defeat the monsters, we can't search for him.

So there we have it! The first part of the drama unfolds and we head up to the roof in short order. Again, lots of dead ends but they don't detract from the exploration too much, if at all. Head up all the way to the roof via the stairs and you'll fight a series of battles and then another miniboss.

A Red Dragon! He's a bit tough if you come here with around 600 or so HP if I remember, as he likes to use Flame often. Remember to heal and pack some fire protection if you're going in early. Me? I was so overlevelled I stomped his ass in like two or three rounds.

Once this is done, head all the way back down. Tiberius will be as useless as ever though I do believe if you do not have a full party he will offer to join you for this venture. He's not a bad party member really, pretty handy with earth and sun magic just like Fullbright, but less capable melee wise.

In either case, head down to the place that was guarded before.

Head through here now that you can. You'll find this!

A big staircase that goes on forever, but it leads you all the way back to the ground floor which is where you need to go.

You'll spot an elevator, but you can't do anything with it right now. Go out of the door and look at this dude to the right here.

As you approach now, you'll get into a fight!

From now on anything to the right is pretty much an enemy in disguise. You need to head up and avoid all of the doors and go down the stairs that will be too the left.

It's a one way path down once you've gone down the stairs. Head to this door and you'll fight an enemy here and get to the switch.

You will have to leave a party member here to have them stay on the switch.

Once that is done (they will take the sixth party member slot) head back to the main room elevator which will now be opened!

Run through and you will get to this room.

The blocked door will give you a hint that you need to find another switch to have pressed down. Head up the stairs to the left and go outside.

Go to this door! The others are dead ends. Once inside you'll have to fight another enemy and leave a party member at the switch. It's a good time now to set a formation for your party before heading on. The next areas don't have very avoidable monsters.

Go back to the now opened up formerly-blocked door.

Once you are here you can go down to get a life element and continue further along in the dungeon, or you can take the left door and go up some stairs for 1000G and a Sorcerer Armor. In either case, head down the stairs once you've collected treasure.

You'll go on a pretty linear path for a few rooms and then you'll find a treasure chest with a Soft in it and stairs going up.

Above this is a treasure chest with a salve 2. Take the doorway to the upper right and you'll be here.

To the left is a room with a life cane in it. Equip this on Fullbright right away for some WP version of healing if you need it. Life canes are also handy later on for being able to sacrifice the item to heal your party. Either way, get the chest and then go down the stairs...

You'll go into a scripted event that will make you lose another party member here. For me, it was Herman.

Head down the stairs to the left and collect an M Potion 3 if you want before going to the door to the right. There will be more stairs downwaaaaaaaaards.

The area on the lower left leads to a Rune Staff and a Remedy, as far as treasures go. The way to the lower right has a chest for a salve 3 in the doorway, and the continuing path down via the stairs.

Enemies block the path off to continuing the dungeon, while there is a Will Spear in the room below you. There will be a barrier stone to the right in this room with the three robes.

Another scripted event here. You'll lose another party member and will be with just you and one other.

The Staircase on the right contains a chest with 3000G inside, and the staircase on the left will carry you on further through the dungeon.

This is the final room, and it is also where you will lose your final party member. Don't be afraid! Press on and you will find the bastard you've been looking for.

Hello, Maximus. Ready for a healthy dose of ?

Before you fight Maximus if you wish to have immediate access to the Holy King items, free up at least eight slots in your inventory just to be on the safe side. The items aren't wholly lost, but it is annoying to backtrack to the storage room in Pidona.

Boss Battle - Maximus
I went through the normal way this time to show you all of what happens when the battle lasts for as long as it is SUPPOSED to last.

I will also show you what happens when you come here at the power level I did.

Holy shit I actually completed this update. It only took me three days of making screenshots and forgetting my own directions.