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Part 5: Everyone Needs a Superhero

Continuing on because I want to get this small segment out of the way so more interaction can occur. I feel like I've been mean to you all, you know?

Chapter 3 - Everyone Needs a Superhero

When last we left our heroine, she was being told that someone wanted to meet Thomas! Going into that room, we find...

Fullbright! Who is not this guy:

Katrina: The Fullbright firm! The one who helped the Holy King...
Fullbright: He's my ancestor Fullbright the 12th. Our families are deeply related. Well, we can talk about that later. ( )

Katrina: How could you know those kinds of things?
Fullbright: It's my job, information is the most important thing. I do anticipate your ability, but I wonder if you want to help me with my job? It's a pretty difficult job.

Choosing to listen here opens up the chance to do the Merchant Minigame and the option to recruit Fullbright no matter how that minigame turns out.

Fullbright: As the number of companies increases, the firm becomes big.
Fullbright: I'd like you to operate a new company. You may wonder why I don't do it, well, listen first.

Fullbright: There were various companies joining their firm. When the Claudius family fell, the groups were scattered. Recently, a suspicious group is pointing its finger to those companies. I can't confront them directly in this situation.
Fullbright: So please start a firm and make these companies join your firm. Would you accept the job?

Fullbright: There are people handling the information of these companies. To expand your company, go get information from them.
Fullbright: The host here is also one of these people. You can talk to him first.

A secret set of people who hide their identity until they know you are a businessperson yourself? Using business to fight evil? Crazy!

Well, I guess it HAS been done before...

Fullbright tells us to do our best before heading off. This is where I may be disappointing folks but I am going to save the Merchant Minigame for another time after I am done with Katrina's story. I will complete it or try my best to show you how, but it's a matter of the screenshots messing up because of the hi res text.

Either way, what I did was talk to the host and then gave up on the merchant game. Now, we go here:

Then to this shop down here:

The door by the shopkeep was normally locked, but inside we find this man!

Huzzah! Fullbright joins us. He is an excellent user of Sun and Earth magic, and he's not too bad with staves/maces himself. He even comes with a good weapon, the Twister staff.

Next on our agenda is heading to Yamas to witness its own story. Let's head into the building at the harbor.

Man: These herbs are ingredients for drugs.
Other Man: That's why we pay you! Calm down. No one will actually see us!

Suddenly, heroic music plays!

Wait, what? Robin?

Can it be?!

Oh, okay. It's just a Zorro lookalike.
Robin: Getting big money on top of other people's health and mind won't be forgiven!
Other Man: Damn, Robin again!?

The man takes off...

Robin: Who is the owner of your ship?
Man: It's Do...Dophore firm.
Robin: Of course....

Robin and the man split.

Katrina: Robin.... Who can he be?

Head into town, but don't go too far.

Sneak your way into this house for another scandalous picture!

Woman: Money is fine. My grandmother is asleep, so let's go outside.
Dophore #2: Fine, we'll help carrying your grandmother!
Woman: Stop it!
Dophore #2: Don't be so shy. Ha ha. ( )

Dophore #1: Shit, it's Robin! Run!
Woman: R.. Robin!
Robin: It's okay now, old lady. They won't get close a second time.
Old Lady: Thank you very much

Robin: I just want you all to be happy. That is enough. Farewell!

Here comes a line that every main character says, but doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Now, head over to this weapon shop, and once again avoid Tatyana! Go inside, take a look around and then head back outside. You'll see this stuttering fellow.

Stutterer: Besides, they are trading narcotic drugs, something which even the Holy King forbid! And the worst is that they ally with monsters!
Dophore Guy: Hey! What are you talking about!


Lady: Come quickly, Robin! They are killing Lime!
Katrina: Won't Robin come? So it's my turn!

Katrina moves to get ready with the , but she is stopped!

Something doesn't look right...

Lady 2: Ah! Robinnnn!
I guess nobody else notices

What follows next is probably the most violent-yet-not scene in Square ever.

Hey, wait. Watch our for that...


Next you will see the amazing justice system in place.

Beard: Then he as guilty as charged.

Beard:Well, before that will you show us your real face?
Lady: Robin....
Sailor: How can this be....

Suddenly, laughter brings about a big right here!

Robin: Here I come!

Beard: Sh...shit, how can this be! There are two Robins!? Then I have no choice! Masters, please!

This next part can be kind of fun. If you have four party members or less, Robin and Fat Robin will join you both to fight off the enemies summoned. Sometimes this is good because you can use the help, sometimes it is bad because the game will send something much too powerful for you to fight.

This is what happened about ten times before I got a decent recording.

Robins Versus the Demons

That's it for now! There's a lot more that has to be done in this game, and for now I want you to suggest what you'd like to see! Shall I check out the highwaymen on the road to Yamas if they are still there, or perhaps the cave of sacrifice in Kidlanto? Maybe even the forests of Zweig where there is rumored to be a mad scientist there...