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Part 7: Rats of Unusual Numbers, and demonic Sleep Aids

Chapter 5 - Rats of Unusual Numbers, and demonic Sleep Aids

Last we left off, we were in Zweig catching some z's after that amazingly difficult trek through the Western Forest, gathering up the lost animals for the professor.

Now, Paul mentioned something about Kidlanto. Let's go see if he's back! (he's not)

Oh well, let's go talk around and see what's up! Maybe the mayor has something for us.

Mayor: You guys, would you please exterminate the monsters. You will receive our deepest gratitude.

I don't know if I can trust a man who talks only with periods. No sir.
Katrina: Leave it to me.
Mayor: Well then, let's go immediately.

Monsters in a cave... Monsters in a cave... Hi ho a deedly-o monsters in a cave! There is nothing suspicious about this.

Wait, what the hell? The entrance is being sealed off!

Mayor: Beat the monsters and I'll open it.
Katrina: You were plotting this from the beginning!
Mayor: Did you say something? I can't hear that! Please try your best for our town.
Katrina: Open it!

And now we begin our trek through Dumb Cave. It's not very long but some of the normal enemies can be annoying as there are a lot of insect types here. I'll post a brief little map to where you need to go as far as important exits are concerned.


Head up through the door there, make your way further up until you get to this entryway down.

Go on left avoiding enemies if you feel like it, and head through this door on your left.

Cruise your way up stairs (in caves) and keep going until you get to a room here where the music stops.

Walk on up and prepare for some minor creep factor thing.

Rat baaaaaaaaattle! You can't win this fight unless you are severely overpowered. Just hit the r button to bring up the run option and escape.

Katrina: I'll surely be eaten by the rats.... Somehow I have to get out of here.

What do you do, you ask? Well, you can wander around the cave. I'm not sure if there are any treasures to be had and this place is fairly annoying with insect type monsters. Just head on back the way you came and inspect the covered entrance where the mayor told you to F off.

Voice: Who is in there? Still alive?
Katrina: Yeah, I'm alive.
Voice: Wait, I'll open it now.

Who just helped us? Why, it's none other than...

Katrina: Why do you help us?
Nina: My lover left on a journey to become an adventurer Thinking of this, I can't sacrifice adventurers even if it is to save a town....
Katrina: He must be a nice guy. His name is?
Nina: Paul.
Katrina: Paul!

Nina: Paul. Paul. Paul. Paul.
Katrina: Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul!
Nina: Eh, you know him? Where is he? Is he healthy? What is he doing?
Katrina: .... He is fine. ( ) He said he will return to his hometown Kidlanto soon.
Nina: Really? Paul is coming back!! Thank you. Ah, if you need anything, I will be glad to help.

So much for those damn rats.

For now, let's head back to Pidona! I'm curious to see how Sharl and Muse are doing with all of those annoying kids around them.

Everyone seems to have a fetish for Muse sleeping.

Sharl: Muse drank the secret Dream Devil Medicine. Anyone who drinks it will fall asleep and dream. And, his consciousness will be grabbed by the Dream Devil.

Dream Devil...?


Sharl: By drinking this.

I don't recommend just sitting by and waiting. Go in and help Sharl because this is the best place to level up and master techs to get strong enough for the mid game.

Katrina: I'm ready.

You now choose other people to go with you and help in the dungeon. Make sure to choose your main character otherwise again you won't be able to participate in the dungeon. I chose to leave out Sara because bows are not part of my final group makeup just yet.

Bottoms up!

Welp, that's it for the LP guys. Just kidding!

Of course! It can't always be too easy, unless you're Charlie from Street Fighter Alpha.

Walking around here brings us to this stupid wavy blurry image crap.

This is the only enemy you will fight here. It's annoying at first with an area sleep status and an area hypnotize, but eventually you will learn (and master) the hypnotize evade, so you can give it to everyone.

They drop this item every time they die, too. It is a FULL PARTY heal. Complete Hp/Tp/Mp/Lp heal.

Wander around in the dungeon and you'll find either various treasure rooms or dead end bedrooms. It can be a little random but make sure to pick this item up.

This is a GREAT item. It doesn't have a lot of defense, but it is one of the holy King's treasures. It will fix Sharl's junky stats because if you remember he has 5 strength and 3 dexterity, right? This bumps those up to 21 and 16, making him a powerhouse.

The other effect it does is great. If you have two of the same type of weapon equipped and use a skill, you will strike with one weapon and do the tech with the other. You will also attack twice in one turn if you just normal attack. I don't remember if this is affected by shields. I'm poor as shit right now in this game and can't afford a shield.

Now, one of these rooms will lead you to a bunch of women sitting at a table. Talk to this one who will disappear. This will let you proceed on further through the dungeon for some reason. This Dream World is a little... weird.

Once downstairs, make sure to go into this room, too.

It'll lead you to another table room where you talk to the same woman and then go back outside. You'll appear where you were before, so just go on to the left then go up the stairs. If you are lucky, you will find...

Muse: Sharl....
Katrina: Muse!
Muse: How can you get here? This dream is controlled by the Dream Devil. I shouldn't be able to call for help....
Katrina: We have also drunk the medicine of the Dream Devil.
Muse: Oh! For my sake.... You risk your lives.... This, this is not my own battle any more. We must defeat the Dream Devil and wake up.

It is a bad idea to just jump right into this fight. Muse is really weak and wno't be able to survive normally. I take a good long time t abuse Muse's ridiculously weird tech learning aspects (and crappy mastering rates) to acquire some decent spear skills and shove Sharl into the back line for now to train Muse.

About an hour later we get this hunky piece of stattage:

Continuing on back to the door where Muse was standing leads us into the chambers of this guy, here.

Muse: Father...
Muse's Father?: Sharl, let's fight together.
Sharl: Sir Clemens....

Not pictured here is Katrina slapping them both to wake them up. You know what this means!


Muse makes this fight really easy because of a gimmick. I've prepared another video for you all too!


This brings an end to another exciting chapter of Romancing SaGa 3. I Just need to wrap up the rat situation and go back to Ward to talk about the job proposal he has to open up a few more fun scenarions!