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Part 9: Before the Abyss Gates, There Were Prerequisite Quests

Chapter 7 - Before the Abyss Gates, There Were Prerequisite Quests

Hey, you remember Johannes? Remember how his family was burned because of the Death Eclipse and predictions? Let's go see if he has any info. Off to Lance we go!

No, I didn't ask about her. I asked about the Abyss Gates! Suddenly, her brother comes down from his sleep to give you a whole lot of

Johannes: My father made observations about the stars before the eclipse. When I compare the result after the eclipse, I find gaps forming between the stars.

Johannes: As seen in the ancient documents, the power of the gate can move the stars off their positions. The gap is small, as the power of the gate is still weak. But the Abyss power that flows through the gate is causing chaos to this world.

Johannes: The Devil Lords in the Abyss are probably trying to make the gate bigger. Thus we must close the gates as soon as possible.

Johannes: According to legend, the location of the gates are as followed:

Byunei's gate is in Mount Tafton in Loanne.
Aunas' gate is in the jungle to the south.
Forneus' gate is in the west ocean.
And Arakes' gate is in the Devil Palace at Pidona.

Johannes: This is from my research on astrology and ancient scripts.

Asking about the Abyss gate unlocked even more for us to ask about! Let's see what we can find about the strongest spells.
Anna: The Holy King handed down four strongest spells. But the power of the Devil Lords through the Abyss gates blocks the use of these spells.

Basically, once you beat a Devil Lord, you can come back to Anna here to buy the ultimate spell of the demons' respective element.

Byunei = Wind, Auna = fire, Forneus = Water, Arakes = Earth.

Now, let's ask about Multitechs, even though I'm not even using them or in the correct mode TO use them.

Anna: There seems to exist magics which requires three different magicians to cast. I don't know about the details though.

There are spell scrolls in each Abyss Gate dungeon contaniing a multitech spell which hold various awesome effects. I'll get more into it on another playthrough if I decide to showcase Commander Mode with someone like Sara.

Now, let's ask about the Aurora!

Anna: It seems to come close tonight.

This is important later! This means we win and didn't mess up with helping out Wood at the Ice Lake. For now, though, we need to head to the town that's closest to the ocean: Vanguard!

We are introduced to this couple as we enter the city through the world map, and not through a ship. Not pictured is something looking out near the window to them, and the man going to investigate while the woman just goes 'Washroom?'

Also not pictured is the man being dragged in.

She is also murdered and then it fades to black. Now, we can go visit the room and it is important that we do so. We will find this cheery scene awaiting us.

Classy. Classy. Now, let's see what the random NPCs have to say...

Only one way to turn this game to nightfall without it being Podol.

Thanks for telling me that this town is a lie.

Going to the inn gets us this cutscene!

Fade to black, and then...

Poor Fullbright. He just couldn't hold it all in!

Again, another fade to black before the most inappropriate line yet!

I'm not making a video of this. The boss music plays but these guys die in one Firecracker.

After this, we go to the mayor of this town to see if he has anything useful to say about the fact that we were attacked.

Not pictured is the awkward pauses Katrina makes, trying to Shatner it up.
Katrina: The Holy King made Vanguard to battle Forneus, right?
Mayor: I wonder... if it's still possible... You will help for sure?

Don't ask for money. Greed counters in this game are bad news.

Mayor: I don't know.
Katrina: So, we must find that out first.

Finding this out is relatively simple. Just go back inside and talk to the mayor.

Mayor: What? Oh, is there something?

What follows is the most non-confusing dungeon ever. There are some places where there's a trap floor that lets you fall down and get ambushed by about eight monsters of a certain type, but that's about it. The treasures are meh.

Eventually, we find ourselves here.

Hit the green switch above the dolphin layout on the floor to turn on all the lgihts. Now, exit the now empty dungeon of monsters where somehow the mayor stores his 'pocket money'.

Mayor: I heard that the mages are stationed in Moses.

On to Moses! We go into the top version of the town first and find this bit of

Alright... Now, head inside the big building where you'll be stopped by the mages and forced into a battle.

Just to let you all know this is a throwback to Romancing SaGa. The Three Minions of Saruin used a Triangle Formation like this one. However, these guys die easily. We are told to stop and then.

We meet Undine!
Undine: But your skill is wonderful. I have been looking for such strong people. I'd like you to defeat the magician of the south, Volcano.

Answer yes, and she gives us money. You can now run around upstairs in her place. Mess with the teleporters until you get to the center treasure room. A Witch's eye awaits and a set of Lake armor does too! I believe the Witch's Eye is used in a nice 34 attack power sword from the blacksmiths in Pidona, but since I am not using normal swords it doesn't carry much use.

Let's go to South Moses and visit the pub for some information.

Bartender: ...something in the Dead Man's Well.

Grim situation, huh? Either way, let's head to Volcano's place. The same scenario happens where you are attacked by easy enemies and Volcano volunteers you to go kill Undine. Accept his offer and then go back outside. Head north to the fire mage blocking the path and he will move away for you.

Talk to the two mages in front of the well to get them to move away, then go into this well here.

This dungeon is fairly straightforward like the last one, with only one minor trick to it. There's a ton of undead and slimes, so be careful where you go in case you get into a fight with enemies being immune to kung fu or mace weapons. I had it happen a couple of times.

There's a hidden door around the area with the stairway down and the door up. Check the upper left wall to push on through to the guardian here.

This battle rules for area attacks. Keep spamming them and the enemy will fall. You'll get the Devil King's Shield for your efforts.

Now, what happens when we head out of here?

Boss Fight - Extreme Tagteaming

That fight is one of my favorites, next to the Zweiger. It's usually more interesting without a super powered party. The general idea is to kill Undine first because, well, she does have the chance to heal and she lowers your hit accuracy.


Katrina lays down the law, here.

With that, my update is complete! Next up: Old-ass pirates and Kung Fu Lobsters.