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Part 1: The Birth of a Hot Lover

The Birth of a Hot Lover

Let's get this party started

Of course, we'll skip nothing.


Okay, right off the bat you can see what I meant by the writing being anime. I'd hit the emote cap pretty fast if I would try to emulate this. And fuck inserting a bunch of little images.

Anyway, this is Lucitta, a demon-girl and our introduction tool. She's also a super-secret girl hidden in the game.

"By the way~ Could you answer couple of questions?(You better or ELSE!)"

In true JRPG fashion, she asks us a few mysterious questions. Also, the text in brackets is a common style in this game, often indicating an inner monologue. I was under the impression that your answers slightly influence the relations to the three girls you start the game with. Since that is not important, I answered whatever I felt like. But it turns out that I was wrong, as vilkacis told me. It's no big loss though, as the rewards from the question are of minor impact. But I still list them under the choices I made.

"First question: When your party is surrounded by enemies, your first action is?"

+1 Mind and Attack

"2nd question: As you just arrived to a new town, where you prefer to go first?"

+1 Mind and Defence

"Alrighty then! Here's the 3rd one: Do you travel for reasons or just for fun?"

Learn Meditation, +1 HP and Defence, equip Survival Knife, Leather Armour, and Bandanna

Meditation isn't the best skill to get here, but it's good enough.

"Yoshi! (OK) That's about it. I'll be somewhere in this game. Try if you can find me, hmhm. *nod*"

The text will often include the translation of a Japanese phrase in brackets. But it's pretty inconsistent and some words get used a whole lot, so I'll take some leeway with that.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Please choose which way you prefer to start the game."

Skip nothing.

"Roger!! This includes the opening introduction & the game theme song. You won't regret it! Well... time to go. See ya in the game, good luck!"

Cue generic JRPG plot.

Some of this is actually important for later, but it basically boils down to - Big evil does evil things, till good savior rises and beats it. Then the world is happy and safe for ever. Or is it?!

Afterwards we land on this screen.

You can actually choose from three different theme songs, with mostly different animations. Go nuts if you want, but I think "Heroes" is the best.

Welp, after all of that we can finally get into the game!

come on

A small village located at northeastern part of Factoria Continent. Lavas Ville.

The text highlights certain things, so I'll also do that when it makes sense.

This young swordsman is Ryle Laster. He is the main hero of this game.

"I better get going.... (Won't do any good hanging around here for all day.)"

"(And I should say farewells to everyone.) It's gonna be a long trip."

"Oh, I almost forgot about this Beginners' Guide I got from Shisho (Mentor). (I don't like to read though...)"

Yeah, fuck books and go on adventures!

Well, now we're in control so let's look at the basics.

The game uses a pretty simple menu which I really shouldn't have to explain. It has been around since for fucking ever.

Ryle is pretty much your average swordfighter hero. Good damage, speed and some beef. He'll become pretty powerful, but not a real powerhouse. He starts with two skills. A buff for himself and a sword strike that also has a chance to make enemies lose a turn in combat. His gear isn't really worth mentioning, and most of the descriptions aren't funny or interesting at all.

Let's take a look at that Beginners' Guide.

Let's skip that first point.

- The main characters other than the hero are all girls and each girl has different feelings about the hero. So it is up to the player to decide which one of them the hero will end up with.

- For more information about how to enhance the relationship with the girls, please refer to the magazine, Hot Lover.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be a horndog.

Since we don't have that magazine, let's check the last point.

Duh, this is basic RPG conduct.

Actually, let's rummage through our own bookshelf.

"Oh! What a mess!"

"(Huh? It's...?)"

While the first item is another tutorial, the second is the only way to exactly know how all your relationships look. Real easy to miss such an important thing. I'll explain the relationship details in the second update though. For now, let's learn how to be a Hot Lover!

Flipped the pages of Hot Lover to Chapter1, "Strategy on getting CHICKS".

- Next, by increasing the Attraction, your relationship with that girl becomes better and she'll act more friendly and intimate.

- Higher the Attraction of the girl, better the chance for you to reach an happy ending!

- If the Attraction of any girl is too low, the game might be over! So be careful.

I actually never had that happen.

- Now, let me coach you how to reach the happy endings!

I'm going to abbreviate this as it's not that funny.

You'll gain attraction points for solving puzzles or finishing dungeons with the girls, or by triggering a variety of world or plot events. You can also gain single points for fighting a gazillion battles with the same girls. Attraction builds rather rapidly in some sections and there is a helpful item in the late game. So yeah, attraction is easy to gain and having all the endings open is not hard at all.

Progress Events are just a fancy name for scenes that you can trigger with the girls. This often depends on location and relation, or even on items. These scenes will usually have a choice in them, and you get a neat boost from doing the right things. Honestly, there is a good deal of stuff for each girl that you can trigger during the game. I'm not going to show the things we miss though. Sorry, but I'm not insane.

Also that's enough tutorial-crap for now, let's head out!

Ryle's village only has three other houses and is very boring. So let's just cut to the chase.

Told ya about the spelling.

"Yes, I have to pretty Pressi~ *nod*"

"Will you come home soon? Pressi miss you so much~ *weepy*"


Get used to these fucking dot responses. Also, Preshes belongs to the one Elf family in town which we'll meet later.

Let's say Hi to the initial girls, only to say goodbye immediately afterwards.

This house is right next to Ryle's and is the place where his master lives with his daughter.

Let's steal shit from him.


"Shisho (Mentor)... *tearful eyes* I understand..."

Porn is so cool

And it's actually straight porn, despite what the title may suggest.

"Yes sir, thank you for the advice!"

"I can see you are good at close combats, but the swords have limits in range, watch out for those flying creatures. Also, you won't automatically learn special skills by just leveling up. So take a note of it."

Thanks for those pearls of wisdom.

Let's meet the first girl, I'm sure ya'll are really excited for that!

Her name is Caris Burnfist. She is the only daughter of Ryle's mentor, Brad.

Yep, she's seriously named "Burnfist". Because she has fire attacks, you see? ... Anyway, people familiar with the RPG maker will notice that she uses the default sprite for the female hero. But since there is a lot of original art in the game, I can forgive this. Caris is your generic fighter-girl. Strong, brash, quick-tempered and all that stuff. While she's kinda bland overall, she will have the strongest emotions/reactions towards Ryle. Also she will learn some pretty powerful attacks, but lacks flexibility since they use fire.

"So how do you feel? Are you ready for it?"

"I AM the Shisho's best student. Can't believe you are asking me this kind of question!"

As far as I can see the only other student is Caris, so boasting about being the best out of two is very lame.

"...Baka! (Stupid) Don't rely on other's reputation, I want to hear YOUR own confidence!"

So here is the "gimmick" of the conversations with the girls.

You have to choose between two lines. One will raise attraction and the other will decrease it or will sometimes do nothing. For the most part, the right choice is pretty obvious. There is also a hint option which usually is totally useless, or states something painfully obvious.

Like in this case.

Depending on which answer you choose, her feelings about you may improve or just do the opposite.

Obviously, the first option is the right one.

"Of course I too have some concerns. Being first time to travel far away from the village after all..."


"No matter how much practice I had from the past, I'm still a novice during the real battle..."


"I think you will do fine since you are prepared mentally."

"During this trip, I don't want any stupid mistakes out of pressure."

"Be careful, I don't want this turn out to be your last farewell!"

"Hey! Don't say that..."

Attraction 5 >>> 7

And this is how you make girls fall for you. By saying exactly want they want to hear.

With this done, onwards to the next girl.

One house down, lives the Elven family.

Her name is Latyss Grynwind. She is an elf maiden and a very private person.

She's named Grynwind cause elves like nature and she has windmagic, get it? Latyss shares the standard elven traits of being reclusive, intelligent and kind of cold. Like Mr. Spock. She will get some neat summon spells and becomes a pretty powerful, but frail, mage in the long run. You have to put in a bit of dedication to raise her attraction, but it's not too bad since she has her own little side-story with progression events. The other person in the room is her mother, but she's boring.

"I'll be gone for a long time... Well, I guess you don't really care. ...Haha..."



"(She really IS speechless as usual.)"

"...Did you already meet Orubia?"

"I gotta go."

"Later... (Regardless, she'll think about you more than I can ever do.)"

Welp, Elves are weird I guess?

"Won't you be worried about me at all?"


"Let me see... About 2% of what Orubia would worry."

Jfyi, we'll meet Orubia in a moment and she's a bit special.

This choice is a bit tricky, since the first one seems to be right. But it isn't. Also the hint is totally useless.

"Even 2%, I feel very flattered to find out that you care for me..."


"I thought you wouldn't even care."

"I don't even talk to the person whom I don't like a bit.... Why don't you start get going? Night shall fall soon."

"Right.... then I see you later."


Attraction 5 >>> 7

That's Elves for ya! But honestly, Latyss will become one of the more likeable characters as the game progresses.

Well, only one girl left.

She lives next door with her father. It's weird how every adult in this village is a single parent.

Her name is Orubia Aquary. She's been friends with Ryle since childhood.

You can guess why she's named Aquary, right? Since Orubia is Ryle's childhood friend, she starts with a higher attraction and is one of the easier relationships overall. She is basically the typical shy, cute, nice and plain girl that millions of other stories have. Her deal is healing magic and she is the only character that gets access to a variety of Holy spells later on. Also, she will always say "Dear Ryle", which is a Japanese term of endearment I suppose?

"So you decide to go...Dear Ryle."

"Yeah. Finally I am independent."

Fuck living on my own in this tiny village. The world is my oyster now!

"....That's true."

The right choice should be obvious. And the wrong one isn't nearly as funny as you may think.

"Come on- Aren't you happy for me leaving this village?"

"I am. I really do!"

"Then good! Come on, no more long face."

Yeah, stop horsing around.

"My training under Shisho is finally over! I really want to see you happy."

"But we've been together for so long. Now seperate...I just feel sad."

"Hey it's not like we will never gonna see each other again."

"Of course not! You must come back in one piece."

"I can't guarantee you that..."

"Yes you will!"

Attraction 8 >>> 10

Well, we're done here so let's go on an adventure! the next update, that is.