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Part 5: Heroes do Cry

Heroes do Cry

Since we solved the mystery and saved everyone, the city is populated again and has happy music!

Let's take a short walk around..

Oh contraire! You could thank me with a lot of money...but that won't happen. There is actually no reward for saving everyone, aside from that fuzzy feeling in your tummy. People say nice things to you, but that's it.

Join the club, buddy!

The shops are also open now, so let's see if they offer anything useful.

Aside from a few pieces of armor, the smith also offers better weapons for Orubia and Latyss.

And they change their standard animations!

Orubia's flail became more spiky.

And Latyss now uses a bow, whereas her first animation was for using a boomerang. It's another point on the effort scale to include different animations for different weapons!

The general shop also has something that I want.

Revive items should really be in your standard kit in any RPG. I also pick up a batch of herbs since they straight up cure any bad effects.

I also lied when I said that there is no reward for your troubles...

Jep, the trader gives you one free potion!... I guess it's the gesture that counts?

Moving on...

Before triggering the next scene, I visit our two service people.

"In that case...*ignoring* I'll give you THIS!"

"Wait a sec!! How come a tree can pop up by just giving you the points?"

"Hey man relax! It's just a GAME...."


I'll show the tree later and it's actually something neat. Also his price rises from 15 to 20Vp.

With that out of the way, it's time for the LOVE Counter!

Att >>> 16

More like Caris Brofist, right? Right?

Att >>> 15

Maybe Ryle had a secret haircut or something?

Att >>> 9

No surprise here.

As mentioned in the last update, you progress by resting at the Inn again. This will kick-off a lengthy scene with anime and romance. You better strap in!

"Yes we do. (Young man, you got QUITE a company *smile*)"


"(Don't be shy...I just tell the girls we got only 1 room all of you can stay in the SAME room...hehe)"


"Wait a sec! What are you talking about?"

"Here's your key. (Please keep it down, ok?)"

"Hey! Are you listening to me?"

This can't end well...





"Why are you in our room?"

"I have no idea..."

I do. It's for purely comedic reasons.

"Let me hear the acceptable excuse of yours*smile* Depend on what kind of answer..."

"I'll write you a ticket to HELL!"

"Like I said, that stupid innkeeper gave me only 1 key~"

"Why don't I give you PAINLESS death by turning you into an ice cube..."

Whoa, where the hell did she get that attitude?

"Oh come on, Latyss! Don't be serious!!"

"Oh you poor thing~ I'll go easy on you. You'll be the target practice for my new moves!!"

"Hey! Why don't you believe me? Don't you TRUST me at all?! Orubia! Come on~ Say something!"

"I, I trusted you...*tearful eyes*"

"Not that weepy face again~ Bad timing!"

"You want it HOT?"

"Or you prefer COLD?"

"OK! OK! I give up! Do whatever you want."

Ryle makes the smartest decision yet, and goes downstairs.

"Ok, I got it. (So you want to enjoy 1 by 1 eh?)"

Why the fuck are you so greasy?

"What are you talking about...?"

"Oh, don't be shy! Here's the key..Hehehe"

"(I give up...~)"

Well, at least you got your own room and dodged a whole can of worms, pal. Also...

Caris suddenly decides to go for a walk.

Let's pursue!

She's sitting on a bench, and you should guess that you can trigger a scene with her. I actually like it and won't interject for once.



"Hard to sleep? Well, I don't blame you after so many things happened..."

"Mm... *nod*"

"What's wrong? It's not like you at all..."

"How can I be ok? You almost got killed in front of my eyes!!"

"Ask anybody if he can sleep well after having gone thru that kind of situation!"

"I see your point... But come on, I'm alive now."

"But...I can't get rid of that scene from my memory, as if it was burned scars."

cue weepy music

"!! (She's crying?)"

"I CAN'T!!! I can't take it out of my mind!"


"I just, just don't know what to do!"

"Sorry...Because of my recklessness, I made you go thru horrible things..."

"That's not what I meant!! Why did you simply give up on your life? Why not try to survive?"


"Ok. I promise I'll do that next time..."

"Only words....don't count."

"I'll swear to you!!"


"I'll do it! I'll keep my words!"

"...Alright... I believe you this time."

"What do you mean by "this time"?!"

Att 16 >>> 19

Let's be honest, this scene would fly in any other of the more serious JRPGs. Since I never used Caris in the opening, this scene was also new to me. I have to say that it revised my opinion on her a bit. I'll stop hating on her now. I really expected you to vote for Latyss, but what the fuck do I know?

After this, Ryle and Caris go back to discuss the next steps with the group.

"I better hurry. Daddy would be worried...even now."

"I agree."

"...Me too..."

"By the way, Orubia. Can I ask you one thing? The reason why Shisho sent you guys over here.."


"I wondered why Shisho sent you guys knowing the real danger here? Why not himself coming here instead?"

"That's odd. Now I realize..."

"...Actually...It was a lie...that he ASKED us to come here..."


"Y...You LIED!?"


"(Only Orubia is not shocked... That means she left the village without her dad's knowing?)"

What an astute observation!

"Baka Yaroh! (You Idiot!) you could have died out there along with other girls!! What were you thinking?!!"


"Ryle!! Don't scold her like that! We are alive because of her!"

"Oh! I am sorry..."

"But, why did you have to lie to everyone to come here?"

"Daddy did some research about the incident, and he found out that the Soul Eater might be the cause. Then he told me that Ryle doesn't stand a chance! And I, I just don't know what to do!"

So with knowing all of this, your father just went to back to chillaxing instead of telling anyone else? Like, Ryle's master for instance?...Orubia, your dad is a jerk.

"I understand...but please don't do that again. I don't have to worry about my own death since I got no family. But you have your dad so..."

"...Mm..(At least 1 person will be very sad, you know..."

"Alright then, tommorow we'll go back to Lavas Ville. Dismissed!"

Would you believe that this scene still isn't over?... You better....

A little later, Ryle hears a knock on his door.

"It's me."


" you have a minute?"

"Sure, come on in."

"Thanks....How about take a breeze?"

"...Yeah. Kind of stuffy inside."

"So, what's up?"

"Sorry.. I turned you down when you asked me back then."

"Oh you didn't have to. I didn't mind it at all. You see? it doesn't matter anymore because you saved my life... I really owe you one this time...Thanks to you, I can be here."

"...Some, Somehow you are very kind to me today...~"

"Waita sec! haven't I been nice to you all the time?"

"I didn't mean that..."

"Don't be so rash any more... I don't want any more trouble than you do..."

"You mean you don't want anyone to get involved?"

"It's not that..."

"Dear Ryle...I won't ask you too much. Could you please let me help you...just a little bit?"

"People need each other's help and care to live on..."

Did I already mention that this game also teaches you about the magic value of friendship? Because you better be sure that there will be more moral high points along the line. Pointing out that Ryle's desire to be the lone hero is stupid, is a really common point.

"Need each other..hmm..."

"Even I, need someone's..."


"Oh! Um, Umm~..I just remembered to do something!! So, so good night!"

"H-Hey! Wha..What was all that about~ "

Att 15 >>> 17

At least he isn't the only one who is awkward and clueless.

Well, Ryle and his battle harem set out on the next morning. And before going back to Lavas, I visit the magic tree that I got for my VPs.

You can find the water next to Ryle's house. Using it on the tree will make an item grow.

It's pretty great, but walking back and forth is tedious. So I won't be using the tree too much. But if you're patient, you can skip on buying potions or jellos for the rest of the game.

When you reach Lavas again, the girls depart and a plot-railroad starts.

"I was wrong Shisho. Because of me, Caris and everyone in the village got into such a mess."

"You should've know the consequences of your actions Ryle, that it my affect others' lives! Why didn't you come to me before you act alone?"

"Factoria Castle didn't respond to the people of Southern Cray. So I..."

"That's not an excuse!! Just because the capital won't care, it doesn't mean that you can go and do whatever you want!"

"Dad! That's not fair!!"

"You be quiet!!"


"Ryle...I didn't blame you for tackling on the serial killer, but your reckless actions endanger all of us! What if someone becomes a victim of your careless actions? Understood?"

"..Yes sir...My behaviors were very immature..I'll be careful next time."

"Go home and think about it! Then come to me if you need any help."

Turns out, saving a town doesn't keep you from getting grounded!

"Come to think of it...(It was ME being responsible putting everyone into danger after all..."

"Next time, I swear leaving the town alone....(Maybe it's a good idea to pretend visiting the neighbor village and just take off. hmm...Anyway, I'll go to Lailai Town first thing in the morning...then think what to do next.)"

Aaaaaand Ryle hasn't learned anything!

Wait, that isn't entirely true. Because he changed his class job title overnight!

He also has a new menu face for the time being.

Aside from this, he also gains a new skill. A triple slash against single targets, which is cheap and great for spamming.

The next step of the railroad is going to Lailai and sleeping at the Inn. Let's gloss over that and rejoin Ryle on the next morning.

Yeah, the game just leaves you with this line. No hint on what "it" actually is, but at least with a clear direction.

Like, really clear.

"In order to go to other continents, I need boats or sort to sail across the inner sea."

Oookay, that comes out of nowhere but continue...

"There's no other way... I don't want to get stuck in here...Waitta sec, I used to make a simple boat before. Why not now?"

"I got plenty of wooden material at the forest east of Lavas and the clothe & rope from Lailai. Alrighty, let's do it!"

"I better finish it before the girls notice. Better hurry."

And then he just does it...

By now, Ryle is a traveler, swordsman, ghostbuster, ranger and also a boatbuilder. I wonder how extensive his portfolio will become?

Well, this is a perfect spot to end the update. Next time Ryle will set out into the real world! What wonders may await him? Sharks and boobies

Note: This update had a lot of talking, but the pacing of the game kinda forced my hand here. I'd like to know if this was too much, or if it can be seen as a benchmark for "long" updates? Like, there will be more parts with lots of words, and I want to present them comfortably for you. I could also include a video or two for those romantic scenes? Just drop a line if you feel like it.