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Part 6: Everything Gets Thicker

Everything Gets Thicker

Our real adventure starts now.

"See ya..Caris, Orubia, Latyss. Shisho, Preshes..."

I think the core motivation here is that Ryle doesn't want to endanger his friends. It's pretty dumb but at least something, right?

Our trip isn't going very far though. We can only access this circular body of water, and the only point of interest is the island in the middle of it.

I also immediately encounter sharks.

They are not dangerous at all. Aside from a melee attack, they can also cast a water spell. Both do little damage and Ryle can one-shot them with his new triple attack.

As said, the only thing you can do is to go on that island.

Try to figure out why this place is named "Volcana Town". Also, those grey patches will hurt you so they're supposed to be lava or something?

It''s so...

Welcome to Japan-town! Everything in here is styled after glorious nippon. But there is in fact very little that you can actually do.

I quickly swing by the smith and buy a better sword and some armor. The usual, you know?

The bar and Inn share the same house. But I forgot to cap the name of the bar.

Inside, there is progress waiting in form of that red person.

But let's take a quick step upstairs first....

..and find the next NG scene.

With that out of the way, let's chat up the only interesting person in the whole village.

Oh boy, I have been waiting for this one...


This Kuno Ichi (Female Ninja) is called Hayami Raienji.

"Greetings! Sessha (I) am Hayami. A White Class Shinobi."

"Oh-! The mercenary troop of ninjas. The White Class... I'm Ryle, from Lavas Ville."

Is the color important? I have no idea about Ninja-lore. Anyway, say hello to Hayami! I have a whole lot of things to say about her, but it's probably best to bring them up as they happen. For starters, she has that verbal tick of saying "Sessha" instead of "I" or "me". Every single fucking time. I'm not going to change that. It'll probably drive me nuts to type this word a thousand times, but we're all in this together.

Obviously, Hayami is a ninja and she's pretty good at her job. Aside from being good in combat, she has several skills that I'll describe in a bit. Her character isn't that special or outrageous in comparison - she's actually quite likeable. But here's the catch: she is the most sexualized girl in the game. This will get more obvious during this update, but let me just say that it's canon that she has the biggest boobs in the game. Her sprite even has jiggly physics in certain situations. Which is impressive from a technical standpoint, but still greasy. The internet told me that the proper term for that is "Gainaxing". Don't Google that if you value a clean history. It's the Anime word for big titties that move in different directions...Yeah. Still, I'm cool with Hayami and she will follow us for the next part of the game.


She also seems to know something..

"?? Is something wrong?"

", it's nothing. Actually sessha have a favor to ask you."

"What? Forget it if it's hiring you. I don't have any mission for you, nor the gold to pay you."

"No, not at all. Sessha just want to use your boat to reach eastern continent."

How does she even know about our cool log-boat?

"!! ...To the east?!"

"Sorry, but I can't!"

We just came from the east, jfyi.

"Looks like you have your own reason not to, but sessha really need your help. Would you reconsider?"


"Then how about this? In exchange for my boat, you help me reach the western continent."

"Makoto de gozaru? (Really?) Sessha am glad to be in your service."

"But, can ninja join the party with NO official contract?"

"Please do not worry. Sessha will handle the matter."

"...Then, sessha will accompany you, Ryle Dono (sir), until we reach the western shore."

Let's take a look at her.

As you can see, while she's being on a lower level than Ryle, she already has nearly as much MP as he has. She isn't going to become beefy, but is fast and can spam her excellent skills.

Speaking of..

Her combat skills are elemental group attacks that are strong and cheap to cast. But she also has some special skills. That trap skill will get used in the next update, so let's skip it for now. However, the awfully spelled Alchemistry skill allows her to whip up potions. I think it's just a straight 50/50 shot if she will fail or create a potion.

This is her ninja potion. Useful if you run out of other items, I guess?

But she also has a small chance to create a better type of potion.

"Sugoi! (Wow!) An increable discovery! A new kind of potion is invented!"

This skill is kind of a neat idea, but it's not really worth your time. Items are pretty cheap to buy and can be found everywhere. So why even bother?

Well, with her in our party, we can now leave the circular sea.

Or at least try, since our way is still blocked.

"Is there any way to break these rocks?"

"Sessha don't have enough strength to crush the rocks these big."

"The only solution is to look for the Iwa Kiri Maru."

"Iwa Kiri Maru? You mean the katana (Sword) which can cut through stones?"

"Rumor says that the katana belongs to a group of Shinobi, and it was hidden somewhere in Volcana. However, after the volcanoe nearby erupted, many town folks left along with the katana. They might have buried it outside the town."

I don't...what? Yeah, okay. Whatever!

"But how do we find it? There is no clue whatsoever."

"You can count on sessha.. Sessha's X-ray Vision will come in handy. If the rumor's right, we should find it on this island."

"WHO is she talking to...?"

Ninjas have magic eyes, right? This isn't just a ham-fisted way to introduce a game mechanic? Ah fuck it...Nothing makes sense ever!

Casting it costs a few Mps and will scan the whole area that you can currently see. Blue arrows mark hidden items, red marks mechanical traps and yellow marks special items and magical traps. The distinction is important, since Hayami's trap skill only works on mechanical traps. The x-ray skill will see a fair amount of use in the next update, so I'll go into detail about traps when we're there. You can also use it to find some hidden items in the world. I surely don't know where all of them are, but I'll try to grab some.

Anyway, the sword isn't hard to find..

Let's cut those rocks! Also, prepare for a "thing"...

"Then here we GO!"


"What's wrong?"

Yes, let's see what is wrong here. Her left side apparently had a stroke, which turned her hand into a hideous claw and trapped her face in an eternal squash. Also her boobs point upwards and in different directions. Geez.

"S-Sorry! Sessha can't stand straight while the boat is shaking~..Sessha didn't want to ask this, could you support Sessha?"

"Ah, Ok! I got it! Here, I am holding your waist! (Whoa! She got an increable body!)"

"A-Ano...(Umm) Don't just grab sessha, please hold sessha tight!"

"(Oops!) Sorry! Is this alright?"

"Please stop moving around your hands, sessha can't concentrate..."

"...This time, sessha can do it!! Hoo..."



"Awesome...! What a sword..!"

"Ryle Dono! The rocks are totally.."


"What is it? Hayami."

"Ano..You can let go of sessha now?"

"S-SORRY!!" *both hands off*

"It's..It's alright. Sessha do not mind at all."

Here we go...

"Oh, mm... Let's head toward west!"

"By the way, Ryle Dono? You interested in "those" things?"

What, like cutting rocks? Yeah, that's cool I guess but...Oh..Oooh!

"Wha...What are you talking about?

"When sessha was X-raying back then, sessha saw "woman pictures" among your belongings...?"

Haha, remember that porno mag that I stole in the beginning?

"You nauty boy~ *chuckles*"

But she's totally cool with it! And you even get an extra attraction point for having the mag. High-five for porn!

Att 11 >>> 14

Take this as a hint to Hayami being a bit slutty. There are a few pits on the way, but for the most part she's pretty casual about it. Instead of right in your face like you'd expect Anime girls to be. So it may not be as bad as I make it sound.

So, now the way to the western continent is open.

And you really can't go anywhere else, again.

"Ano...Ryle Dono...Can sessha join you?"


"Even though sessha crushed rocks, sessha can't just take your boat...And..."


"Sessha sense the danger around here, you'll need a local guide."

She certainly seems eager to stick with Ryle..

"But what about your mission?"

"Once sessha have the boat, the rest of schedule becomes very flexable."

"(And there's something to CHECK...)"

"You are right. I really need your help since it's my first time here."

"Indeed? Then..Sessha will be in your service again."

"I feel like there's some hidden meaning to this?..."

Haha, now what would make you say that?

Let's end the update here, due to pacing. But don't worry, the next part is ready and I'll post it in a day or so.