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Part 12: A New Menace?

A New Menace?

"Let me's already late for today...get some sleep? Or just take a walk?"

This means that we have to take a nap to progress, but let's take a short walk first.

Hey, Hayami. What are you doing with that Catte?

"This cat, depends on the training, can become a useful Shirasoni...(Ninja Cat)"

I have no idea if that is a real thing, but I like the mental image of a cat in a Ninja suit. With a small sword and everything.

In Orubia's house, we now can find Fina.

"Fina, don't you go home at all?"

"I'm thinking about staying here little bit longer, and Orubia said ok. *smile* To thank their hospitality, I do some of the daily chores!"

"Can you cook too?"

"How rude! I told you that I was an ordinary girl just 2 years ago!"

"(An ordinary girl = Good at cooking, does it have to be this way?)"

Hard-hitting commentary about modern gender roles.

"Didn't mean to show off, but I do have a chef's license!"

"You do!? This means no more Caris' "killer" cusine?"

"K-Killer cusine?"

"The deadly art which almost made me cross the line between life & death, the legendary tummy knocker~"

"A tummy knocker~ But why legendary?"

"Don't tell me she will put "funny" stuff into your food if you cross her ways~"

"No- not at all! She likes to let it out on your face when she's mad."

"Umm~ Well, she has been like that so far."

"But there was once I kinda felt sorry about it, and she brought "it" to me with a happy face..."

"So you had to make it up to her. Right?"

"So what did you do? You ate it?"

Should be really obvious..

"I tried my best to eat all of it, but I passed out after a few seconds."

"Passed...out, why? You didn't try so hard."

"It was her first home made cooking."

"Her first time eh? I see~" *smile*

"No matter how horrible the taste, it was her first try. And you can't just say "no"."

"To think of it now, it was an hair-raising taste which you won't forget thru the rest of your life~"

"But you did eat them for her right? That's what counts."

"And that's it! No more!"

"But you see, in more positive way of thinking, now you are immune to other food-poisoning!"

"I don't want it!"

" from now on I can relax when I am fixing Ryle's meal."

"Hey hey hey!"

"Just kidding. My pride as a chef won't allow that to happen!"

Att 17 >>> 19

Well, that was pleasant enough.

Let's keep on going..

The next morning, something weird happens..

"What the~"

"Man..this early in the morning...Oh, the mail dragon!"

Yep, a "mail" dragon. Don't question it, just go with the flow..

"A letter for me? Ok, I'll take it."

He looks kinda cute though.

"Who would send me a letter..."

"!! D...Dyss La Factoria!?"

Prince Dyss posted:

Dear Ryle Laster,
Thank you again for saving our Factoria from evil control and the words alone are not enough...I want to meet you and discuss an urgent case.
I already set up the place for our meeting at Souther Cray at xxday noon. Hope to see you and your friends there and please come it's getting harder to see you in public.
Then I am looking forward to see you there...

Dyss La Factoria

"Prince Dyss..."


"But the Prince himself invited to see us..gotta be important!"

"Another evil person like Xaktor is out again?"

"That is unlikely. The White Ninjas are guarding the castle, like that Gohu fellow."

"Why did he sent a letter directly to me? He can't trust his own servants?"

"Odd indeed...Not the King but the Prince himself secretly sent the letter."

"Fina? You've been quiet all day."

"I'm also curious about the content inside the letter, I wonder why at Southern Cray?"

"Maybe he went to comfort the victims' family there, right? Then it's not that strange at all."

"...Like Fina said, something is a little odd about it."


"So...Something's wrong?"

"Sure it is!"

"So how?"

"Ryle! You should have noticed by now!"

Well, let me cut in here and abridge this part. Because it's dumb! Fina basically says that it must be a trap, because Dyss can't reach Southern Cray in time for the meeting. Due to the geography, you see? But the whole thing is just a lame attempt at having the player guess for the two or three minutes you'll need to reach the town. So fuck transcribing all those words!

We'll never talk about it again.

This is another useless choice, and since the game says that Ryle can go alone..

..I'll do so.

Inside the city, a guard awaits us at the Inn.

"I was invited by Prince Dyss. Ryle Laster is here by requesting the meeting with His Highness."

"Ohh, I see! Please, come this way."

"Welcome. Please sit as comfortable as you would like."

"...I understand."

"This meeting is unofficial. So please speak freely."

"Then please allow me to ask a few questions. How did the prince came here from the capital? Ships can not reach here."

"I rode a horse up to Dual West , then took a small boat to come down here."

"Didn't know boats were available at that town."

"It's a custom made which can carry up to 3 people. And it was built for my private use."

"Private boat I see...Which reminds me, I also have one like that."


"That boat helped you to save our kingdom, if I'm correct. One of the reasons which I came here, is to help and comfort those victims' family."

"Then what is the main reason for our meeting?"


"He was given orders by someone. So it's not over yet."


"The real boss behind Xaktor..."

"(Only a few people in upper class are possibly related to Xaktor...)"

"Oh! *looking at the Prince* ...Do you mean the real boss is?!"

"...Are you positive about this?"


Great, both of them know something, but neither is going to spell it out!

"...I understand. But is there any proof?"

"I don't have concret evidence, but right after that person left the capital, Xaktor was then nominated as the high chancellor. That person also introduced Xaktor to us. The king and I didn't have the slightest doubt because he was recommended from that person..."

"How could things turn out like this..."

"I want you to go to the desert village south called Cellen in secret, and investigate what that person was doing over there."

"I think you can just send the guards to do the job..."

"You are right, I would have sent royal guards or Gohu to handle it, but right now our hands are all tied up with the restoration of the kingdom. You should consider this mission my personal agenda, so I can't let anyone from the castle get involved. Especially the identity of our target makes it impossible for me to take part in any of our investigation. You are highly skilled fighters who are also free from political ties. Could you accept my request?"

"........I accept the case."

"However, we don't have means of transportation to reach Cellen."

Like what? Is he going to piggyback all of us?

"..I got it. Then I'll be expecting Gohu at Lavas Ville."

"...Thanks and sorry Ryle."

"I know..."

"Then we'll go back to Lavas, and discuss the plan."

Nah, I'm good and will head back right away..but next time!

I'm cutting it short today since there is a big talky part coming up. Putting all this stuff into one update, will ruin your minds and drive me deeper into alcoholism. So let's not do that!

I'll post the next part tomorrow and it also comes with a vote.