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Part 13: Boat Building Bonanza

Boat Building Bonanza


"Oh, I am sorry Ryle..."

"Huh? Caris..Did you say something?"

"Eh? You were not listening?"

"No, I was busy thinking about Cellen..."

"And I apologize for nothing!"

"Why are you so mad?"

"Umm, excuse me. What are YOU doing?"

"We can't start the meeting!"

"Anyway, we are heading to Cellen on this mission."

"According to this Little bit south from the Lite Gryn Forest."

"The goal itself is not that hard, the real problem lies on the means of transportation to there."

"Just like Shisho said, although Gohu will aid us to some extent, we can't totally rely on him."

"How about remodeling Ryle Dono's boat?"

"You think we can just easily turn the boat into a ship within such short time? Not only that the size is too small for any storm waves. It'll just flip so easily and sink."

Well, Ryle knows boats!

"But I also thought that remodeling the boat was the best solution."

"Ryle! You just have to do your best work!"

"You got no idea, do ya! In order to make a boat sail like a ship, it takes at least 3 weeks!"

"Ryle can make it by working MORE harder! Pour your heart and soul into work!"

"Heart and soul alone can't build a ship lady!"

"Sis Fina...You've been very quiet there...Something wrong?"



"I can't travel on a ship~!! Small boats are manageable but not the ships!"

"Ehh? Fina gets sea sick~?"

Haha, yes she does! This is the next of her problems. It'll be a while till it really comes up, but it will! So hard that she'll even get it as an event trigger in her skill tab.

"Not just a regular one."

"Hy..."Hyper Sea Sick"!?"

"The trip which I brought her here, it was so terrible~"

"(But how much more horrible sea sick can be?)"

"Don't worry about that. I got sea sick medicine back home."

"Ha! You are dreaming, Orubia! It doesn't stand a chance against my sickness!"




"Waah!! Don't gang up on me~~~~"

"....~" *shaking head*

"..." *sigh*

Okay, with the comedy hour over, let's get to business.

"This mission is a personal request from the Prince, so there's no reward nor expenses paid for us. Simply saying, we work for free by our will, not to mention the risks involved."

"Oh yeah. That's right~"


"Because of it, you guys don't have to help me out this time. I accepted the mission alone."

I'm not sure if this line comes up because I let Ryle go to the meeting on his own. Would be cool, but I honestly forgot to check.


"You are sneaking out alone again? Dear Ryle!?"

"Don't get me wrong guys, I would be grateful if one of you guys helped me out."

Yes, Brad. Everyone indeed is girl.

"By knowing that there's nothing but putting their lives in danger, I won't allow them to go with you!"

Ahw, come on! Don't be like that..

"Dad-! I'll use Heat Ray if you keep saying that." *frown*

"I don't care about those! Are you telling me to choose when to help out your comrades?"

"Caris...Your words and feelings are enough for me..."

"What are you...!!"

Smooth diffuse there, Ryle.

So even Fina knows? Damn, I feel really left out here..

"I can't tell that now! If you know the name of this person, then you have to be on the case."

"That's right! You girls don't need to hear it! Let Ryle handle the matter."

"DAD! Cut it out! Or else I really gonna pull Heat Ray on ya!!"

"Mr. Burnfist, I also don't see why you disagree for this time."

I gotta say, Brad is really starting to annoy me...




"Latyss, Hayami, Fina!! How about you guys!?"

"I think your father's opinion also make sense."


"This time it's a secret mission! Much more dangerous obviously!."

"I respected you during the battle back at the capital, but now it's falling rapidly, you know!"


"Sis Latyss too...? Sis Hayami as well...think the same?"

"Personally think it's better to go along in fewer numbers, so the job can be finished faster."

"Sessha think the same way. But without knowing who to investigate..."

"That's fine with me. Maybe I should handle the case only by myself."

"You almost lost your life at Dannyon Mine...did you forget!?"



"Mr. Burnfist, I want to invite the girls to my mother back in Ernest. Is that ok?"



"Well, simply for introducing my friends from far away to mother, for the first time."

"Can she guarantee my daughter's safety?"

She saved the world once, so I guess she can?

"I am not a kid ANYMORE!!"

"Compared to Ryle's mission, it's 2000% safer!"

"(Except for my "Hyper Sea Sick", which I can't guarantee...~)"

"Sis Fina!!"

"Caris, Orubia!! Just do as Fina suggested!"


"Dear Ryle..."

"Fina..Please take good care of them..."

"I am not OLD enough to be their legal guardian~"

Ugh. Now that this shit is over with, let's get to work and build that boat!

"Because this boat..."

"Was my BEST piece of work!! To customize it further...they just have no idea what they're asking for!"

"Anyway let me check check....."

"I don't know where to starttttttt!"

"Umm, there's a boat making manuel or something like that in my book shelves? Ok, let's go back to my house first."

Back home it is! Also, I was close to fixing that spelling error, but I really like the thought of a little Pixie or something that is called Manuel and makes boats all day.

And yeah, I confess that I fix some of the spelling, but mostly when the syntax is too fucked or if the errors greatly offend my brain. Yes, the original text is worse than what you are reading.

"Is it in here? Wa! Book worms! Better throw this away!"

*cough* *cough* "So much dust!"

"Let me see...Here it is!"

"....Actually I've been going back'n forth ever since I started my first trip! And end up back to Lavas~"

Whoa, bro! Mind totally blown...

So, after a bit of hammering on wood or something...

"Why am I always doing all the tough jobs" *frown*

"Go back again...~"

This is another point where you don't really get a hint about how to progress. You may think that you have to pick up some stuff, and therefore try to interact with all kinds of objects. But that's wrong! In fact, you have to enter Latyss' house and talk to her...

"Looks like you're having problem in boat remodeling."

"Of course! No one's around to give me hands, no supplies, and not enough time!"

"Forget about the labor force and time, where will you get the goods and supplies for the boat?"

"Body work is made of wood so it can't last long with salt water, also a "Shock absorb" needed for minimum shaking. Replacing everything with stainless metal plates not only takes time, but I also can't afford the cost."

Boat-science is the best science.

"So the bottomline is; we somehow need to rebuild the body frame of the boat right?"

"Not only that, we also need to upgrade the propulsion power of the boat by rebuilding the body. Only the strong body alone can't move the ship in tight sea."

"So we need a material which can provide stronger support and not being heavy to cut off speed."

"But such a thing don't exi..."

"I know only 1 thing that can do that."

"Huh? You know?"

"It's called El Metal. Its property is very close to wood but it's also a metal like iron."

Next plot device!

"An El Metal? What about its hardness and weight?"

"Let me's not as hard as steel but can absorb shocks well, and it's light as wood."

"Where can I get this?"



"The land of elves, Elzcrown, if you can reach the place..."

"Elves!? You're saying that metal is refined by the elves?"


"(That's right...Latyss hates the other elves for making her a laughing stock...)"

This has never been clearly mentioned in the game so far, but there is a reason why Latyss and her family live with humans in a tiny village. It's not too much of a spoiler when I say that this arc will lead us into her backstory. And I've been waiting for it, since it's one of the best parts of the game!

"Latyss, just tell me the location. I can go by myself."

"You can't go there alone!!"

"It's my responsibility. Besides, you already drew a line between them."


"In fact, if I bring you over, things might get more complicated..."


"Also Shisho told you girls not to get involved."

"I thought you already noticed that no one was willing to follow his advice back there..."

"But you said that they'll come to your house!"

"Then let me ask you, how am I gonna go home?"


"I came here by boarding the royal vessel you know. To be honest, I sneaked in..."

"Do you always break the laws that easily?"

"When Hayami brought me here, we used fake tickets since we were too poor to buy any."

Wait. You're the daughter of this world's savior. Why are you poor?!

"Hey hey! The daughter of legendary hero can't just do all the illegal stuff wide open~"

"And my "Hyper Sea Sick" went all the way out and nearly killed me~"

"But don't the heroes usually get all the luxury and the best treats from the people?"

That's my impression, yeah.

"Mom didn't let me, she didn't want the title at all because of the loss of her loved ones."

Oh, so poverty builds character! Yeah, sometimes it does and sometimes it makes you fucked up. 50/50 shot, really. Also, this is the first hint about the story behind her mom and the war.

"I see...let me go back to the main topic, then how are you gonna return home!?"

"You mean that? It was a lie for sure!"


"No one is convinced by Mr. Burnfist back there, and that includes me. If there's a single mistake, it could be another big disaster for the kingdom!!"

"Not only that, I kind of noticed a thing about him that is out of sense."

"Out of sense?"

"I can't pinpoint exactly why, but his attitudes so far have been little out of place."

"You're suspicious about Shisho!?"

Ah shit, don't even go there! Not Brad Burnfist!

"Whenever Ryle stirred up a case, and even when everything turned out fine, he always said like this.."

"Don't act recklessly! Don't get everyone involved!!"

"At first, I thought he said those being concerned about our safety and as your mentor as well..."

"And this time even the request from the prince himself, he opposed all the way except for you to carry on."

Maybe he's just really worried? I don't like where this is going...

"That's because he was worried about all of you!"

"Then why Mr. Burnfist even tried to stop Hayami and me?"


"Since Caris and others are from this village, I can see that. But why us, the outsiders as well? He could have prohibited me to join for mom's reputation, but at least not Hayami. According to his reactions so far, he wants us not to have ties with the royalties whatsoever."

"Are you saying Shisho might be a spy working for the person we gonna investigate this time?"

Yeah, that's pretty much what she's saying!

"Of course, there's no hard evidence. doesn't mean that my suspicion is total nonesense."

"Then how come Shisho taught me the sword techniques by himself? He should have left me weaker."

"...Actually I'm quite stuck on that."

"Then stop interrogating Shisho!! I won't allow that. Not even you!"


Well, she does have kind of a point. Brad was always against Ryle's actions and that the girls would help him. It has become a bit uncanny, but he couldn't be connected with some evil folks, right?

"Latyss, tell me where Elzcrown is located."

"..But you have to promise me something first. Then I'll tell you."


"First thing is not go alone. And the second thing is.....You have to take me with you..."

"What!? But you...!"

"You need an elf to accompany you in order to get in..."


"Don't worry, I won't do anything else except opening gates."

"Ok then..."

"Go to the Lilith Woods first, then head south to reach the Lite Gryn Forest. The city of Elzcrown is hidden inside that forest."

"Lite Gryn Forest? You mean the one we went last time?"


"(No wonder her gaze was somewhat nostalgic...)"

This bit only comes up when you have triggered the little scene with Latyss earlier. Jfyi.

"I got it. Latyss and I, and one more person should be enough this time."

"Many traps are inside the forest. So how about taking Orubia or Hayami?"

"Orubia? Why her?"

"Just recently, she learned a spell to neutralize the magical traps. Elves are good at those. So bringing Orubia or Hayami can be handy for this trip."

Choose one girl to accompany Ryle and Latyss. Voting is open for 48 hours or something like that.

Just to remind you - Hayami can see all traps and counter mechanical ones, while Orubia can't spot traps on her own and can counter magical ones. And Latyss said the elves like magic traps. The other thing I want to mention is that you don't have to vote for either of the two. You can also vote for Caris or Fina. It'll make the next part harder for me, but you're free to choose!