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Part 25: The New Girl

The New Girl

With nothing better to do, we set out to travel towards Meldia and deliver that letter.

This place is very straight forward, with a few chests placed along the way.

They only contain healing items though.

If you have Fina in your party while being in here, she'll suffer from the "Fear" status effect.

It prevents her from acting during combat

As expected, you'll encounter undead enemies in here. Skeletons are pushovers, and drop shitty swords from the beginning of the game.

Wisps are a bit more dangerous, since they can cast sleep on your party.

After some steps...

...we stumble upon this.

"Mm!? Over there!"

"She's under attack!"

"Save her! Hurry up!"

"Let sessha take care of this!"

"Wait! She's been keeping safe distance from the monster. She's handling well."

"And she doesn't look like in panic either."

"But I don't see her moving! Maybe she's seized in fear!"

"Anyway let's go help her!"

"I say let's get outta here quick!"


Fina has the worst day inside this cave

"Oh no! The zombie!"

"I can't cast the spell on time!"

"Could you please let me pass?"

"*sniff* Woo~ I forgot you can't understand my language, sorrie~"

"I got no choice then! Better scare you away!"

Suddenly, guns!

"Is that!?"

"Oops! I didn't mean to hit you."

"Instead she hit right on the exact lethal spot~"

"She...She's quite good~"


"If sessha am right..that's a "gun"..."

"Anyway...let's talk to her."

"W-Wait for me~"

"Are you alright?"

"Oh! There you are! I finally found you!!"

"(Eek!! Bad timing..~)"

"Why did you ditch me without a word back in Cellen? I've been looking all over for you!"


This can only lead to good things for Ryle

"It seems she knows you quite well~"

"You know her?"

"Cellen? Did you meet her over there?"

"Waaaaa! Zombies~ Ghosts~"

"Woo..~ *sniff* You are so cruel~ All of ya!"

"Why...everyone's making angry faces?"

"(She got no clue what's going on.)"

"So you were busy hitting on this girl while I was sweating'n working my ass off!! Oh yes! You're so DEAD!!"

"Wait! I swear I was doing my job collecting information!! I didn't chase around girls~"

"I worked so hard to prove you that I'm not dragging everyone behind, but Dear Ryle how could you...~"

"Wait everyone~ It's a HUGE misunderstanding! I didn't fool around!"

"Explain to us very clearly. Or else..."

"So you were hitting on her back in Cellen!?"

"What do you mean by "hitting on"?..."

"I don't care! Let's just get outta here~"

"Now listen to me girls!"

"I was only asking questions to her! Nothing more!"

"He sure did came to me and we exchanged some words."

"That sounds like if I were actually hitting on you~"

"Arg! No more excuse!! Take my MORNING CALL!!"

"Noooooo~ Anything but that again!!"

"I...trusted you..."

"Oh come on, not that weepy face again!"

This is one of the few cracks in the fourth wall that I actually like. Also, this whole scene is pretty refreshing after all the serious plot things we went through during the last updates.

"Hell no! Why did you look for me? What for?"

"Ah, almost forgot! You know I tried to recall if the queen ever visited Cellen. But I only stayed there for 2 days, so how could I know? Therefore I wanted to tell you that..."

"You came all the way here just for telling me THAT!?"

Yeah. She left Cellen to tell us that she couldn't have known about the Queen, and coincidentally ended up in the same zombie-cave as us. Makes total sense

"Yes! A ship happened to come by so I was on board and ended up here."

The whole crew does a round of dot responses to show how utterly their mind is blown right now. Except for..

"What~? Did I say something wrong?"

"What KIND of creature is she?"

"But I remained at Cellen after I met her."

"And she was able to chase you this far~"

"Umm, can anyone tell me what "hitting on" means?"

"You even came to such a dangerous place alone just for doing this!? What were you thinking!?"

"Ah? Please don't ignore sessha~"

"Right, I said that's why I followed you here."


"But you should've just told me back there, I stayed for couple more days."

"Whaaat? You were!?"

We actually just spent a single day and night at Cellen, but who am I to dig for plot-holes?

"Woo~ *tears, lots of tears~*"

"What's wrong with her?"

"She's shocked..."

"More like petrified."

"We better leave here, soon more will show up."

"We got a much tougher one to deal with right now, Latyss..."

" alright? Anyway, you can't just travel here alone, please come with us."

"Thank youu "

"Dear Ryle, are you sure?"

"What else can I do?"

Just walk away from it all, and start a quiet life as a boat maker

"..whew. I am getting tired of all this~"

"Me too~"

"So what does "hitting on" mean at the end?"

"Just get out of here first."

"My name is Mariel Shells. Nice to meet all of you."

"Ryle Laster. Nice meeting you too~"

Since I grabbed the glasses that she lost at Cellen, there is also a small addition to this scene.

There is no reason to keep the glasses.

"Mariel...right? I picked up your eyeglass back there."

"Oh! My spare glass!"

"So you found them?"

"(Anyone can see that I mean they were sitting right on the middle of street~)"

"But you shouldn't have. I got plenty of spares you know?"

"You do?"

"So far I lost total of 325 times. That's why I always carry at least 10 with me."

"So the one I picked up is only 1 out of 325..~"

"But you are the first person who actually returned the glass! I am so happy!"

Att 21 >>> 23

So this is Mariel - A nerdy inventor/gadgeteer girl. She's also severely retarded. I'm sorry if my usage of the word offends you, but I really have no better way to describe her character. She will constantly switch between being confused or crying at the drop of a hat, while being competent when the game demands it. But that's pretty much par for the course so far, right?

When it comes to combat, she's kind of a jack of all trades.

She has some utility skills, thunder & earth attacks, and skills related to her gun.

Speaking of guns..

...she is only person that can use this weapon class.

Oh, remember that weird item I found on the Slime Island?

More nerd power!

Before we leave this cave, Caris uses her Hidden Crash skill to stop a Mimic that only drops Xp.

"Hurmph! They just never learn!"

After leaving the cave, we have a new area to explore.

Though, we can only enter Sea Mar Port for now. We need to take a boat to Meldia, which wasn't really mentioned so far.

I also meet new enemies that don't have any special skills.

I honestly would be willing to give them some of my women. Let's see how long they can stand them

Speaking of combat..

..Orubia learned a new water attack.

Thank you for that nice greeting, singing Santa.

The traders in town don't offer anything new, so let's just deal with the people around.

You better keep practicing.

This girl will trigger a scene for Caris.

Hoho, this is going to be good


"W-Why you say that~?"

"Mommy told me when boys and girls together they are love couple."

"(That's not right! Which means brothers and sisters will be lovers too~)"

Stop. Don't even think about going there!

"Am I right~? *Making more curious look*"

"It's different. First of all I don't like him that much..."

"(Maybe that's true, but somehow I feel a little sad...)"

Haha, the ownage is off the charts!


"Stop it! You shouldn't yell at her! She's just a kid!?"

"I may not be as fancy as some noble ladies, but mistaken me as "man"...that's too much!!"

"Oh come on! She doesn't know anything!"

"I was just correcting her wrong information! So she won't do it again!"

"Come on! Snap out of it!"

"Oh, I know! You're doing "lover's fight". So are married couple-!!"





".....*still blushing*"

"....*still blushing*"

"I know...children nowadays are lack of manners geez! *shrugs*"

Caris recoiled back in surprise

"It wasn't me..."

Random tranny joke. Cool.

"See I told you..."


"Bakaaaaaaaaaaaa!! (fool!)"

A cute scene with Caris can only end in one way.

"That was far more powerful than...the falling rocks back in the mine.."

Att 29 >>> 32

Just to confirm that I wasn't making a joke about this particular NPC.

We're almost done with the city, but there is one neat thing that I want to point out.

If you use the buttons in the Pub, the bartender will warp from one stall to the other. He'll switch from being a talky person, to an Innkeeper. Dunno, I just think that is cool.

Sucks to be you, I guess?

Let's hit the docks and look for a ship that will get us out of here.

"You see we can't take off because that Lighthouse has been occupied by some thugs from nowhere!"

Oh no, what a surprise!

"Occupied? What kind of idiots would occupy a lighthouse?"

"Occupied? Not enough workers over there?"

"Not the "busy" occupied, but the "taken over" occupied."

"Oh, that occupied~"

"(You two stop embarrassing us~)"

"Mariel, be quiet for a while! We can't go on with the real conversation here...~"

"Lady Mariel! Please don't cry here~"

"How about during the daylight? The ship still can sail?"

"We can't! Due to the cargo weight, it takes a whole day to reach Taru Taru Port. Not only that, we need the special light from the lighthouse, which drives away the sea monsters. Otherwise, there's no guarantee for safety."

"The bottomline is..."Somebody must free the lighthouse"...isn't it?"

Yay, quest added!

"Correct. We already sent the troops up there. But the enemies seem to be holding pretty long."

"I got no choice then! We'll go and free the lighthouse!"

"What?~ You? *pointing finger* Stop fooling around! I mean what can a bunch of gals and only 1 guy DO!?"

"So~ You wanna see our moves?"

"Want more?"

"Y-You lady are strong, I got that now, so don't try out on me again! Don't you know the ship can't sail without me?"

"Don't worry. I can heal you."

"That's not the point."

"Enough of chatting. Can we go now?"

"By the way, can you tell me how to get in? Also how to use the light?"

This is a not so subtle mask for flipping an internal switch. You can't enter the lighthouse before triggering this.

"Orubia, have you memorized?"

Didn't the game just say that Ryle memorized this information?


I guess he wants her to feel useful


Please pick three girls that will accompany Ryle into the lighthouse! Also, here are the current standings. So if you really care about the Att levels, keep them in mind when making your choice.

Att 32

Att 30

Att 28

Att 30

Att 30

Att 23