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Part 30: Is That a Sasquatch In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Sorry for the hiatus! Here's a big update to make up for it

Is That a Sasquatch In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

"Finally everyone is here."

"Ryle! How do you feel now?"

"Think I slept for too long, so my head got little dizzy but my body is healed 100%. Was it called Paramekia Roots? It's really powerful!"

"We went through all the trouble to get that medicine, it gotta be good!"

"I'm kind of more worried about Orubia and Latyss, they got exhausted from using healing spells on me."

"I am fine. I am a priestess, I got used to this kind of work."

"Sylph helped me a lot, so I am not that tired either."

"But I'm dying here~"

"Ryle, I'm sure you already know this, but only you can see the king now."

In the last update, we learned that some evil guys used Flare's name to get into the castle at some point. So we need Ryle's secret royal handshake or something.

"I was kind of wondering about that for some time, is Mr. Ryle some kind of high ranking official?"

" do I say this, I got means to see the king alright."

"Wow I'm impressed!"

"We better hurry to catch up."

"Fine with me, but what about Orubia and Latyss?"

"I said I can handle it! Sometimes you worry too much!"

"And I said Sylph helped me out a lot."

"Like Ryle said, I'm kind of worried about it too. It would be too rough on your bodies if you head for Meldia right now."

"Then should we take a rest today?"

"It's up to those two. I don't mind."

"Since the Mahzoks appeared at Mount. Meldia, it's obvious they will attack us again soon."

"The Mahzoks appeared again!?"

"Yup...So it's better to take a break then heading for Meldia."

"Why don't we warp to Sea Mar Port first, and then head west?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!"

"Good job Mariel!"

"Thank you, Hehehe~"

"So you are the sleepy head after all. How could you forget that~?"

"Yeah, maybe he is..."

" you call a sleepy head!!"

"Now the only problem left is my daughter's seas sickness~"

"Ohh! I completely forgot about that~"

"How could you~?"

"Sessha start to feel sorry about those on board the same ship...~"

"Anyway let's go to Sea Mar Port first."

"Yeah, those two will recover fully on the way, so we should head for Meldia right away!"

"Um~, could you explain one more time?"

"Kya! Why everyone got frozen?"

"Eh~? Is it because of what I said? Was it my fault~?"

So was there a point to this scene? Not really! Well, it's purpose was to set up that Orubia and Latyss got exhausted from casting spells while Ryle was still down. Both of them say it's fine, but it'll get picked up again in a little while. They are totally not fine

Now we are left to our own devices for the moment, but there is actually not much that you can do.

The girls all mill around the house, but only Hayami has something interesting to say.



"Hello~? Anybody home?"

"Kya-! Ryle Dono! Please don't surprise sessha like this~"

"Hey wait! Was my face that horrible to be startled at!?"

"Anyone would do the same! And sessha didn't get surprised by Dono's face!"

"But you wouldn't have to jump double your height! As if you just saw a hideous thing~"

"No, it's not that! It's just...the habit of shinobi! As the enemy sneaks from behind..."

"But you didn't jump backward to land on my back! No?"


"B-By the way, that brings you here?"

Ninja dodged the whole thing

"You looked like there is something on your mind other than the trip to Meldia."



"Sessha am fine."

"(She's hiding something...)"

I wouldn't blame you for poking her about it, because she sure acts weird. But the right choice is to trust her and let it be.

"(She's been honest and sincere all this time, I bet she'll tell me later when it's appropriate...)"

"If you need help, I'll be around. So don't push yourself too hard, ok?"

"Ryle Donno..."

"Even if I try to ask you now, it will only add to your burden. Come to me if you need any help."

"Is that ok?"

"Sure, but remember this, we got each other...."

"Thank you Dono. (Thank you for trusting sessha...)"

Att 30>>>32

Hayami has been honest and cool so far, so I think Ryle made the right call. Still, I wonder what's on her mind?

Well, with nothing left to do, let's got to Sea Mar Port and get on that boat.

1400 Gold may seem expensive, but I have like 30k in the bank so whatever!

Surprisingly, there is no quip about Fina puking everywhere

After leaving the ship, the group gets approached by someone...

"Mm? Oh it's you!"

"Gohu Dono! Is that you?"

"You know him?"

"Name is Gohu, sessha too a White Shinobi like Hayami. Greetings my lady..."

"I'm Mariel Shells. Pleased to see you~"

"Urp. I still don't feel good~"

"But you already threw up many times during the trip. Wasn't that enough?"

""Hyper" sea sickness indeed~"

"But I didn't see you back in the ship, how did you get here?"

"Sessha can float across a small sea like this one by using wind currents."

Ninjas never cease to amaze


"Anyway what brings you here?"

"Prince Dyss wants Ryle Dono to deliver his letter to Meldia."

"Is His Highness alright?"

"Yes..but His Highness can't move freely as used to be...constantly watched over by the enemies."

"The Queen obviously awares of our every movements."

"That's why the Mahzok ambushed us at Mount. Meldia. We have to hurry!"

"Once Meldia falls, there's no hope for us!"

"We must stop them before it's too late!"

"Gohu, please do your best to protect the prince!"

"Sessha already sent 10 White Shinobis by his side all the time, so please don't worry..."

"But be careful! Our opponent might not be human at all! Maybe it's a Mahzok!"

"What? Is it true Ryle Dono!?"

"Sessha fought them couple of times and they are very tough! Please watch out!"

" Understood! Then please accept this letter from His Highness!"

"Dewa Gomen!! (Then farewell!)"


"We better do our best in our part!!"

"Please let me take a break~"

Okay, before we continue towards the castle, let's explore this town a bit.

First up, there is a special kind of item shop here.

I have no idea if they are supposed to be animal people, or wear costumes

This is the first shop that offers souvenirs, and I buy one of each. Souvenirs where mentioned in the Hot Lover guide all the way back at the beginning of the game. I don't entirely recall what they're good for, but I'm sure we'll find out eventually.

It's been a while since we saw one of them, but this town also has the next NG scene.


"Wait...for me. Hah,Hah...I'll get the map for you."

"No! Orubia don't over do it! You're already too tired."

"Hah, Hah...."

Told you that they totally aren't fine

I'm going to cut out a few lines here, because everyone just talks about how the trip to the capital is really long and exhausting. That doesn't make sense at all, because we traveled far greater distances on foot before, and everyone except Fina supposedly got some rest on the ship. But Orubia and Latyss are still really weakened from spell casting, and actually won't be available to us for a little while. Flare had a reason for benching them for the moment, but it's kind of hamfisted. Because while everyone trades pointless lines that go nowhere, something happens...

"Don't play innocent here! I saw you were waiting to be picked up, and here we are~"

"I was standing here just watching the scenery. Not waiting for anyone."

"Tsk! Persistent girl aren't ya!? Then we'll make ya come with us!!"

"We must help her! Hayami, please go ahead and help her out!"



"Scarlet Spin Kick-!"

The first mook flies into the water...

"Meldian style!Kusen Ha-!!"

...and the second one follows.


"Gottya! I'm not as weak as those 2, you bitch!!"


"No I better do something!"



"Arg! Who the hell are you!"


"White Shinobi Hayami! Here to punish you!"

"Hehehe! Here's another pretty chick. Ok, I'll take both of ya!"

"Thank you for saving me..."

"My master will arrive soon, so please don't worry!"

"Where you think you're going!?"

"!? He blocked it!?"

"Hmhmhm! What's wrong little sis? Is that all you can do?"

This guy doesn't seem like a normal bandit at all!


"This guy! He's much more powerful than I expected!!"

"Fina, Mariel! Take care of these 2!"

"Ok! You can count on me!"

Ryle and Caris rush over...

"Hayami! Sorry for waiting!"

"Lady Caris! Thank you for the help!!"

"You bitch!! Alright! You all gonna die by my true power! Transform!!!"


A wolf?


"So what's your real purpose for kidnapping her anyway?"

"You think I'm gonna just tell ya? I'll crush your foolish brain!!"

"Hah~*sigh* I'm kind of tired of this guy already...~"

"Please let us take care of this. You better run away."

"No I can't! I started all of this!!"

"We are used to fight monsters, so don't worry!"

"I'll be alright! Let's push him into the water!!"

I'd rather kill him, but if you insist...

"But be careful! He's quite tough!"

"Yes I will! Let's work together!"

"Hehehe nice plan! I like your attitude!! But you think a bunch of gals like you can beat me?!"

"He sure knows how to an idiot~"

"Yup! Better toss this guy into the ocean to chill out!"

Sick burns, guys.

"Great! I can try "that move" on him~"

Oh hey, that is coincidentally the move that will win this fight! But let's not get ahead too far.

We're joined by the mysterious girl in a Chinese dress, and she has some Anime martial art powers at her disposal. You already saw her animations though.

Okay, this is another useless boss battle, that has kind of a gimmick that almost works.

Yeah, he has a pretty high Def stat. But Caris' new move also reduces Def, so the challenge in this fight gets thrown out of the window right away! The boss doesn't even do that much damage, so you can just outlast him if you feel like it.

Caris busts out her new move...

...and then everyone smacks the boss until it's over.

"Ok ok, now your line is over so just beat it!"

"Gyaaa~ Mommy!!!"

"I just love that sound~!"

"Again I appreciate your help. Thank you very much!"

"By the way, you got some really nice moves back there!"

"(Yeah, she easily finished those 2)"

"Oh, that one. I learned a little martial arts and it's embarrassing to let you see that~"

"You better be careful next time. Walking alone in a place like this..."

"Yes, I will. Thank you for the advice."

"We're heading to the capital. Do you know how far from here?"

"All you have to do is cross this bridge and head little bit west. So it's not that far away."

"Then we can just go ahead to the capital now, then let Orubia and Latyss rest there."

"Ok, I'll carry Latyss!"

"(Damn she moved first! I was gonna choose her since she's lighter...)"

"Hm? You look not so happy. Maybe Latyss is lighter and got bigger boobs?"

Where the hell did that come from?

"I didn't say that!!"


"No I'm not!"

"Then please let me guide you to the capital."


"Anyway let's bring everyone here first."

"!? Lady Mina?"


"Miss Fina? Hi! Long time no see!"

Mina and Fina?

"Fina's friend? But Lady Mina means...Oh!"

"It's Her Highness! The first princess of Meldian Royalty, Lady Mina La Meldia!"

"Nani~!!? (WHAT!!?)"

Surprise! She's the princess of Meldia

"She's the princess of Meldia?"

Yeah, I just said that.


"Somehow we have very strong ties with the royalty."


"I've never seen a noble this close."

"(Dope! I better start using proper manners & formal stuff!)"

"Oh, Fina~ We could've just pretended to not know that."

"But sooner or later they'll find out right? Not only that there's another royalty here."

"(No! Fina don't!)"

"A royalty from another kingdom!? Who's...?"

"Ryle, come here!"

"(Arg! I'm not a noble any more!)"

"So you are..."

"Umm. (Oh well, I got no choice then...~)"

"My name is Ryle Laster. I used to be the second prince of Factoria but not any more."


"Oh, please don't misunderstand. Due to the political reasons, I had to leave my rank temporarily."

"Oh my! I'm sorry to hear that. You've been thru so much hard times..."

How would she even know?

"But I feel so much relaxed and free. I like it this way..."

"Oh I see... Then what brings you to our Meldia this far away?"

"We can discuss that later after we got into the capital. Can we meet His Highness?"

"I'll inform His Majesty so you can meet him in the throne hall for the hearings tomorrow."

"Thank you very much. Lady Mina..."

"Then let's head for Meldia!"

"Hey Ryle, why don't you choose who you gonna carry first?"

They are both really tired, remember? I decided on Latyss, because she has the lowest Att score of the original crew.

"Y-You don't trust me?"

"... *stares*"

"Oh come on~ You should know it by now."

"Fine... I'll give it a try."


"But Sylph's watching your every move, so better not make any mistakes or else."

"Yeah~ I love this kind of job~"

"Caris, can't we switch now?"

"No, it would be so much fun to watch~"

"Where's end of this bridge!? I hope I can survive this one...~"

Att 28 >> 30

"Anyway we have to reach the capital and there's no way back for now. And I can't use warp nor Orubia and Latyss in battle. So better watch out."

Again, no idea why Flare wanted to do this. The capital is like a minute away from here, so I really don't see any point to it

Speaking of pointless things, Mina joins us until we reach the capital. I think the translation is a bit misleading here, because I wasn't able to find any secret or something like that related to her. Tell me if you know, but I'm pretty sure that there's nothing.

Note: So, did you notice anything different about this update? I decided to give faces to the faceless! It always bothered me a bit that the faceless lines broke up the format, and there is a coming conversation with two faceless people at the same time. Transcribing that while still showing who is talking, would have been a real pain with the old format. So I'd like to continue with this new format. Of course, the faces won't necessarily always be perfectly accurate. I pretty much just collected some old facesets, and made a little library of standards. Like, random villains will just get the same "bad guy" face and such. It's actually kinda hard to find specific faces that still fit the RTP style from back in the days, so that's basically the best I can do. I think this also makes reading the updates a bit more pleasant for ya'll. However, if you happen to hate it for some reason, go ahead and say so.