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Part 31: Sightseeing


After crossing the bridge, where not left with much of a choice where to go next.

You can find a little secret here though. It's five free Dinner Jellos

Off to the castle we go.

The capitol of Meldia is actually a neat town, and we'll explore it a bit in this update.

When you enter the city, the group automatically walks to the castle. This is also where Chun-Li Mina will leave us.

"(She's the same as usual...being sincere and honest as ever...)"


There still seems to be something on Hayami's mind...

"Hey, they got a bigger Inn than our capital."

"It's the kingdom ruled by one of the legendary heroes you know."

"Wow! What a big city!"

"Being here surely beats the descriptions from books! How marvelous!"

"Lady Mina, we appreciate your help letting us meet His Majesty."

"You're welcome. Then I'll send a servant to inform you tomorrow morning."

"Lady Mina, we came here for a very urgent matter, so please help us."

"Urgent matter!?"

"Yes it might involve the fate of our world, so please be noted and be ready for anything."

"...I understand. I'm not sure what exactly happened but I'll try my best."

"Thank you my lady."

"Please enjoy our city until then. See you all tomorrow."


"Yup! Nothing to do today."

"Well then, Mr. Ryle! Would you go out with me? For a date?"


I would never expected Mariel to be so bold, but here we are. On the other hand, it could also be that she just lacks any awareness, and blurts out whatever is on her weird mind. Yeah, let's go with that one.

"Now waitta sec here! Why you all looking at me like that? She asked me first you know!!"

"Woman chaser..."

Oh here we go again. More needless Ryle bashing.


"You're so natural...being perverted of course."


"Why always me?"

Diversion opportunity detected. Activate skill "Change the subject"

"What's wrong Hayami?"

"Hey! Don't even think about getting away this time!"

Skill check failed!

"You always do that!"

"Dear Ryle always avoid facing the real issues!!"

"Not again."

"Um, hello? It's not good fighting among ourselves you know?"

"Let's hurry to the Inn before it's too late. the rooms might all be booked up."

"Yeah we better hurry! Let's go! (Whew~ Nice timing Hayami!)"

"(Dope! He got away again~)"

With that behind us, we can get to exploring. There is no need to rush to the Inn, and you'll miss something if you do.

There is a message board in the center of town, and it's totally not foreshadowing

The Rune Tri is an upcoming plot dungeon.

Let's buy some things.

The gear in Meldia is a neat boost in raw power/def, but it lacks any special properties or resistance. So I only buy a handful of things, and mostly keep the old stuff around. The item/gadget shop is connected to the forge, so let's swing by.

"Tanin! Don't forget to smile all the time~"

"Yes, daddy!"

"Welcome to Manning's Gadgets The hee~"

She has a really sparkly smile, I guess?


If you have Mariel in your party, she'll trigger something here.

"Of course lady! It's very vital to our business~"

"(But not like this...~)"

"I see, just having good deals isn't enough for the good business."

"Anyway, what can I do for you?"

"Umm~, I heard this store carries "T-parts". Do you have any left?"

"Tea pack??"

I'm not going to try to transcribe that weird symbol

"!! Lady you have a GUN?"

"Yes, I do. But it's the old AT series model."

"Is that the machine gun type ATM 001?"

"Mine is ATH 001...a handgun type."

"My father had ATM 001, but he broke it during the Demonic War."

And here we learn that Mariel's father apparently played some kind of role in the war.

"(I got no idea what they're talking about...)"

"And so I am looking for the upgrade module, ATH T-parts."

"(I can't believe they talked for more than 1 hour~)"

"...I got the last one."

"Really? Yippy~ Please let me have it!"

"It costs 75000 Gold."

"Hey that's a rip off!!"

"Because it's so rare man~ And you can't find it any other store!"

"But the part only costs 7500 Gold. Right?"

"We used to sell these so I'm sure of it."

So her family also seemed to have a gadget shop. We're learning all kinds of things today!

"!!!! *gulp*"

"(Go girl! Keep pushing him!)"

"I'm sure the price varies from store to store, but isn't that too high?"

"HA HA HA~ It was just a joke, lady! A Meldian joke, please don't take it seriously~"

"(Right~, you were sweating all this time pal!)"

"So it'll be 7500 Gold right?"

You can't put a price tag on winning the affection of a borderline retarded nerd girl

"Are you sure Mr. Ryle!? It's 7500 Gold you know?"

"Don't worry. I too have interest in these kind of stuffs."

"I was just asking...but since you would buy it for me, I'll take it!"

"Thank you With this, I'm sure I can help everyone much better!"

"Whew~ I almost missed this one."

Att 23 >>> 26

Parts are Mariel's gimmick. You can find different parts throughout the game, and each one will change how her gun works. You can freely switch around, but can only equip one part at a time. And they usually have a little drawback to them.

"With T-parts equipped, I get RC-TWIN. Now I can shoot twice, so the fire power has been upgraded! Equip this?"


There we go. Two attacks at higher power, but lowered accuracy. It isn't vital that you look for parts, because Mariel's skills are already good, but it's a nice little thing that makes Mariel a bit more interesting.

Also here's what happens when you enter Manning's shop interface, but don't buy anything.

"My daughter! No dinner for you today!!"

"Oowaa~ Not again~"

"(Oh come on, that's too much!)"

Let's continue exploring.

Jugon is a famous musician that we'll meet shortly. He's also part of an unmarked quest that I completely forgot about.

Meldia is the nicest kingdom we've seen so far, and all the citizens make extra sure that we know.

Next to the town square, is also a large church.

Not gonna lie, this one made me

There is also a possible Final Fantasy reference here.

At least her name is from FF.

Okay, now we've seen the city. Let's head over to the Inn.

The guy on the stage is the famous Jugon, and he's accompanied by a floating squid on the piano

Let's chat to some of the folks around.

"Not quite, actually it's only 1/10 of what you expect. And this is her voice from the heart."

Girlfriend's voice from the heart:"He's so immature...get angry for little things~ never come on time, not only that he became a guard, the most dangerous of all jobs! A total loser!"


"('s just so sad~)"

"(I'm not 21 yet...~)"

Come on, he offered it to you. You could at least have snuck in a sip. What? Is there like a magical booze guardian that drags you to Anime jail if you're drinking before turning 21?

Good swordsmen actually don't drink at all. Because being hammered usually has negative effects on your coordination

This is a reference to Mokujin from Tekken. Or rather, a reference to the Mokujin ending in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Only that the genders are switched here.

And here is Jugon.

As I said before, he has a quest. He says that we should visit him later to learn more, but what he really means is "Visit me so that I can ask you if you have found any of the parts yet". I honestly forgot that this was a thing, so we'll see if I can complete it.

You can try a few different BGM tracks if you feel like it.

"But the only musical instrument here is piano, how could this be possible?"

Well, that's all the things worth seeing. So let's take a nap and visit the king in the next update. Can you guess what the king will have for us? A big steaming pile of plot!