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Part 39: I hope you like to read a lot of words!

I hope you like to read a lot of words!

Let's see if the Mahzoks killed everyone....

Well, the town looks alright. The background music is kinda eery though...

So as it turns out, everyone is fucking gone! But I guess that's better than finding a bunch of mangled bodies, right?

Dammit, Hayami! This is not the time to teach your weird cat more ninja tricks


Those lines just crack me up every time.

Sooo, I guess they just started to build this hideout to pass the time? At least everyone's alright, so there is that.



"Father! Thank god! I was worried about you so much!"


"Oh Latyss!!"

"Thank goodness...You're all alright..."

"Finally we found you."

"Whew~ Finally!"

"Oh~ What a cute little girl~"


"(Oh-uh! Preshes hates it when people treat her like a child, Mariel NO!)"

"Yes you little~ So~ CUTE "

Ryle and Mariel take turns as the comic relief in this game.


"Pressi! Don't do that to the person you first meet! That's rude!"


"Just as I suspected, you girls were with Ryle during all this time."

Just as a reminder, the girls basically ran away when Ryle finished his boat and followed him without actually telling anyone about it.

"Dad I know what you gonna say, but it's not that simple. The Mahzoks have returned."

"......!! M-Mahzoks!?"

"And Mr. Burnfist, there's no meaning in blaming Ryle again this time."

"Why not!! If it wasn't for him, they would not be after my daughter!"

Oh cool, he didn't change one bit.


"No it's not. They're after anyone who's trying to protect our world. And they'll eventually enslave all of us anyway."

"But you girls shouldn't risk your lives like this! Big Kingdoms like Factoria and Meldia will send their troops to do the job! It's their duty!"

You will be surprised to learn that this hasn't worked at all so far

"However Sir, we have our own share of duty to fight against the Mahzoks within our capabilities! Everyone must stand up to the injustice in order to maintain the very existence of their kingdom! If we all expect others to do our jobs, soon there will be no one to stop the Mahzoks!!"

"But I can't let my only daughter get into dangerous battles just because of that!"

"Dad...I'm really glad that you worry about me, but it's my own will to join them."

Caris finally stands up to her dad

"I always thanked you for raising me as a single parent..."

"But I can't just watch the Mahzoks ruining our land and do nothing...Mom told me, "You must live happily in the world of peace"...And because they threat my happiness and my life...I'll protect it by my own hands!"


"Yes, I agree. Everyone would think in the same way..."

"Mrs. Grynwind..."

"My mother doesn't want me to fight with the Mahzoks like you do, Mr. Burnfist. After dad was gone, mom was afraid of me walking on the same path of hers, especially the Valkyrie's..."

"Well, not that I had the same talent in combat...~"

"But now I want to protect dad's homeland, matter what!"

"We humans have to fight our way to our own survival...even if it means risking our lives..."

"That's why mom gave in at the end, because she knows that this is the right way..."


"Although we are not fully adults now, sooner or later we have to rely totally on ourselves."

"Even though each one of us has different goals, but we all want the same kind of world to live in. Like Caris said, we must guard our happiness and lives by our own hands."

"And finally some day, a world without any grudges among different races..."


"You didn't come back for some time, so I guessed you might be here."

"You are the Savior Flare."

"Mr you just saw, these young people have found their own reasons to fight."

"Don't you think we as parents should let our children go when the time is right?"


"So they can stand on their own feet when we can't be there for them.."

"Don't you agree Mr. Burnfist?"


" Lady Flare said, you should believe in your own dream and pursue it."


"...Of course I've been thinking that. Inside of me I knew that I shouldn't overprotect Caris."


And Mr. Burnfist's small heart grew three sizes that day

"I just couldn't help myself worrying about your safety...especially after your mother has passed away...That's why no matter how strong you've become, I didn't let you out of my sight...But after what I heard from Lady Flare, I realized you can't be truly happy unless I let go of you!"


"Caris, just be yourself! And pursue your own happiness, your mother would wanted that too!"

"Mm! *nod* I will!!"


"Thank you Mr. Burnfist."

"I am ashamed of myself. Being my own daughter."




"(So this is the true bond between parents and children.)"


I'm not totally sure, but I think this refers to Hayami because of

Also, very touching story. It changed my life

Just kidding, but I think that it's neat that the relation between Caris and her father got picked up again.

"Therefore we must take back the warp device at the castle. Perhaps, it's false information they leaked on purpose to trap us. But we got no time to worry about that, it'll be too late if they fix the device on time. Any good idea to get in safely? I want to hear them right now."

Nah, let's not hear all the ideas! As usual, the crew speculates and talks about shit that will never happen, so I'm going to compress this a bit.

Fina's idea kinda gets shot down immediately, but that is actually what we'll be doing.

Nice try, but the whole crew quickly points out that the Mahzoks would just warp into our faces once we show up near the castle. Which actually turns out to not happen at all, but to be fair, our heroes can't know that at this point.

I dunno, let's ask the magical hero in the party.


Please tell us

"A last resort!?"

"We let Lady Flare get rid of the entire castle wall!"

"You IDIOT!!"

"I knew it! Mariel always says something like that~"

"We'll get executed for that~"

To be fair, she kinda did.

And yeah, there is also that.

"How come "you" don't play this BGM when I'm talking..."

The game played some wacky music while Mariel was talking, and now it switched back to a more serious track. This joke actually happens a couple times in the game from here on out.

"Lady Flare! It's no time to joke around!"

"Then let me ask you: Can you take back the castle without breaking anything?"

No he actually can't! But what exactly is Flare planning here?

Sounds good, but there is still one problem. The Mahzoks would just dogpile our party, remember?


"Lady flare would do that!?"

Yeah, that actually makes sense. Though, there is still one problem..

"It's highly possible that they will suspect Lady Flare as a bait, since she's fighting alone..."

"That's why we need to divide into 2 teams, 4 members each."

"Just as I suggested earlier~"

Yep, you did. So that's what we're going to do next. Or rather, something like that. See, I'm going to spoil it a bit now, but I kinda have to because the game really raises some false expectations here. We will assault the castle with two different parties, but we're doing it kinda at the same time while everyone is still somehow together. Also, no walls will get busted, sorry. This will make more sense when it happens, but really, it won't live up to the expectations raised here and is kinda dumb if you look for the holes in the story. But to be fair, our heroes plan some of these things because they don't know what's going on in Factoria. If they would know, their plan would be much different. So while some parts of what's going to happen are still dumb and don't make much sense, some parts get changed because the situation in Factoria is different than what we can expect.

I thought about putting the party combinations up to a vote, but tbh, I don't expect the trend to change. Which means that Ryle would get your favorites and the other party gets the bench-people. I played the coming section with that setup, and it actually fits pretty well. So I'm using my power to make this decision on my own.

Anyway, let's end this update on a neat romance scene!

Ryle feels like taking a walk before the big day.

Don't worry too much about where the beach suddenly comes from. Ryle just walked there, okay?

"Arg! I must focus my mind only on recovering the warp device...Their safety depends on my leadership, I better keep myself be ready for anything."

This scene will play out with the girl that has the highest att score, and I assume that it's very different for each girl. Especially since it also can include callbacks to things that you may have done earlier with that girl. I don't have the means to look into the files, but I guess that there is a lot of possible text for this scene.

"Don't worry. They are expecting us at the castle."

"Can't believe to see you being careless like this...~"

"Anyway what's up? Dinner's ready?"

"Do you think I came all the way down here just to tell you that Dinner's ready!?"

"I came here because I was worried about you!"


"And how you gonna fight against Mahzoks stronger than that Raymah from now on!?"

"Unlike Fina, you don't have moves or spells to effectively fight against them!"


"You almost got killed at least twice! Did you forget about it already!?"


"The nightmare still haunts me from time to time! As if I never can erase it..."


"You are reckless even in my dreams, you pop in and die all of a sudden!"

"Hey hey! Calm down!"

"I don't want to see you dying either! But it keeps coming back!!"

"Do you know how much it hurts to see the most dreaded things happening over and over again!?"


"I'll kill you if the Mahzoks beat you up again next time!!"


"I don't want to see your pathetic ass lying on the ground by the Mahzoks alright!?"

"You bet I won't! I'll show them!!"

"Next time, don't get beat-up that easily! Like dad always said, sometimes you lack focus."

"Why you always pick a fight like that?"

"What!? You should be grateful about me worrying about you!"

"I know but...sometimes I want to see your gentle side, speaking like a lady..."


"Why you act like a tomboy all the time?"


"S-Stop it! What are you doing!? Hey!"

"TOMBOY!? How can you say that to a true lady like me!?"

"AH! Watch out!!"

"You asked for it!"

"That's it! Now cut it out!!"

"Think you can even hit me with that kind of lousy swing?"

"Oh yeah!? Ray Cluster!!"



"I never thought you could dodge my Ray Cluster with your Warp!"

"But you also knew in advance that I would ambush you from behind."

"Because I can read your eyes looking at my back. So obvious!"



Fade to black...

"Don't tell me your first blow was also a bluff~ It sure did look real to me!"

"Already forgot that it's my specialty?"

"By the way... What's your plan after the Mahzoks are gone?"

"Hmm? Why you ask me that?"

"Sometimes....a thought comes to my head about my future...Especially being royalty and all..."

"Thinking about returning to Factoria Castle?"

"Actually I like it now. Being free is the best..."

"Well, I want to travel around the world after everything's over."

"Travel eh..."

"People in various places have different customs and ideas, and I want to experience them. So I can understand their needs and help them to build a better world with less conflicts."

"So you want to become...a monarch?"

"No, even a monarch has limits in reaching people you know?"

"I just want to live among people and reduce the cause of their conflicts that's all."

"That's why I must win this war with the Mahzoks. For mom, and for my own future."

"Didn't realize you already have set a plan to this extent."

"Because you were always busy chasing girls~"

"No I didn't! I do have concerns about my future you know!!"

"You'll eventually find what you really want to do, as long as you can live on."


"Oh stop being so philosophic all of a sudden! For now, just think about how to win this fight!"

"Yeah...You're right..."

I honestly liked this scene. Okay, the end is kinda cheesy, but the part before it is neat. Having both of them argue and fight, is a good way to convey the tension/attraction between them without being too obvious/dumb about it.

Alright, this was the last talky update for a while, whoohoo! From now on it's time again!