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Part 53: Lucitta's Ending

Lucitta's Ending

Contrary to the other endings, Lucitta is actually not knocked out and responds right away. She's more powerful than a human after all.

Ryle does his usual litany about having to help Fina even if it means certain death, and Lucitta is of course not that fond of the idea.

This leads into one of Ryle's deep moral discussions about how Mahzoks are strong on their own, while humans need to work together. Lucitta has problems grasping that, so Ryle comes up with a very good metaphor.

You're so deep senpai

But Lucitta quickly finds the hole in that logic.

Ryle then explains that Fina uses the power of the Dragon Arms and her friends to be as strong as she is, and after a bit more babbling, the lesson comes full circle.

Yes, even the Mahzoks can't exist on their own, and everyone should work together and be friends forever!

I'm including these bits because Lucitta not knowing much about humans is a big part of her ending and character. You'll see it later, but I think it's neat.

Also Lucitta's is pretty good at tip toeing the line between good and evil. Like, she's our pal, but also a demon that feeds from negative emotions so she'll never be all goody two shoes. I prefer that to the trope of the redeemed evil guy that now likes flowers and bunnies.

Right on to the fight!

This is her single hit move.

And this is her multi hit move.

Which one is better isn't a simple answer this time. Like, the multi attack can potentially score more damage, but it's also variable and sometimes lacks behind the other move. So really, you're fine with either move, but I stuck to the single hit for the consistency. Lucitta is also a very good pick for this fight! She and Ryle can easily dish out 15k damage per turn if they're buffed and can just smash away. She can also tank a Dragon Break, and has some utility buffs and a heal for emergencies.

It's not a cakewalk though. Like, when CHAOS decides to spam AOE and then hits you with a Dragon Break at the wrong time, Lucitta will still go down. But it's really hard to beat her damage output, and since this fight is so dreadfully long, high damage wins me over every day.

Oh, Lucitta also has a reaction to CHAOS pulling out his ultra move.

"I left Lavas along with Lucitta soon after the war had ended. It was too early for the people to accept her being a Mahzok...especially when they still remember the horror from 20 years ago. And so she needs to learn to blend in this world from the beginning."

Nice detail that her wings are gone by this point. Otherwise the "totally a human" ruse wouldn't work that well

"Hey, what's the big hold up?"

"Master~ Why do I have to walk?"

"What are you talking about!? Nobody can fly like you around here."

"Sacred Dragon can!"

"Fina can no longer fly since she sealed the Arms again."

"Then just tell the others that I can fly due to special magic casted on me! Right?"

"But as soon as they see your wings, they know you're a Mahzok!"

"But my feet hurt! And my legs are sore after walking so long~ I'm so tired~ Hungry too~ I wanna get some sleep~ Wait a sec, are we on the right road? What's a ".com"?"

To be fair, this new life is quite the change for Lucitta. And when you've been flying your whole life, your leg muscles must be underdeveloped something fierce. Never skip leg day at the gym, folks!

"Hey master, I don't see any humans around here. Can't I fly just a little bit?"

"Of course you can't!"

"Humph! Control freak~"

"But you must follow the rules around here! If you don't want to get caught."

"Then I'll kill them instantly and no one would even notice..."

"Once you do that, then people begin to question your motive for being here and they will hunt you down! Don't forget. Your power is only half as it was in the Astral Realm."

Ah yes, people will question her motives when she indiscriminately kills a bunch of them. That's obviously the only problem in that scenario

"Why do you think I put so much effort into trying to fit you in among humans?"


"Because you are my friend. And you already have seen how our friendship enabled us to beat CHAOS."


"We'll go just a little bit more. After that I'll warp us home."


"I want you to be serious about doing this."

"But we can't hide forever! I'm a Mahzok after all..."

"It doesn't matter!"


"You are my friend. And I'm only inviting my pal to my hometown. That's all."


"Someday humans and Mahzoks will need each other no matter how big our differences are. Just like when we first met and fought side by side."

"What are you talking about!? I'm only here because of the contract!"

"The contract? Since when did I impose you to work under a contract? For what purpose?"

"!! But then why are you...?"

"I've been telling you since a while ago. Because we are friends! And you were interested in humans. Right? That's why you tagged along."


"I'll tell you more along the way. So just stick with me! I want you to live together with me."


And this is pretty cute. After that talk, Lucitta stops complaining and starts to walk.

She takes little baby-steps, and has to pause a couple of times, but she's doing it! This seriously made me go


"You did well...And that's it for today."

"We only walked this far...Yet I feel like I accomplished so much."

"That's how you learn."

"...I like it."

I like that it's left open if Ryle and Lucitta become a real couple, or if Lucitta is just Ryle's pet project for cross-species diplomacy.

"At first, I was worried about her well-being. Mahzoks in general are not good with any forms of positive energy like happiness and joy. But Lucitta had no problem at all. And now she's living with me very normally. Negative emotional energy is still her primary food source, but sometimes she enjoys our food too. I wonder how the negative energy would taste like? Occasionally she goes back to the Astral Realm to look for any potential threats, but the Mahzoks there have been very quiet lately. She looks very much like a human girl now. Who would think she's actually a Mahzok!? I'm hoping that someday she will become a bridge between two different worlds."

Oh my, that sure is an anime

"Come on Master~ You're getting behind!"

"Of course! I've been carrying all these bags for hours~"

"Huh~ But that's only one bag!"

"All the daily supplies for the two of us are in there!"

"Oh well~ You know that I walk funny if I carry that, and that might blow my cover!"

"How convenient~"

"Now stop talking and hurry up! I want to sleep in beds tonight master!"


"With her, we got a total of 7 endings! Which I regretted later. I mean the extra work I had to put in just for her *grabbing hair* Thanks to her, I was able to come up with the victory point system which many players liked so I guess I let her stay in the game...(more work GOD~) Like all other Mahzoks, she needs to sacrifice most of her power in order to materialize in this world. Lucitta became curious about humans when she ventured into their world after she got bored in the Astral Realm. Because Mahzoks rarely work in a cooperative fashion like humans do since they are way more powerful individually. Maybe this triggered her interest in humans and made her later join Ryle? She wanted to explore more about humans with someone who she thinks can handle her power, so Lucitta joined the victory points quest."

"So what did you feel about her?"

"Her ideals and even her basic eating habits are very different from any race in this world. So her task to fit into human society is very challenging indeed. But it is the same for us in the real world."

Don't tell her that I cheated

Well, that's it for Lucitta's ending. I like her character, and wouldn't have minded to see more of her in the game, but oh well! I think her ending is also neat. Nothing too special, but with the right amount of cute and zero annoyances.

Oh hey, that also means that there is only one ending left! Wohoo I can lay this thread to rest soon! Sound the party horns!....Wait...the last ending is Fina's....fuck