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Part 34: Pursuit

This is a pretty short update. If next week didn't involve three days of travel, I'd post another one tomorrow, but... Then I'd be missing two update days instead of one. So!

Chapter 27: Pursuit
(Or, "I Play Really Badly On Short Stages")

All right, men, show them what an Imperial Soldier can do!

Note that Rukia had two text boxes here -- I think she may have activated two different abilities? (One text box for the second Topaz Amulet, another one for the three Pyrox Amulets.)

Aegil has hit tier 3.

Character portraits are usually for a character's third class, and Aegil is one of the more notable examples -- if you look, you'll see that the gem band on her forehead is only present in her third tier sprite, and she's back to the white-gray coloration of her first class.

More importantly,

This is happening, guys. Vital Power 3 lets her regenerate 12% HP per turn, and Cure Drop can be self-targeted. TANKY AEGIL IS GO.

This is actually a much better idea than it seems. Aegil has a very high MC, equal to Serdic, and her rapid growth means it'll climb above his -- she's a priority target for enemy archers and mages. With Vital Power, her natural high mobility and high HP growth and the high defenses from Amulets, you can move her into the range of a few ranged units, let the melee units disperse their fire across your front line, and rely on her regeneration to heal her up before she comes under fire again. More dispersed enemy attacks means your tanks are less likely to be put in danger, and she only gets better as a distraction. Being close to the front also means it's easier to use Oratoriorae and Great Blessing, her main selling points.

Ironically, Aegil's skill set, movement and HP means she's a better tanky healer than Yumiluna, the designated tanky healer. Or, at the very least, better at actually making use of it! Poor Yumiluna.

Ansom's Seal Quest is next, so he's quite close to his own third tier.

Need more money for more Amulets. Always more Amulets.

You might recognize this as the site of Tutorial 9. Unlike last time, there's no units lurking to the right of these two screens.

There's a reason I decided this stage was the advent of New, More Durable Laser Pope:


The Attackers and Armors are pretty unexceptional. The Archers have Sprint 1/2 for some reason? It's weird.

The Sniper will really ruin someone's day if he crits. Otherwise, there's not much he can do -- there's no one particularly squishy here.

Neither of these is particularly scary so long as you make sure to check which is which. The seven Move one is too slow, the nine Move one is easily stopped by ZOC.

This is one of the two Jousters at the center. The two at the left and right don't have Sprint 3/4, giving them 8 Move instead of 10.

The other War Mage has Fire Raid and is therefore a joke. Just count his range and stay out of it; it's probably maxed, so six spaces.

Finally, the Guardian in the objective is extremely important. He has no skills, but his combat ability isn't the point -- he'll run for it the moment you start to break through the first line. If he gets away, you lose access to an optional stage, and it's hard to catch up once he starts to run for it. Alhambra is very highly recommended here.

There's two conversations this time.

Owl and Ansom

If you're tired, maybe you should rest. I'm sure no one will mind if we're short one bandit.
Gee, thanks...
Well, we're both just kidding, aren't we?
I dunno... This really has been hell on us.
Then go and talk to Serdic. Complaining about it here won't do anything but drag down morale.

You're a crooked one indeed.
A guy can't be straight and live as a bandit, y'know.
Hahah, true enough...

Owl is my favorite minor character.

This also gives a bit more insight into the overall war strategy and Serdic's current commanding style: Relentless, incredibly rapid assault. I'm guessing he took Bretwalde back so quickly because he moved faster and pushed harder than his enemies expected, but that sort of strategy is hard on an army. It fits him, though.

Serdic and Elmer

An aggressive first turn. Sadly, Aegil starts at the back of the formation, so I can't exactly get her into the thick of things. She may not use ZOC at all this stage.

(I left this image uncropped so you can see Ansom's OB meter. One attack was enough to bring him all the way to 3 OB. OB gain mechanics are wonky.)

Serdic takes the majority of the heat, except from the Sprint Swordsman, who attacks Cotton.

Cotton doesn't have halved Magic this time. Everyone dies.

I'm in a hurry.

Serdic dies.

Huh. Really? I moved into his range? Apparently I can't count now.

Oh well. +1 reset.

I was like three minutes into the stage. I don't really care very much.

Let's be a little more careful this time. Serdic takes fewer attacks the first turn, so he regenerates it all away. Ansom takes the Sprint Swordsman attack instead of Cotton, which is annoying. The Sniper survives; apparently I should have attacked from the side to ensure Lateral Blow kills him.

Wait, what? I don't think I've ever seen this Guardian actually attack me. I guess I always played more cautiously than this.

Master of the mixed message! "Now that I've charged in, maybe this was a bad idea. RETREAT"

I feel the need to point out that the Swordsman down there probably would have killed Serdic if he'd attacked. He has plenty of Move to do it with, too.

Neither side is really bringing their A game today, huh?

Cotton eliminated about 90% of the Guardian's health, so I'm just getting experience now.

Accept the blessings of God, heathens!

(All three go down, but I almost tag Ansom with this. I'm pretty sure Oratoriorae 5 would have reached and killed him.)

And Aegil's enhanced defenses were completely irrelevant! Entirely detrimental, even, since I decreased Serdic's defense to do it. Oops.

The Mango Ring increases max HP by 7%. It's useless.

It looks like one group managed to escape... They're at the Imperial City of Huvalle.
I see. Then our destination is clear. We're going to attack Huvalle!

Total resets so far: 14 (+1)

Next time:
Roadside Stone