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Part 73: Epilogue

Chapter 39: Light, Dark, and... (Epilogue)

Valen almighty is there a lot of text here. Those of you who wanted a fuller cast epilogue after Route B, you're damned well getting it this time. It might not be the longest section, but it's more text-dense than any other part of the game.

This first scene is voice-acted. Unlike Route B's ending, I'm going to suggest you listen to this one as you read. Mephreyu has pretty good voice acting!

No. It's not the Darkness that I've come here to defeat. We can't just whitewash over the things we don't like. The conflict between Light and Darkness exists in everything, and makes it real. That's the way of the world.

Maybe. But it's that power that keeps people going.
It's the power to be true to yourself, even while maturing. It's the power to remember to wake up, even while you dream. It's the power to keep going, no matter what life throws at you.

No! I--
You accept everything? Is that what you were about to say? You accept me as well, then? I, who attempted to use the power of the Darkness to lay the entire world to rest? You can't, can you?


Down the path illuminated by the light... but never forget this... Wherever there is Light, there is also Darkness.
Sword of the Dark Moon!
Before the Darkness, all is one. Mark my words: it will return. And it will swallow this world whole...
Altrius, the cavern is beginning to collapse! This way, hurry!

The war that had enveloped the continent of Bravord is over.

And the Kingdom of Bretwalde went from the verge of collapse to a vibrant resurgance. Several weeks have passed since the final battle in the Sealed Cave...

There's still work to be done back home. I want to waste no time in making it a peaceful nation, just as my father wished.
I'll be returning with the Young Master, of course. Thank you for everything you've done for us, Queen Marie.
I see. I'd hate to think this is good-bye... Be well, both of you.
Don't worry. I'm sure we'll see one another again before long.
You're right. I can see it now...


Man, Sasha. When the game gives you an opportunity to show personality, you're usually pretty great. It's a shame you didn't talk more. You too, Ansom.

Well, I must warn you... If Emir Ansom drives you out, you can't seek refuge here.
True... he is pretty strong. Fine! I'll take up farming again. Knew stealing couldn't last forever...

Owl: More backstory than most of the main cast.

Also, you have about fifteen levels on Ansom this time around. I'd say "you can totally take him," but, well. No, actually. No, you can't.

Ah! If that is your chosen occupation, you may request my aid whenever you choose.

...he does? I thought that between us and the Imperials, they all got horribly murdered. Huh.
So long, Queen. It was fun while it lasted.

I'm off on a quest to get my memory back!
If you like, there's room for you here in Bretwalde.
Nah. I'd rather know who I am than sit around here!
I see... Be well, then.

It will be lonely without you here, Alhambra.
Heh. Well, if something comes up, just send for me. I'll thrash anyone you ask me to.

Alhambra: Still the best.

Yes, that's really her response. I love that. "Wait, you'll beat up people for me whenever? I just need to ask? Wonderful!"
You there! Wait!
*pant* *pant* How can you leave so soon when I've resolved to give you a thorough examination?
Uh, because you've only just decided!
But you do want a human body, yes?
For best results, come to the Ark. Magical research there is on the cutting edge.
I'd like you to try this tonic first. Though it's just one of four, so we can start with whichever one you like.
But... will any of them work?

We'll be returning to Almeria.
Oh! You're not bothersome at all. I've never once thought that way of you.

Oh, he was. Very bothersome. About eight stages, then he got Sedna Prison and was only mostly useless until Marie got Martyr, at which point I abused it for everything I had.

Mostly because in that stage of the Misfit Run Sedna Prison more-or-less was all I had...

I wasn't referring to myself, precisely...
That explosion wasn't part of my calculations... where did I go wrong? You there! Would you mind helping me test the side-effects of this concoction?
Heh... I win. Get your wallet out like you promised. H-Huh? That can't be all you have! Empty your pockets! If you're holding out on me, you're in for a hell of a shock!

Elmer, who are you talking to? Seriously, this part bugs the hell out of me. Marie's still on screen, but I'm pretty sure it isn't her.
This is... so embarrassing... Why didn't I simply leave him in the Sealed Cave...?
Excellent! Thank you so very much for everything!
That is...

It looks like Selmer will have his hands full... Though he seems to be enjoying himself, too.

So Selmer grabs Arios by the hair and drags him out (remember, Arios is a full-grown adult, and Selmer is in his early teens), Arios grabs Alhambra's tail, and while still dragging two adults, Selmer uses his free hand to steal Elmer's wallet and grab him too.

Good lord, Selmer. Are you sure magic is really your calling here?

Yeah, thanks a bunch!
Shino... Izuna... I'll miss the stories you told me.
Hey, we got a bundle for travel expenses. We can keep going a while more, huh Shino-sis?
You don't say that to the donor's face, Izuna.
Teeheehee... You two really are close, aren't you?
Okay, okay! Thanks, Miss Marie!

Man. After all of the teleporting magic Izuna did, I'd like to see what Shino can do sometime. I may have to put her in next time I play, whenever that is.

Should you decide to visit Verona, give me advance notice. I'll have the whole nation welcome you.
Th-The whole nation?
Yes. The celebration should last three days and three nights. Your participation will, of course, be compulsory.
(I'd better visit incognito.)
By the way...


Oh, Aegil. Even outside of Route B, you remain the best, if somewhat intermittently.
One more thing.
Tell him... we'll offer our assistance at any time.
...I will.

You're leaving Igraine here?
The Princess can look after herself. Especially when she has so many friends to help her. I thought my time might be better spent reconciling Anrah with the Church of Valen.
That is a very noble goal!
I don't know how much I can get done with the years I have left...

F-Fifty years?
Ohohoh! Give the Princess my regards, won't you?

Oh, Galahad. You spend entirely too much time being creepy near the start of Route A, but near the end and throughout Route B, you're a pretty awesome old guy! You're good in a fight too, but I wish your Seal didn't handicap you quite so badly. If not for that, you'd be Marie+ by endgame, when Martyr no longer matters.

But you already have a knight, don't you? So I will return to Verona with Pope Aegil.
Thank you for always being there to protect me, Simon, ever since my childhood. The resplendent banner of the Knights of Verona will never fail to warm my heart.
My cheeks pinken to hear such praise... may you be well, my Queen.

If only you aimed a little higher than 'better Kay,' Simon... Or you were part of a game with more deployment slots.

I was considering a trip out east, to spread the teachings of Valen. I've heard there aren't many churches out in that direction.
Really? It sounds very difficult.
Well, I will have an assistant along for the journey.
Who might that be...?

I did betray the Empire, you know. I don't know if this will help to atone for that, but it seemed like the right thing to do.
No one but you can decide what it will take to redeem yourself, Sir Alberich. But I think this can only be a good thing.
It's reassuring to hear such things from the Holy Queen of Bretwalde. I pray that our names will be known far and wide as a result of our accomplishments.
I'll only be a moment more, Alberto...
How many times must I say it...? My name is Alberich.

Marie, Aegil, Galahad... Yumiluna, why are you the single healer who isn't great in battle and/or cool outside of it?

Alberich, I will always remember you fondly for the Black Ring. The rest is pretty cool, I guess, but +1 Move! And it's really easy to get!

Oh... what of Kay and Alicia?
I'm sure they're off in some corner wallowing in sorrow, my Queen.

You've been spending too much time around Altrius, Marie. You seem to have picked up his stutter.
Yes... teary eyes, sniffling noses, blotchy faces... all that.

Is there really a need for violence?
Very much so!
The one time you two agree on something...

I'm imagining them hitting Margus to the Fire Emblem GBA 'tink' sound.
By the way, Alicia. Aren't you heading back to Cale?
Yes. I'm in the process of gathering my things.
And you, Kay?
What are you saying? I'm a knight of Bretwalde!
*sigh* And that arrangement is really all right with you both?
Wh-What arrangement?
What do you mean?
These are troubled times for both Cale and Bretwalde.

I think Margus missed the narration earlier.

It's precisely because these are troubled times that I can't leave Bretwalde.
You have my blessing to leave your post, Kay.
What about you, Alicia?
Well... my father is dead, and I still lack experience. I admit that it would be comforting to have someone by my side. But it doesn't necessarily have to be Kay. I'd probably be fine even if I was on my own...
But I'd be happiest if I did have your help.
...I understand. I'll be glad to go with you to Cale, Alicia. Please forgive me, Your Highness.

...Thank you very much.
Come then, Kay.
Goodness... what a difficult pair.
What of you, Margus? Will you be happy in Bretwalde? Would you not prefer life in Cale?

Margus remains one of my favorite characters to use; he's probably number three, right after Serdic and Aegil. There's nothing quite like being invincible.

That said, the match-making bit here is a little awkward when Kay really, really seems to want no part of it. Sure, shy, sure, duty, but... You could have him sound a little happier after he gives in.

Alicia: in combat, still the most main character-esque side character. I could have done the last chapter without her, but she definitely made it easier.

She went after Altrius.

Considering the whole "bloodline only" bit (the end of Route B notwithstanding), that might be literal. I've got all the Topaz Amulets I need, so it's safe to say no one would miss her.

I do find it funny that Altrius doesn't even get to be in his own good ending, though.

So Rukia wants the sword that badly, does she...?
Well, I don't think she was entirely serious... So, what are you going to do, Marie?

No... I shall wait for him here.
Are you okay with that? I mean, he might not come back... He might even die out there somewhere!
I assure you, that is the least of my worries.
How can you say that?

M-Marie! I thought you were smart, and you believe a promise like that!?
Aren't you going, Igraine?
I thought about it, but... someone asked me to do something. It was so mean, asking me that before I could insist on going with him!
What was the request?

But Igraine... what if YOU make me cry?
Well, you got Altrius... I have the right to poke you sometimes, don't I?
You're the Queen now, Marie. You can't cry in front of everyone, okay?

He... he'll be back, won't he?
Oh, of course!
And he won't forget me, will he?
No way.
He'll keep his promise, right?
Absolutely. Don't you believe in him, Marie?

Igraine: now up to a full 50% on happy endings! Both of which are the good ends of the respective routes, no less. And if anyone deserves it, it's her.

Ruin came to the land, filling it with the people's grief and suffering. But then a miracle happened... One man, the shining Holy Blade in hand, lit a light of hope for the entire world. History says that Bravord had met its Holy King. And the people of the land speak of the one who upheld a promise. As memories change, the facts are passed down as legend... It is said that his name was Altrius.

And in an interesting coincidence, all of the playable characters shown in the Route A credits -- Margus, Owl, Selmer, Igraine, Marie, Alicia -- were in this run or the last. Figure that.

And that was Route A!

In light of thread requests, the final character status will be delayed to Saturday, which will have more content than previously planned. I've got things to do Friday, and I want to make sure I have enough time for this.

Now that I've finished the game, shown you just about all the story there is to show, I'm curious. Do any of you see meaning in the story decisions of the routes? If so, what? I'll say my piece soon enough, probably on Saturday's update. They were very definitely doing something on purpose in Route A, but I'm having some trouble articulating what it is. Outside opinions are good for greasing the wheels.