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Run Saber

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: The title of this game is accurate. - Let's Play Run saber [VLP]



Let's Play Run Saber

Run Saber is an action-platformer developed by Horisoft/Hori Electronic, and it appears to be their only game. It stars two androids with powerful sabers, impressive agility, and a strong desire to save the world. Mostly this means we can cling to walls like Spider-Man and our main mode of attack is absurdly useful. Neither of those are why it's interesting, though.

Why is it interesting?

It's got creative enemy designs, lots of mini-bosses, good music, and it's just kinda weird. While certainly not as surreal as some other old games, it has a persistent atmosphere that makes it feel rather like a 90s Japanese OVA. Expect an anime rivalry, a reasonable amount of variety, some mildly messed-up visuals, and it's over before you know it.

We're going to be playing through the game on Normal mode with the default settings while using the female playable character: Sena. This is because it is undeniably easier to win with her.


The End
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